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>tfw he always prefer hanging out with his other friends
>tfw "there are too many people that you don't know, you can't go to the beach with us"
>tfw he's right
>tfw I just wanted to go to the beach with him but he went with them and without me
>tfw he's tired of me and I can feel it
I know he didn't care, well, that was my last friend. Now nobody will care if I kill myself. I wanna do it before my birthday, so before 31 July. I don't want to spend it alone. I doubt that'll ever see him again.
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realize that you're originally the original issue.
You such a normie, Op.
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he was my only friend.

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how fucked am I, /r9k/?
>be me
>live with parents
>mother recently installs new camera but refuses to tell anyone where it is
>have shed in the backyard where clothes are kept
>rest of family goes out for the day
>do it for 15 mins
>go out
>see the afforementioned camera pointing almost totally at the shed
>go mission impossible mode
>find the camera and the model
>pretty shit but whatever
>look it up
>shitty and cheap, just like i thought
>connected to the internet and can be streamed to phone
>hit off the internet on my pc
>then the router
>take out the micro sd card and format it
>internet back on

I have idea what's gonna happen. I've got explanations for everything but I'm terrified.

wat do
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Serves you right for being a fucking degenerate.

I hope your parents ship you off to a mental institution.
>where clothes are kept
could you elaborate please?

I don't understand why
>you're mom wouldn't tell anyone where she placed the camera
>she placed it pointing at the shed
Do you think your mom suspects you of something?
get a job and move out faggot your parents are tired of your shit

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Not your typical request, but i'm a normie and I think being less socially aware would help improve my personnality.

How do I become more autistic?
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Shave your eyebrows

holy kek this was not original
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>I think being less socially aware would help improve my personnality.
>How do I become more autistic?

Autism does not go hand in hand with a lack of self-awareness.
Being a stupid autist and being acutely aware of it, and unable to change it, is a horrible feeling.

t. autist

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ITs that time again, jonathan brandis thread
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His advice is solid
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He does make a very good point , otherwise you will live in regret
He used to fantasize about joining the 27 club. Too bad he went through with it.

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why don't you just diet, exercise, go out talking to strangers in a charismatic confident way, not masturbate, and limit internet use to 1 hour a day max for a few months? it's literally the easiest, comfiest thing ever
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You're implying that would make me happy.
He's either using steroids or lying about the time it took.
15 weeks of workout are nothing.
>imit internet use to 1 hour a day
going insane is comfy

>grandma is talking poltics again
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Take grandma by the nose and slam her into a table
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>saving a .png picture with visible transparent background
Is this your grandma? Tell her that /pol/ would be glad having her join us.


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>155 IQ
>even put IQ in resume
>still no job

Why do chads only get employment?
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because u put IQ in the resume LOL
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They're intimidated by your power, Anon.
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Because they want a physically and mentally able worker op. If you have one but lack the other one, you're fucked

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>tfw you dont live in a city
>tfw you cant do ubers and wait tables
>tfw you cant live in the ghetto
>tfw you cant perfect your art in the big city with the hopes of getting famous

why am i in a small town. WHY
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>wants to be around niggers
>doesn't enjoy isolation
>tfw in city
>tfw can never have any quiet
>tfw am want out now
Supposedly, New Orleans is a good place for up and coming artists. But don't ever make it your primary source of income. Ever.

I finally have a hobby guys will this make me a normie?
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What originally is it?
Depends on the hobby.


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What is the least painful way to kill yourself if you don't own a car to gas yourself in and you live in a country where you cannot buy a gun??

Asking for a friend.
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quickly drinking liquid draino
Exit bag or barbiturates

Or jump of building!
If your serious here you go:
You need 3 things, hellium, a tube and something to cover your nose and mouth with that will allow a tube through it... put the tube through the mast and on your face and slowly release the hellium from the tank. have it release at about breathing rate. you should be unconcious in about a min and die in about 5

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>we're only two and a half years away from 2020
Are you ready?
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I-im scared op.
Any ideas on what might happen?
Well, it can hardly get worse...

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who else here /lonley/
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i lonely ;c
If you're not lonely you probably shouldn't be here
what its like being people
educate me someone so i can cry myself to sleep

Femanons why haven't you masturbated to bestiality yet? Don't you find the mindless animalistic lust arousing?
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I do though
almost daily, actually

That's the spirit, more girls should be like that
>t. Zacharia Goldbergunstein

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Why is this board so shitty now?

It stopped being fun right around the beginning of last year.
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>how to tell someone is new
This board was never good. It wouldn't be /r9k/ if it was a place you wanted to be.

I've been on 4chan since 05, you giant faggot

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Why am I isolating myself from everyone I know and care about?

I want more than anything for someone to care about me when they don't have to. When it's not obligatory or insincere.

Despite all this, I keep distancing myself and stay in my room all day, not talking to anyone and not doing anything. I'm kind of just existing. What I want and what I feel is so disconnected from what I do and what I think that I don't fucking know what to do.

Anyone else feel this?
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I do the same. I feel the same.
To nice to put our bullshit on other people, and don't really want to deal with the full weight of other peoples baggage. Porcupine syndrome.
anon my man, the problem isn't your behavior being disconnected from your desires. You may not like the thought but you WANT isolation just as much as you want someone to care. The problem here is that isolating is a million times easier to accomplish, so you have to take some time to step back, analyze and prioritize what you really want. The conclusion could be dedicating certain days to one cause or another, rationing out your socialization so you don't feel that desire to isolate take over, or simply giving up on one pursuit or the other. But you gotta make that choice, and the longer you take to come up with a gameplan the worse it's gonna get for you.

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