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Why do we rely on "theories" formulated several hundred years ago?
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the scientific definition of theory and the colloquial one are not the same.
We're bored and need something to bitch about on the internet
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>mfw we're still using 300 year old calculus

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>He fell for the "pure shy girl" meme
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>0% match
They tried to tell you
a pure shy girl probably wouldn't put herself out there like your pic, otherwise she wouldn't stay pure long.
Never trust a 23 year old that looks 30.

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Tfw alcohol without benzos
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What's the benzos for anon?
To get fucking blank cunt and...
worst feel.
I need a xanax with my daily whisky.
alcohol in itself is shit. literally 0/10 high

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Best dating site for robots? Tried okc and pof but no luck, not enough fembots. maybe i'm using it wrong?

anyways dating advice general i guess?
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Lie. Just lie in general, about everything. Its easier than admit that you are boring robot. Or hire a whore.
interpals. Get a russian whore for free(for your first world citizenship)
>online dating

Lol you poor fag.

Online dating is not for us.

Also POF and OKC are the bottom of the barrel. If you fail on those you'll fail everywhere else.

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> "Anon, it's time to go to school!"
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>*reloads gun*
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>"just give me a sec mom"
Just a second mom. I'm finishing my school project.

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The Monolith arises from the ground before you. It vibrates and hums, but its intentions are clear:
Ask it a question and it will give you an answer.

Reroll, and The Monolith will attempt to deceive you.
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will i get a gf
Will i live forever?
will i find a girl that will love me despite my small penis

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I need a qt jewish gf right fucking now reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Why Jewish? Are you Jewish?
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No, I'm just attracted to them. Or maybe I AM actually jewish? Who knows, one of my ancestors could've been.

Should I get a DNA test?

Unless your mother is a Jew then you're not Jewish. You should post more Jewesses, too.

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How does it feel to be steam?
Is there an easy way to identify steams other than a steam id?
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Fun fact: what you're seeing there is the water vapor that forms immediately after steam cools. The steam itself is invisible. Which is to say: no, there is not.
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You're ruining my threadddd
Post IDs
>You're ruining my threadddd
Pissing in an ocean of piss.

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Oh, good morning, wagecuck.

Another day, another dollar.
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reee delete this etc.
I make $9999999999 shitposting in a comfy office
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my buIIshit detector is off the charts
Rise and shine or your boss can't afford to buy a yacht or whatever.

why do people use their phone on the shitter?
if you miss calculate the trijectory of the toilet paper, it will bounce off of the seat and hit your phone.
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This is why you kick the phone as far across the floor as possible, minimizing the risk of contact with errant toilet paper.
I have a counter right next to my toilet that I put my phone on. Shitting right now desu.
I absolutely cannot understand what you mean by this

Which do you want to bone more?
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I guess the one on the left. She looks less like she's been fashioned out of Barbie plastic.
Both are vapid whores.
so what? Women are for dicks.

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>Hey, Anon! Wanna fight with our boners?
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>he never had penis "lightsaber" fights with his uncle

n-no thanks anon
[ashamed of tiny penis]
Get the fuck away from me faggot before i punch your fucken face in.

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>oneitis has asked me to go clubbing with her
how do i respond

just the thought of being in a club is triggering my social anxiety and she also wants me to take drugs
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The drugs will take away all the anxiety and most of the feelings of awkwardness once they kick in
is this a meme

can anyone confirm
If you're not comfortable don't bother maybe, clubbing isn't fun for robots. Also a club isn't a great place to take drugs if you're not sure how you'll react, especially with anxiety.

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Plain cheese is the best type of pizza.
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a few veggies can enhance it. i like bell peppers, onions and mushrooms on mine for that slight crunch and small amount of bitter bite it adds.
Hawaiian master race
You literally can't go wrong with plain cheese pizza, I'll give it that.

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So let's get this shit sorted out. If you flip a coin nine times and it's tails, what's the probability of it being tails the tenth time in the sequence?
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the probability would be 50% just like everytime you flipped it
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Exactly nigger % chance of rain on a Tuesday in July
But that makes no sense mathematically?

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