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Why didn't you shoot up you're school /r9k/? And what are you're thoughts on school shooters?.
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did think about it a few times but am poorfag to afford decent rifles or pistols
Makes sense I myself am also a poorfag.
Should have saved money and done it anon.

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>when that lonely friday night depression hits
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>tfw lonely every night
>tfw lonely every day, every night and every second of this miserable existence
>tfw the depression will never ever ever ever ever fucking end.

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Have any of you ever planned a murder before?
Have any of you traveled 4500 miles in order to commit said murder?
Have any of you ever spent a full year completely revitalizing yourself and changing your appearance in order for nobody to notice you, just in case?
Have any of you gathered every single piece of info regarding that person and their house plans, info regarding their friends' parents, the house plans of their parents, their parents' current and past occupation and pretty much every record accessible regarding said person?

Have you ever been mere days from murdering somebody you love?
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Begs the question--have YOU?
hey, that's entrapment!
Oh, are you that albino boy?

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>fridge running low on supplies
>stomach demanding something tasty and fattening
>spot something
>35% milk in a small carton
>angel choir music plays
>down it all in 15 seconds

such is the life being a fatbot :(
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I don't understand you fat people. Just stop shoving extra food in your mouth
>haha just ignore your basic instinct bro!
You dont hate yourself enough.

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Do you live like you're dead? Have you disappeared?
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Nah, my sudden bursts of optimism and inspiration at dusk that fade with the rising sun keep me alive.
I've been living like I've disappeared, but I'm still present.

>do you smell it anon? :)

How do you feel when you see a girl accidentally exposing her ass to everyone in public?
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Listen. Girls know what they're doing. They know exactly what they're doing. The next time some girl does some shit like that, say something that will get inside her head.
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lmao good thread
If I put a coin in, how long do I get to ride?

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>blocks your path
How do you respond to this?
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go back to /b/ with trigger threads
I would turn 360 degrees and walk directly away
Turning 360 degrees makes you go in a circle you dumb shit

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Is there anyone you hate years after no longer speaking to them? I still loathe you, you evil piece of shit and one day I will have my revenge.
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The boss that said if you do x you will be fired then later when I refused to do x from a sup, got fired.
Lying disloyal friends, even 20 years later.
The cop they gave me a bs ticket.
I can hold a grudge forever.
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>Lying disloyal friends, even 20 years later.
its been about 5 for me

you fucking dirty little pig, ill never forgive you
kill me

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Why does God not reward us for our good deeds and abstinence from vice with qt traditional gfs?

Why does he reward degenerate, faithless chad sinners with a harem instead?

With everyday that passes, I'm more convinced that God is actually evil.
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>Why does God not reward us for our good deeds and abstinence from vice with qt traditional gfs?

Because you're the kind of person who posts here.
god wants his ants to multiply. chastity and morality only matter after you are married and constantly impregnating your fat ugly monogamous wife.
it's because you are worshiping yahweh, an unjust evil god. you must worship a Just God. create your own God, robot. only He can lead bring you salvation.

>tfw even Rose is a Stacey after reading her blog

"when i was leaving at around 3am, he asked me to come back to his apartment. who'd have thought he had it in him?"

i used to be quite obsessed with her but i realized that it was dumb a few years ago
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dont come here anymore
Plus she kinda ruined her body with that horrible tattoo on her shoulder
Just a basic roastie bitch. Nothing special.

Well lesson learned I hope. Every woman is a stacy because guys everywhere are helplessly in love with all women. It's a shame it doesn't work the other way around.

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Hey anons I know I'm just one of the bunch but for some reason I feel awfully uncomfortable and depressed today, usually it never hits as hard as it did today, so what do you do to deal with your sadness/depression? also it could be nice to have a comfy thread, i'd like to talk with someone.
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Hang in there anon, I know it's shit but we have to get through it. I mostly listen to music to help with my emotions. Today I woke up at 2, and I didn't talk to anyone for the whole day.
Here's a song for you
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mfw life.jpg
63KB, 700x700px

What the fuck do you do when you just randomly feel like breaking down and crying.
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It's been a while since mine has hit hard, but whenever it does, I cry myself tired and then listen to music until I fall asleep to calm down. Just don't cut yourself, did that and regret it a lot.

Shit will get better soon, anon, have a good night.

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How clean are your feet, /r9k/?
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They're sparkling, OP
they're clean. I wash them every day in the shower since i'm not a fat fuck who has problems bending over.
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Clean I sweep/swiffer everyday despite living in a shithole

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>h-hey anon! I-I got my n-new s-summer hairc-cut! Do y-you l-like it? :3
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No you lady boy looking faggot lesbo bitch what the fuck are you even talking to me for anyways Chad put you up to this didnt he you retched normie whore REEEEE G-G-G-GTFO
Timothy I think it's great that you want to become a priest. As for now you're still an alter boy!
Short haired girls are fucking cute. She probably looks way better this way than before.

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>neighbourhood filled with 1-2 million dollar homes
>somehow we got the redneck family neighbours who burn wood for heating in the summer

fucking die
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Are they the type of do burnouts and drive way too fast in the street?
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>he doesn't heat with wood
>he pays a corporation to heat his home for him

LOL, enjoy your (((gas))) cuck.
what's the problem? do you not like the smell of woodsmoke?
if not, kill yourself. I'm not joking, honestly hang yourself you effeminate piece of human waste

Run your finger down behind your ears and post smells
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Smells like a cupcake desu

I just showered
It faintly smells like a toe nail

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