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Some rando niggas brawling you ain't missing anything
Booted from your gay room wtf

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I have been told that I have a very hairy asshole recently. But how am I supposed to shave that I'm not very flexible. Last time I tried I cut myself pretty badly
Are there people that do this kind of thing for money?
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It's really not difficult. You don't need to be flexible. Just be careful with the razor.
you can get your asshole waxed by pros, just clean yourself beforehand you fucking animal.

also have fun with that awkward appointment where you basically make it know to everyone you're a faggot
How does that even come up in conversation

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>he isn't bisexual
How can you be so plebian?
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>he is sexual in any way
honestly it doesn't get more cucked than this
I just don't see the point. I'm literally only interested in sex where she can be impregnated, everything else is perverse and lame.
You say "bisexual", but what I'm hearing is "I haven't had physical contact with a girl for so long that I would have sex with a trap or perhaps even just a feminine man, please I'm so lonely make it stop"

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I can only taste 22 flavors. What's the 23rd? Do they consider all the flavors together to be the 23rd? That wouldn't really make sense, because then you'd have to have every set of flavor combinations included as well.
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2 flavors: sugar and water
diabetes burgerland fatass
the 23rd flavor is the sourness when you realize you fell for the soda jew
Neither of those are a flavor in themselves. Sugar is just sweet and water doesn't have a taste.
There's worse things people consume regularly. Just don't be a fatass who drinks a two liter every day and there's nothing wrong with having a soda or two.

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>"What do you mean you have to 'save the white race'? That's ridiculous! I love you anon, please stop this silly alt-right nonsense so we can be together?"
What do you do?
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>tell her that i was just looking at /r9k/ and that i wasn't even the one who posted it

which would be the truth

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>"I love you"

why does it still sting.

why can't I hold those hips forever.

Black girls were never into me I even had them hit on friends of mine right in front of me, I hate myself, I hate myself, I HATE MYSELF AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I'm not racist or a rightist.
Would tenderly love and respect her.

>have a LDR GF for like 3 years
>she breaks up with me even moves on with some dike *shes always been BI*
>they do notting not even holding hands etc etc
>she wants to break up with she dike but scared to hurt her *bitch you hurt me*
>message me on FB just now saying how shes in the ER and wanted to talk
>tell her im sure the trash guy that was *never there for her* (before we stop talking thats what she said to me about a month ago)
>anyways she blocks me
>feel bad knowing shes hurtting right now
>i still care for her alot and i think she cares for me as she keeps comming back to me as the only person she can talk too

am i being cuck or should i try to message her on a atl-facebook or somthing
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What's wrong with being bisexual, anon?
ye we talked and she said she wanted to be with a woman one time in a threesome i think she came to fine out dating other woman is not that great but idk if i should be there for her or if im being cuck and used

fuck feelings i would rather get shot then feel the feels i do now

Hey guys,

> I like this women and she likes me
>She's seeing a married man who has children
> He has convinced her that they are dating and if she does anything with someone else she's the one who's cheating.
>We've spent a lot of time together both have feelings for eachother - saying I love you
> He is about 15 or so years older than her - she's 21
> She says she wants to be with me but can't because of the relationship she has with him

Should I continue to even talk to her? I wouldn't mind just being friends, even in this ridiculous situation. It seems like he has poisoned her mind.

I'm just trying to be a friend. Should I even bother?

All third party advice I've got so far says cut ties because she's the one cheating on him. Is this correct?

>pic unrelated
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just keep in mind a similar situation could happen to her if you two somehow get into a relationship.
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I'll note that this man is still actively with his wife while seeing this women and he seems to be controlling her life in certain aspects.

It's slightly upsetting causing a few feels on my part but I tend to keep them to myself
>All third party advice I've got so far says cut ties because she's the one cheating on him. Is this correct?
No it's not correct.
Of course it is you fucking idiot. you yourself acknowledge that its a ridiculous situation to be in yet you still somehow want to make it work. It won't. You have received advice already and are refusing to take it. You want someone to agree with you. To tell you to go for it and that everything will work out for the best. If you ask enough times you will find someone who will tell you exactly what you want to hear and you'll probably listen to them anyway. If you want to invest time into this relationship go for it but don't ask for advice if you are just going to ignore it. Do whatever you want and deal with the consequences (if there are any) later.

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Having a nice bubble butt is important to draw female attention!

> Mfw I feel like groping a qt male butt everytime a I see one
> Mfw when 90% of the guys are buttlet...
girl here
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Fuck off, faggot. You're not fooling anyone.
i squat and deadlift a lot
will you grope my butt please
Prove you're real and I'll post mine

Is metal the most robot music genre?
Normies hate it
Lyrics relate to suicide/death/war/suffering
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the real robot genre is not listening to music at all
That's probably vaporwave but Maiden is definitely awesome.
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vaporwave is normie as fuck though
literally every "nerdy" tumblr hipster slut listens to it
also, I don't know a single normie who listens to early Swans

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>that kid who was always on the verge of sleep every second of every day and never said anything
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>tfw got barely any sleep in school because I always stayed up late but insisted on finishing my homework because I didn't want to get in trouble
Shit, man. That was me for two years. I would barely stay up in class and then go to the library and fall fast asleep
That was me from sophomore to senior year. Literally slept in all my classes. Had my head down and slept through graduation. Funny thing was I went to Princeton and now am an engineer

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It's OVER !!!!!!!!CONOR POTATO MCNIGGER did it. He won
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Are you serious, He actually won?
Hasn't even started yet

IT hasn't started

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My mom thinks meme are just things like doge or grumpy cat, so I told her about 9/11 memes and the semi-recent Ariana Grande memes. Then she started yelling at me, saying she's disappointed that I find those funny. I told her that it helps make people feel better about bad situations by joking about them but she just said that it's disgusting. Why did I try reasoning with her? Why did I think I could sway her into my thinking?
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you need to fuck your mom OP
Ew. One, she's my mom. Two, she's not even hot. She's fat and has acne.
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Some people just can't keep their big fucking mouth shut.

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I wonder if these nugs will take away the pain of being alone.
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wrong kind of nugs, friendo
you need some DUDEWEED
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enjoy those nugs with these nugs
Nuggies a shit. Tendies or nothing.

I have a sunburn. That means I'm gonna get a sick tan, and become a Chad. Later, brahs....
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Post a pic of your ass so I can jack off
Dick pics or it didn't happen.
My ass and dick are not tanned. Sorry, fags

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>found birth control in my 20 year old cousins room

Not even surprised. Women today are all fucking whores.
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Stop being a little bitch and swallow them all at once
>uses birth control
hurr durr stop being whores
>uses condoms
>gets an abortion
Why not use protection whores?

lol i slept with 16-19 year olds in high school and every girl I've ever known takes birth control

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