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That girl you had a crush on... where are they now?
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Getting smashed out by Chad :(
She's my wife :) celebrating 4 years soon
2 kids by now, pretty sure she's still with the dad

Now that I'm older I don't really know what I saw in her in the first place

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1. Use a name in the namefield.

2. Share your problems and questions.

3. Be listened to and cared for, get some answers, feel the love.

4. Trip-users tend to be regulars.

5. As often lately, I may be less active due to having a lot of work this weekend.
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I'll ask a rather personal question to any courageous enough to divulge their answer. What, if any, judgement passed on you by either a stranger or someone closer would affect you most strongly? What do you least want others to believe about you?

That I have selfish and/or noxious intentions towards them.

It would affect me the most because it'd be untrue. This is exactly the situation I'm in, with no way of convincing them otherwise.
>4. Trip-users tend to be regulars.

I feel a little offended by this discriminatory exclusion.

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Would you ever date a girl that was raped (legitimately, not in the feminist sense)?

Would you stay with a girl that was raped?

What if her rapist was black? Would you date/stay with her?
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I want to yes because deep down I'm a humble coward but it's not 9th century Northumbria where I can go burn his village and enslave his children in exchange sooo probably not.
Depends on circumstances. Jumped and raped on her way home from work? Not her fault, would at least try being with her. Partied with chads and had a train run on her against her will? Fuck off.
not into used goods thanks

> that feel when no bf
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bois>girIs desu
There's a reason you don't see their face
Message me on Kik cute boi


While you're at it post moar cute pics

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It's my birthday

where my may 13th robots at
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Happy birthday op, how old would that make you today?
happy bird day my friend
Do you honestly still care about birthdays?

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When did you realize it's your unrealistic standards that are making you miserable?
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When did you realize women are picky.
Will throw your name under the bus for pity complements.
Judge you on skin color and height.
Judge you for money and status.
And also compare you to the dozen of guys shes fucked.
All while you pay for her shit?
No id rather do drugs or something else.
Dating is not worth it now a days because noone wants to work to make it work.
Id rather be alone sometimes.
>khv before me
>legit 8/10
>holds all the same opinions as me

Why would I settle when with enough patience, I can get what I want?
Would rather have unrealistic standards and stay alone than be a beta orbiter/Provider/Cuck.

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Get in here and tell me about your day so far anon. I have my blanket and hot coco, good to go for at least a few hours.
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I would tell you about my day but i literally havnt done anything
fuck it, im gonna make water hot coco
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Aww, why not anon?
Did you get your mom a present yet for Sunday?

That's the spirit.

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>get drunk with some guys
>wake up in the morning with a long scratch on the arm
>no idea how I got it
>ask around
>"You tried to cut open your arm with a key"
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>wake up with shit all over my ass
>hole burned in my shirt
>left a nonstick pan on the stovetop all night

apparently I actually said "I want to be one of those people that burn holes in their shirts"
>wake up in bed
>splitting headache
>no clue how this could have happened
>ask around
learn that I consumed plenty of alcohol the prior night
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>wake up after blacking out
>lying on my back on the floor
>vomit in back of throat
>tfw could have died


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Is becoming a mechanic worth it? I don't know anything about cars and never even cared for them but it seems like a decent living in terms of required training and qualifications.
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I'm a qualified heavy diesel mechanic iv played with cars but real money is in earth moving gear
I don't think it's worth it in regards to a job. But having mechanical knowledge is part of being a man I think.

I grew up as a NEET and entirely disdained both sports fags and car fags in my late teens, early 20's. Thing is, women expect you to be able to fix their car. And when you can't do it, you suddenly seem beta AF.

Having to outsource your car repairs to mechanics or the guy down the street makes you a massive cuck of a man, like a man that can't mow their own lawn. Not being able to fix your car is one of the most beta things you can do.

When a girl says to you "Anon, the electric window in my car won't wind down" and you can fix that shit with a $20 piece from the wreckers and a butter knife, like some modern day Macgyver, suddenly you're god tier Alpha in their eyes.

They will go around saying "Anon fixed my window. I couldn't wind it down all summer, and he just fixed it in like half an hour for $20".

That kind of talk gets pussies wet. Women really admire a man that can fix a car.
garage is only gonna hire you if there's a 'cultural fit'

even if you're trained you have to realize businesses want to work with people they like, not just people that can do the job

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Why are so many white boys into black girls now?
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Because we're awakening to the true faith.
Because white girls are typically spoiled attention whores. Also more likely to cheat.
>Also more likely to cheat.
Oh, sugar...I've got some bad, bad news fo you...

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My friend, please, mushalla Mushalla

you might talk to me after i hhave finished my coffee

coffee for functioning my friends, please

can you not speak to me untill AFTER my coffee
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my friend please wait for after coffe time thans
Do you honestly enjoy posting these threads?
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my friend please, wait untill after coffee

>Started a tinder profile
>Actually get matches
Now how the fuck do I talk to them?

What do I even say to picrelated?
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just be yourself bro be confident

put that first emoji in and wait for a reply

say hey what's up , wanna grab a drink *insert stupid emoji*

talking on tinder more than you have to kills everything

What's wrong with a woman liking you but not wanting to be/have sex with you? What's wrong with being friends?
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I don't want friends i want sex. And men and women can't be genuinely 'friends'.
id love to be friends with a girl
Something, like knowing what I want too much.
Having wants I can't get.
Then getting silently rejecting.
It makes me a bad person I know.
I slowly start hating them.

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>be 25
>random client at work thought I was "15, 16 at max"

How am I supposed to not be a manchild if literally the entire world sees me as an actual child?
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Samesies. The acne and soft jawline doesn't help me.
For me it's the manlet status and babyface.
I found that growing facial hair helped a lot

Of course you'll need to start producing more testosterone if you wanna have a decent beard, so start looking up the methods on google. You can do it naturally by eating certain foods and cutting out estrogenic shit from your life.

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>tfw bf found out about the side Chad
>tfw side Chad found out about the bf
>tfw I haven't thought of any excuses
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I got an "excuse" right here for ya ya fuckin hag
Actually die in real life
>nice guy found out about the beta orbiters

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