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>tfw no cute boy to pound my virgin boipucci
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are you a tranny /trap?

What's your address sweetheart?
>tfw I want the same
>tfw too shy to follow up any time I post contact info

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Did an endless supply of media hinder your chances of ever doing real normie stuff like getting a girlfriend?
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Well I dont need the normie stuff anymore
Everybody needs sex unless they have no libido/craving. It's nature.
Ye, so i go party an fuk sum fembot but no gf m8
>it summer in my coutry btw

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>Been bleeding out of my ass for the last week

How fucked am I? Too scared and embarrassed to see a doc
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Your finally getting your period and will soon be a fully grown man
>u'll need tampons btw
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>How fucked am I?
It's like my old man used to say, if you get fucked to the point where your ass is bleeding then you went too far.
Is it bright red or dark red?


Do you love your sister, /r9k/?
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stop stealing posts, fuck face
>butt warts
i wish sis was hot

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Why do boys want to be girls so badly?
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because they think being a girl is living life on easy mode
i dont know about them but i dont wanna be rammed against a wall and be fucked behind
it is if you're a hot girl

i'd go from an autistic but decent looking boy to an autistic but attractive girl and it wouldn't matter if i were autistic because i could just do porn or stream on twitch for other autistics and make $$$

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Alright my fellow NEETs, what do yo do to make some extra money? Occasional part time or freelancing type work. Especially things that can be done at home from your PC and are easy for anyone to start without a ton of qualifications. No pyramid scheme or any of that nonsense. I've been getting average 200 a month from mturk, which is cool but I'm interested in more ideas like that.
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fuck me i didn't realize anyone apart from indians did this

you are literally paid cents per hour
Nope if you do it regularly, learn which jobs to do and which to avoid, and know how to make good use of scripts and tools (hint: mturk communities are a good starter) it's good easy money. If you're only attempting penny jobs without any extra scripts or anything, you're doing it completely wrong.
I grow weed it makes me a little extra coin
Fucking lot of overhead though.

Sup NEETs and wagecucks. I got a life tip for you guys, might work out for you.

I live in Chicago. My mom works in finance and has her clients come to our house for to do their documents. One of her clients is a fucking genius. It's this old couple has a rotation of going to like 5 or 6 different churches where they just pick up free food every day in the morning, and they never pay for groceries, ever. They rotate to make it less conspicuous.

My family isn't poor, neither is this couple. They brought over 5 fucking boxes of food to us and just gave it to us for as Easter gift. All this goddamn healthy food too. 36 count whole wheat breadrolls, caned beans, veggies, spinach, pasta sauce, all of this goddamn shit. Must of been like 300$ worth of food in there. Goddamn.

Just wanted to share with you guys. Maybe you can find some use in it, or it'll help you all out in life. Groceries are one of the biggest expenses following rent/mortgage payments. Fuck wagecucking. Live your dreams. You're going to die one day, do you really want to spend more of your life being a wagie piece of fucking shit?
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Food pantries are fucking great, I haven't spent money on food (besides fresh meat) for over 2 years
Even some soup kitchens will give me swag bags of shit like granola or bread to take home.
how jewish are they, and how jewish is your family?
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Instantly reminded me of this video.

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Who /straight but only attracted to traps/ here?
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Traps are boys though.
the correct answer is no one
just come out of the closet already you fucking fag
Why do traps, and those attracted to them, try to pass off as straight?

Be honest... would you bang this troll?

(Just some girl who's interested in me through a dating site who isn't a complete monster)
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Post your face too, let's see what type of beast you are.
I dunno. She's pretty damn ugly, and that's with makeup on. Without it she's probably a horror show.
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I envy you. I got rejected by this.

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Is it beta to eat pussy and ass?
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to me, any type of interaction with females is alpha
so no
Only eat the best.
Roasties know what I'm talking about.
Just thinking about it gets my balls rock hard

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>tfw starting college at 27
I'm scared.
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I'm starting at 21 but i don't care 2bh.
No one but you cares. Just don't make an ass of yourself and you'll be just fine.
Good luck anon, it is never too late

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>get great part time job, actual fun
>work with solid 8/10 qt and get along first day pretty damn well
>nothing awkward, but have a bad habit of petting some girls on their head
>do this, she doesnt get mad or awkward about it but still feel fucking awful about it
>mfw dont wanna lose my job because she mightve see it as sexual harassement

What do I do robots, apoligise next time or just not say anything and avoid her? Being a lonely piece of shit fucked with my head this much I start doing this type of shit, even when I jerk off beforehand
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Holy shit dude

how did you... why did you?

nobody is even thinking about what you did stop stressing over nothing
Don't pat adults on the head.

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>Post my voice sometimes on this thread I go on on this site
>This one chick asks me to sing for her
>Sing "Nothing Compares 2 U"
>She starts flirting with me constantly
>Gives me pics of her face
>She cute af famalam
>Keeps pushing herself on me until she asks "So what are we?"
>I tell her I've never been in a relationship and she says we can take it slow and that I shouldn't worry that I'm awkward

D-Do I finally have a gf
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She a catfish
That's exactly what I thought desu
Best advice: if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. I've been in your situation before bruvv stay frosty.

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artifact frog.jpg
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i used romantic fanfiction as an escapism method to give me feelings of love and companionship but now i've ran out

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get more?

oregano oregano potato
the thing is i'm very selective and only read stuff about few series i liked as a child (so i already have an emotional attachment to the characters instead of having to make it up from zero)

i read literally all fanfics featuring saria and link (from legend of zelda in case that wasnt clear) on fanfiction.net and now i dont know what to do
I know some cute shoujo just for you anon!

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Why don't AMERlCANS ceIebrate Easter?
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I'm an american and I celebrate Easter.
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Why do you wageslave during the long weekend?
Why isn't this meme funny?

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