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Fastest way to kill myself? I am tired of living like a fucking incel elephant man, even if get rich i'll get cheated on with a poor CHAD
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Please answer me i am not memeing here
IV 100mg's of fentanyl
Where do i get that?

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Hello NEETfags! How's your day been? Just waking up, seriously? Here you are just waking up and I have already had a productive, fulfilling day. Watched the sun rise over the lake while working, then proceeded to spend a few hours basking in the sun and improving my body and mine with honest work. Hard to believe I get paid so well for exercising and socializing with my co-worker buddies. The day just flew by with the fun and joking, and I made over $100 in the process. Big plans today? Oh, more jerking off and shit anime? I'm going to go play basketball at the gym until it's time to pick up my girlfriend from work and have a delicious dinner cooked for me. If you had a car and weren't in such utterly pathetic physical shape you could join me! It's okay, why don't you and your girlfriend join us for dinner? Single? What a shame. Well surely your boring monotonous day won't be that terrible, just try to get to bed for 4am, as you know it'll take at least an hour of dwelling on your miserable existence before you can fall asleep. Maybe next year things will be different NEETfag :)
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If you have a girlfriend, you don't belong on this board. Please leave.
You know it's funny when I was a wagecuck my schitzo brain kept telling me I was like homer simpson and I wasn't but it was almost mocking me with that. Clock in, do shitty job, clock out, go home and drink beer or some otehr hedonistic activity, that's all most peopel do with their lives and they hate them.
Homer's a nuclear scientist though and makes a ton of cash.

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Why haven't you gotten a shipboard job yet /r9k/?

>spend all your time out to sea, far away from all the normies
>free place to live
>food all taken care of by the ship
>all your co workers are salty fucks who are all old and alone with their most meaningful human contact being hookers in Thailand
>get to fuck said hookers in port who are used to autism like yours on a daily basis
>no need to waste your money on normie needs like gas, electricity, or other utilities
>over 90% of the "work day" you just stand around waiting for coffee break to start

Literally perfect for robots.
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You think I haven't already tried that? Its extremely hard to land your first job and to get experience. You need to pay $1000's to get all your certs and to go to the classes.
how do i do this? Im in my 30 s and have done nothing with my life. i want a life of adventure on a boat
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Just join a union and sit in the hall until you're name is up and they give you a job.

It shouldn't cost 1000's. Maybe 1000 at most if you have to travel a lot for the cert classes. My friends dad just got fully credentialed on a whim and it only cost him a few hundred.

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Uncle Joe.jpg
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Was he ALPHA?

>won war
>highest ranking official in USSR
>sacrificed his son and didn't gave a fuck

>genetic defects
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Stalin himself was a manlet.
But still got a gf
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Yes. Just look at this handsome motherfucker.

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>see le spongebob get a job 4chan banner when neet
>feel bad and like "wow like it's talking to me"
>get job
>realize it was all a trick and my life is hell
>become neet again
>see banner and feel guilty
>get job again
>more miserable then when I'm neet and banner is still mocking me, as if that was the final joke
>become neet again
>still feel guilty when I look at banner
>realize it's just nuisance
> I've been bent out of shape by a stupid cartoon joke
>realize this is simply my ongoing struggle with anxiety

no wonder I'm a mess
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How long did you hold on to your job?
File: 1453365616382[1].jpg (31KB, 433x419px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>a fucking banner on a website convinced him to fuck up his life
around 8 months the second go

5 months the first.

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>come on son, you are not balding!, stop it!
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Yes you are, accept it and move on
Don't overthink it, the balding meme is stupid
when do you plan to stop posting this? just give me a speculation
Your probably balding but DESU it don't look that bad now. But in a year it's gotta go bro.

What's for lunch, r9k?
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Nothing. I'm starving myself right now.
A meal I called Domayderjiggen Stew.
Had a Big Mac, fries and soda from McDicks

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Have you ever met someone irl you communicated with online..?
I eid this once and only once. On or the worst mistakes of my life
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I did, but it worked out well for me.
Yes, my girlfriendo
What happened? Too awkward?

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>this semen demon is Egyptian

how does it make you feel?
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How should I feel?
I would give an Egyptian girl my dick
cute > hot
Why should i give a shit about her nationality?

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I'm a temporary NEET till I start college again, I just finished my internship and have been doing absolutely nothing with my time.

How the fuck do you guys live like this?
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Eat good food, sleep, play vidya with steam friends, watch anime.
Rinse repeat. It's pretty fun imo
I can't bring myself to do anything
If you're the creative type, use this time to work on projects my nigger

Friendly reminder that the average female prefers to get fucked by a dog rather than giving a chance to a robot.

For young women their first priority is Chad, then dogs and then you.
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No it goes
Any other type of mammal
Octopus, Squids, Eels
And we're not even on the list
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>can you get pregnant from kissing

Anyone else /antipsychotic/ here?
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i gained like 60 pounds in 3 months taking those (zyprexa) when i was 16, all i cared about was food

that shit will fuck you up anon
I've been on 30mg for 3 years. At this point I'd rather kill myself than go thorough withdrawal.
I should be (risperidone) but I flush it down the toilet.

Does anyone else have the problem that girls always seem interested, admit to being interested then just go cold a few days later and eventually you're just hit with the whole "oh yeah I just don't see you that way anymore"?

I swear this is my experience with every girl I've been interested in. Fucking hurts because I'm forever stuck in the cycle of escaping being a robot but then landing right back there.
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Either they see your good looks and then find out you're autistic/poor, or are just going on a pity date and BTFOing ASAP.
Yeah its really odd because I'd much rather they just say that they don't want to date or do anything. I actually started thinking its because I'm a bit too friendly and probably come across more like a friend than someone they'd want to date.

Then again maybe they're just being nice and I look like shit.
This is me. I like to say that their radar is off. Tall relatively decent looking guy, come off as quiet and mysterious but really I'm just a social retard. No social life, little to no dating history, no real relationships, trouble holding a conversation, etc. It takes them a.little bit to pick up on all that stuff. Usually by then I've started to fall for them. Think I should just tell them at square one to pick someone else.

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Violent or sad music?
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Sad. I've been listening to senses fail for the last 2-3 days.
Ballads with harsh vocals.
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Sad. It's getting late, need to relax before bed.


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>yfw you're only nice to girls so they will be your girlfriend
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Objectively speaking, the only reason to be nice to women is to have easier access to their mating parts. As a man, you could more than likely get access just fine without being nice, but it helps expediate the process and makes the overall outcome more desirable.

But sincerely, if it weren't for the whole fucking a guy in the ass thing, and the fact that women are just so god damn beautiful sometimes, I would have been a homosexual a long time ago.
See above.
Women don't offer fulfilling friendship. They're self-absorbed and mentally weak. It really IS the only reason to waste your time on them; to fuck them. They don't understand honor and justice. They just expect you to take care of them. I, for one, can't think of a better example on which to apply the term "property".
I'm nice to people because I don't want to be bothered with their bullshit.

act nice, they'll find everything is alright, and leave you alone (for the most part)

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