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my dad kissed my neck :(
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Can we get some context to the situation?
Greentext now.
If you're a female.

Otherwise GTFO with this faggotry.
Hot. does he want to make you his daughter?

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why don't you adopt a pupper robots?

raising my pupper boosted my confidence and helped me meet lots of women, it also teaches you lot about life.

Even if nobody loves you, the pupper will always be loyal to you and love you unconditionally.
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>meet women
WOW NEATO!!!!!!!!
It actually does. Women like being around dogs, and they like men seeing a man care about something. Dogs also keep you from being lonely and give you a hobby. Every neet should get a dog as long as they don't fuck it
Becasue I like adopting doggos more

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NEET - the lifestyle should be self-evident to any thinking individual. Life should be celebrated and lived to its fullest, not wasting away at the hands of others' expectations of what you "should" be doing.

Do whatever you want with your life. You can do literally anything within the pre-defined laws of nature.

What are you waiting for?
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>Do whatever you want with your life.
I wanna work.
I do like the money that working brings and it gets me out of the house
Who is going to feed you and provide you a bed to sleep in?

Well, I've finally come to terms with the fact that I am ugly as fuck after years of denial.
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2f7 big nose.jpg
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I accept it then some days I think I'm somewhat passable and then see a bucktoothed photo of me on facebook or something and get sad again feels bad man
Drake is ugly too, just grow a beard like he did.
A girl called me pretty the other day. I think she meant it in a good way because she asked me right after that if I had a gf. I just ignored her and got back to playing vidya when she left. Fast forward one day and my roommate is telling me he and her fooled around. Why do you care if you're attractive again?

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Here's what two real niggers look like. A manlet and a cripple
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They look like a couple of decent fellows
They don't look very strong though.
yes because there are strong ones and weak ones. did u actually think all of them were gonna look like lebron james. do you live in china or something?

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am i the only one here who fucking hates niggers who enjoy anime? honestly they make me sick, for some reason all the niggers love trash anime and have awful taste. why must niggers ruin everything, now please stay away from my Eurasian hobby you filthy African mongrels
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>Eurasian hobby
embrace it OP

What you gonna do about it?
Nothing you krillin looking ass bitch

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Does having 1 or 2 sexual partners make a grill a roastie?
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God dam that's an amazing pussy. Name?
I demand some sauce on this. Set link?
It's not a problem unless you are so unconfident in your stroke game that you know you'll underperform the other guys that already fucked her

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All right robots I need help.
I'm a twenty-something khhv and I had already assumed that wouldn't change.
However, a few weeks ago I met a qt grill (potentially virgin) online and we got along well, so we talked about meeting someday.
Now she sent me some indirects to go to the gay pride march with her.
Problem is, I fucking hate that exhibition of faggotry and degeneracy. Now, I don't have any problem with fags doing gay shit in private, but I just can't stand them blocking the streets and coming out naked to fuck in the middle of the street.
I really want to meet her so we can start dating, or in the most likely case, so I can stop wasting my time talking with her after she is disgusted by my autism, but I don't want to meet her there.
What doI do? Please halp
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Just get over it and go
Go there to meet her and have a good time with her, so you might have a chance to make it. However there are many possibilities that she's a leftie or sjw, so you should think on telling her that you hate all this degeneracy stuff...
If she is into lgbt bullshit she must have patent degeneracy

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Why the fuck do my parrents tell me to not sleep past 2pm when all i do is nothing? I dont even talk to anyone in the first place...

I just wanna sleep.. pls anons what do i do...
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Because, believe it or not, they still care about you.
tell them to go fuck themselves and throw an autistic fit if they wake you up+ wake them up at 2am yelling "how does it feel you fucking normies reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and shit infront of the bathroom door

works evrye teim
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My dad treats me like shit and his lack of support back when i was on loads of shit for my depression i was on the verge of complete mental breakdown. My mom just did drugs..

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What're they saying robots?
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They are women, so probably some evil shit. I'm sure they're gossiping about penis sizes or something.
>wooooooow you have a line over your hair too? we can so totally be twins :P XD ^_^ teehee~
>*vomits inside own mouth*
the implication is that they're supposed to be different because one looks peppy and outgoing and the other looks dark and brooding, but the truth is that they're both women and neither is any less superficial than the other

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My employer hired too many people and everybody is now working only 20 hours instead of 30-40.

It's killing me financially, putting me at risk in paying my credit card late, getting me my very first derogatory mark ever since getting the card a couple years ago.

My monthly income went from $1,600 to $1,080.
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Shit sucks man but don't be afraid to take a risk and jump on something new. Ride it out as long as you can while finding some other form of employment.
Find a new job, or another job, at least until you get out of debt.

What in the blue fuck are you doing having a credit card when you earn so little?

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good morning wagie, have you ever been told that you are just a dumb cuckold?
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I like your frogs
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What are my fellow neetGODS studying while the dumb wagies toil and waste their lives away?

I've been really getting into beer lately. I mean I've always been an avid consumer, but the last few months have left me wanting more and more from beer, a chance to contribute something of actual value. Unlike the wagecucks. I plan to become a Beer Judge. I'm currently reading through some books by Michael Jackson and took a couple chemistry courses online from a local community college already. I may also go on to become an advanced sommelier, but my heart lies with beer so I doubt I will take wine so far as master. National Beer Judge isn't enough for me though, I'm going Master there.
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Brew your own and talk to people who brew. Also drink beer. That's how you learn beer. Learn by doing.

Neets sure are a lost cause. Even when they want to do something productive they end up going off and taking college courses on how to make the spaghetti instead of making spaghetti. All that time by yourself may not be doing you any favors.

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>4k people watching this bitch play cards
>Betas even paying her

Women have it SO hard
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just go to the irl section of twitch, this type of shit is everywhere
If you're not an attention hog, then well yeah.
but white male privilege. my college told me every white man has the world at their feet. surely the average white guy could play games and get tons of viewers and donations.

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What is it with autists and asian women?
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muh anime muh submissiveness
they easy mode if they were born in east asia.

at this point I find nearly all east asians kind of boring and unappealling unless they were raised their whole lives in a western country.

If they're brought up in a western country they can have real personalities.Otherwise nearly all of them are very needy and dull. Also ones brought up in an international school are interesting too, but I mean chinese-chinese, and the like
>simply like their features more
>will always be lumped in with delusional muh submissive, pure waifu weebos

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another birthday alone in my room, dodging calls from parents, hopefully they think im either hung over form partying or out in some adventure.

happy birthday to all other june bots
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Happy Birthday, OP!
I brought virtual cake images for ya. Being alone on a birthday sucks dick, so I'll bump the thread to invite more people in
It mgiht seem like a lonely celebration, but we're here to greet all June bots
happy birthday loser
answer your fucking parents
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Just get high, drunk yourself... better than being lonely

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