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Is 10 matches in my first whole day of tinder any good?
nobody responds to my messages
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psst.. hey kid.. every tried these before?
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This made me chortle.
wait are those rare pepeoh cards?
how did you get them?
there are only 4 in the world!!

....o-oh, my mom told me to stay away from.. "MEMES" because they'll make me a sexist, homophobic, racist and republican...

bu-but i guess i've never seen a meme before.....

Any one remember robot radio I made a thread a few weeks ago but nothing came up I just want to see if anyone who was apart of it is still here
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What would our gear and training be? What would our militia be called?
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the delusional force

operation LGBT invasion

>got promoted to assistant manager at local hardware shop two weeks ago
>it has been going fine
>today we have an employee meeting, everyone is there
>I have been dreading this, considering the assistant managers task is to present the talking points of the meeting
>In office with general manager getting ready to face the staff, who are sitting in the stock room.
>when i get nervous I have to pee
>excuse myself before we head back to the stock room
>take piss and walk out of bathroom
>as I am heading to the back i look down and see some dots of piss have soaked through the khakis i am wearing
>I never wear khakis usually, because of this, but it is the uniform
>half way through the presentation and the gm yells out "hey look at those piss dots!"
>i am in shock and look down at the dots out of instinct
>staff erupts in laughter
>on my next shift every one refers to me as "piss dot with not"
>they all know i am single and i try to play it off as being a mysterious 30 year old bachelor
>i realize they see through my facade now
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>Adults still acting like kids and all die a wageslave doing nothing for the world.

My boss talks the same shit.

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you dont go outside enough and talk enough
talk more
Just nod, smile and if you can mutter a thanks.
They ask questions sometimes. That's what really fucks me up.

that tfw when no young Susan Atkins gf

Why are crazy girls so cute?
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Why is his name susan if hes a man?
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No bully. Her moustache was cute cute.

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>Mixed cough syrup and rum
>Now feel like dying
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Vomit. It will help, it's the only way out and you'll feel 100x better
DXM or codeine? How much of each?

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>tfw one of your only friend gets an ehoe and spends all his time skyping her and doesn't make any time for you anymore.

seriously though I'm basically down to 1 friend now. I don't even want a gf I just want to be able to talk to someone every once and awhile.
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You got d i scord M8? If so post tag in here.
not sure how to is it the number next to my name?
My name is Star#7660. Just copy that and send a friend request I'll accept it.

Who are these molesting step fathers? I've heard stories from tons of girls of their step father molesting or even raping them. But i don't get it. An alpha would never take care of another man's kid, so a step father can't be alpha.

But a beta wouldn't force themselves on a little kid. So who are these men? Are they cucks because they're taking care of another man's kid? Or are they not cucks because they're getting to do her?
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it's almost as if the alpha beta narrative is wrong
My life is a lie...

I wonder though. Do the guys go into relationships with these mothers wanting this? Or do they go in with a pure heart and their sexy step daughter seduces them with the way she hugs him close and calls him daddy and walks around in her underwear and so on.

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How boring are you?
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>microwaved leftover spaghetti
>spaghetti didn't heat evenly
gray is my favorite color
i am upset that a particular book came out

Hm.. Will have to research further.

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any first generation immigrant in the US here ? how did you move in and what job did you take ?
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Barack Obama here
Mum's South African, she got in through the diversity lottery then the rest of us applied for F2 family members.

Parents are ranchers, I'll be graduating as a doctor this year.
how do you feel ? do you feel like you belong there ? do you miss south africa ?

>You're late Anonson! There's no way mommy would start without you, this was your idea after all. Apologise to your auntie while I get my favorite nephew Chad ready.
>Wow Chad, you're so big! I knew this would be a good idea. What are you waiting for Anonson? pull down your pants and show you're auntie what you're made of!
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Momcest fantasies are so shit tier.
>Here's pic of heavily tattooed bitch who is supposed to look "maternal"
>Hey -son- fuck your mom xd
>Oh -son- I want youre cock so bad uwu

>Not alphaing up and dicking mom into submission
>Not mindbreaking mommy into loving cock
>Not using mind control, magic drugs or some subtle way of hypnosis

Do I really have to learn to draw just to see it happen?

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who's the artist who does these? they're the best things I've ever seen and make me so happy I could cry
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wsr is a thing
It's cool because he's a frog and he like water
That book is getting wet

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does anyone here know how to throat sing (like those mongolians)
i can do it but it makes me lightheaded and i cant do it for very long
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