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Why do fembots masturbate so much?
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Boredom and habit
Where is your evidence of this?
because we can cum that much

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>always been bicurious watch a lot of trap porn and sometimes go full gay and fap to dicks
>still consider myself mostly on the straight side
>find it impossible to get gf since I'm such and introverted trainwreck
>have close online friend
>he's also introverted neet
>turns out he lives nearby
>in the same situation
>he eventually asks if I've ever be interested in meeting up to fuck and lose virginities
Should I do it robots? Will I regret it in the future? At this rate it's not like I'll ever get a gf so this way I could at least say I'm not a khv anymore and could avoid wizardhood.
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you shouldn't, following pleasures leads to disaster. Moreover, your life will continue to suck after that, only that nownyoud be oficially a faggot
>Will I regret it in the future?

Immediately after ejaculation.
Do it if he's cute

Let's start one decent comfy thread, dump whatever you got.

"I hope it rains today" Edition
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Artist: Hiroshi Nagai
I wish I was walking down that street.
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Comfy oc oregnal

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Why havent you robots paid off your debt?

>grab your social security card
>look at the back
>letter represents a bank
>look up routing number for said bank
>use that routing number + your SS# on the front of the card that acts as your account number
>pay bills
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please stop spreading urban legends
it works though.
Wouldn't the owner of the account be able to see that someone used their funds for a specific persons debt? And then wouldn't they get law involved?

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Whats the most cancerous place on the internet and why is it r/justneckbeardthings? Reddit is pretty AIDS in its own right, but that sub isn't even funny, just some retards spamming "m'[insert object]" in response to stale old unfunny memes.

I i had to draw a caricature of a comedy subreddit for feminists, it would pretty much look the same.
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/r/niceguys is pretty shit as well.
i have a friend who goes there

he's fat, has long hair, is incredibly pretentious and vapes unironically, it's like he goes there to pretend he's not the person all those cunts are making fun of
Dude it's literally 4chan.

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Biggest regret in your life. Love life, social life, online life?
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>start lifting and losing weight
>qt at work flirting with me for weeks
>had a thing for her for a while
>go to staff party
>get too drunk
>hit on other girl
>stagger home and fall asleep in my bathroom
>qt stops flirting and calls me by my name instead of my nickname
>acts cold towards me

Roastie btfo I suppose.

I fucking hate myself
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tfw bad at drawing.png
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>Love life
I tried dating a girl once in Sophomore year but it fell through in a month or so because I'm a loser. All i have are terrible memories of trying to get her to like me when it was obvious she only allowed me near her because I was pitiful. If I could go back I would've never tried.
I "met" my waifu 3 years after that, which is 4 years ago now. No regrets.
I tried my best, I have no regrets

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>being forced to move out of parents this weekend because I earn more than them now

Help me /r9k/ I can't live alone by myself. The last time I was left alone I ended up in A&E for attempted sudoko when I was living at my university accomodation.

My parents don't know this because I never told them this happened.

Should I tell them the truth?

Even though I can easily rent my own place pretty sure I'll sudoko in a weeks time living alone
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If you earn more than your parents why not just explain to them that you have severe depression and suicidal tendencies.
You're not just some pathetic neet mooching off them, you're successful and just need help.
Unless your parents legit give 0 fucks about you they'll be understanding and try to help.

I feel extremely embarrased telling thm the truth because my parents are old school boomers
So which is worse bro, being embarrassed or killing yourself?

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>That kid in school who would draw on his teeth with a pencil or permanent marker
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>that kid who listen to Ska music and would skank down the hall
>that kid who chugged bottles of glue
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>That kid in elementary who pissed himself because he wasn't comfortable using the bathrooms at school
Spoiler: it was me

So much calc. Took a one month calc course, after not doing math for 2 years. Hardass Prof 5 tests and a final quiz everyday. Work on it everyday. About to take test and uni feels thread. Won't be able to respond for like 2 hours.
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That's awesome anon, doing something right, post results
Will do won't get grade back till a day or 2. Think I did alright might if I get lower then a D I will drop.
I am having the same experience in my online physics course. Probably going to barely scrape by, so RIP my 3.95

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>you will never have a girl wear nice clothes and put on makeup just to see you
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when it comes down to it, this would be the biggest self confidence boost of all
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I said this last time you posted this and I'll say it again:


That would feel really nice.
I don't even really care about clothes and makeup, but knowing she wanted to make that effort for me would be nice.

>be a mixed race german
>i will work in the financial welfare system
>plenty of arabs and other waste of humanity are on welfare system
>already make a plan to kick them out
>arabs can't complain about being racist, cause "mixed race"

I am the ultimate Heil of europe?
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Du bist nur ein Volldepp der aus dem sozialen Sektor gebannt gehoert
arabs will just stab you unlike the american black who would just yell raciss
You sound like a dickwad, dude. Not racist but if you are going to deny them welfare without even checking their case that's really dickish.

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Tfw when you wake up drenched in period blood :(
Pic related are my panties on the bathroom floor. I vomited yesterday and my insides hurt so much.
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Who gives a fuck. All women have this.
are you male or female.. just checking?

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>enter room
>this is in front of me

what do
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>Ask her when Tyrone is getting here.
The purpose behind /r9k/'s robot is to enforce originality, but you have decided to make a thread that's been made thousands of times.
Sorry for not being original anon.

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I played one of the janitors as a background actor for a movie, AMA
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What movie were you in
Problem Child Zwei
How's the barista job?

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I was with my friends in a bar. We used ti go just us 5 and now everyone brings their girlfriends.

One of the girl went passive agressive mode and I went full mysoginist on her. Told women are inferior at everything but men are expected to worship them to get them to spread their legs.

Told her psychology is a lie and she is never gonna accomplish anything in her life other than talk to some other dumb bimbo about how many cocks she has taken.

She tryed to argue with me but I was too informed and cited statistic and debunked her every argument until she gave up and started crying.

My friends told me no to come to the bar with them anymore.

Now I am a true robot. Next friday I'll get expensive wine and marathon something.
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If this is a true story then shit mate, better get a supply of expensive wine for the rest of your life.
I've always wondered though - is there no point during your monologue that you realise how much of an asshole you're being right now? Is this really a thing where you're so consumed by your feeling of superiority that you're unaware of everything around you?
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Belle 1.jpg
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>She tryed to argue with me but I was too informed and cited statistic and debunked her every argument

you sure seem like you know a lot of things

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