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When monsters like this truly believe they deserve Chad, what chance does the common man, let alone the robot, even have?

Women hate general thread.
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too be fair there's men like this, too. guys honestly believe "personality" is all they need to score an 8/10 despite weighing 350lbs
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I have never met a man like that. I have met men who would rather be alone than date a severely obese girl, but never met one who thought they deserved a hottie.

No, this is female hypergamy pure and simple. She somehow fucked a really drunk/high Chad one night and now she is an alpha widow.

This is virtually all women.
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Starting to see this around the campus. Makes me wish I was dead.

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>favorite food
>habits that are keeping you at your current weight
>moment you decided to give up

Original stories about being a fatty are encouraged. No skelebros allowed
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5'10" 283 lbs.
>favorite food
Anything with cheese. Quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, nachos
>habits that are keeping you at your current weight
Social isolation
>moment you decided to give up
Right after HS. I was thin when I graduated, but suffered a leg injury that kept me immobile for the better part of six months. I ate like a horse and gained about 40 lbs. I hated myself at that point and just kept on eating
around 180cm/93kg
>favorite food
Chicken lasagna
>habits that are keeping you at your current weight
Laziness and beer.
>moment you decided to give up
Haven't given up, stop assuming things. I'm losing weight at a fairly slow pace, but atleast its going down. I could probably lose weight faster if I drank less beer, but fuck that
>I'm losing weight at a fairly slow pace
Good for you man, what changes have you made?

>Laziness and beer.
Beer is definitely a crutch for me as well. Not only does beer have an insane amount of calories, it makes me hungry as well

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>"What's your name?"
>"Haha! DAMN, DANIEL!!!!!!!"
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>tfw named Ian
Is Ian a meme now or something?
I've had this for the past 3 years. It isn't funny in the slightest, fucking normalfag memes are the worst

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ZeeMap thread, find other robots near you here

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>tfw only one other robot in antwerp
There's only like 3 actual girls in my state and a whole bunch of straight guys. :[
My marker is a green bi one, will people not want to message me because of it

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Be honest, how many of you were considered/consider yourselves "gifted" from a young age? Are you really fucking talented at something or a handful of things? Did straight As come easy to you in school?

Go ahead, brag a little bit. (but this isn't a thread for pseudo-Chads to list off how they have big dicks or whatever.)

Finally, what went wrong for you or what is going wrong for you? Or are you actually doing pretty well, just on here killing time?

Explain yourselves.
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I'm lazy because I'm smart. When I was young, everything was easy to me, and because of it, I developed a shitty work ethic. Now the "smartness" matters a lot less, because work ethic wins in the long run.
>bad student but excellent creatively
>now an early-twenties NEET, still good relationship with parents but they look at me and think "wtf are you going to do with your life"
>spent too much time in NEET-land and now an anxious wreck

JUSTed myself pretty badly by dropping out of college, but it was all a part of my plan to unJUST and achieve my goals in my own rebel/special snowflakey way. only I didn't make the right moves creatively and now I'm all fucking anxious and it fucking sucks.
Yeah, I was literally told that by high school teachers because I got better pretest scores than the rest of the school but then didn't do any work.

I have a good memory and I pick things up quickly.

Post em
>dont really feel like I belong anywhere except /r9k/
>I'm pretty autistic like most ppl here
>half the board hates me anyway and thinks I dont belong because I dont have a dick
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Why in the world do you think you are a robot?
Just don't bring up your gender and you'll be fine.
Its as simple as that.

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>OOOOH yeah, that's it white boy! D-don't you even THINK about pullin out Anon! You gonna gimme them seminal reparations!
What do you do?
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>You gonna gimme them seminal reparations!
>What do you do?

laugh myself soft
Try to keep a straight face.
>tfw no hot jungle queens in my country
I guess living in a white country has it's drawbacks. But on the other hand, no niggers!

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Am I going bald or am I good?
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looks fine I'm 19 and already half-way bald so fuck.
bald but not at bad rate, you're probably get the M type
You're going bald. Sorry, bud.

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juche woman.jpg
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Is North Korea the final redpill?
>guaranteed a job
>guaranteed a wife
>guaranteed propaganda vidya
>being a roastie is widely frowned upon
>no STDs
>no degenerate LGBT "culture"
>lazybones and NEETs turned into productive and active members of society
>normalfags get 3 generations worth of punishment for insulting the beta king
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Yeah sure, feel free to move there.
it's definitely the inevitable, utterly retarded conclusion to the redpill meme
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whoops, forgot my original image to go with that completely original comment

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Is it true that girls with bigger breasts are dumber than girls with smaller breasts?
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I doubt IQ is related to breast size.
Most girls are equally dumb.
No that's just a stereotype so guys who get rejected by them feel better.

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My plan WAS to send letters to all the people i hate explaining why i hate them and why they helped lead me to suicide(and their loved ones would get a copy too) but now I can't do that cause i just know its gonna become a headline where they say i was influenced by that trash show 13 Reasons Why.
Normies ruined my suicide plan REEEEEEEEEE
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hahaha I'm actually laughing
It would be fun if you posted them here now.
if this is true that's pretty fucking funny.
if your suicide plan involves writing to people and explaining why they led to you killing yourself, you're just a closet normie. You writing those letters and shit is just a subtle cry for attention.

Why society is obsessed with gay/homosexual people?
Are gay/homo richer (or poorest) that heteros?
Are "better people" that heteros?
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Define obsessed.
You should check your grammar.
I prefer the classic version of the flag, desu
What makes you think society is obsessed? It's been probably a week or two since the last time I saw anything vaguely related to lgbt in the media or in my daily life. I think the last thing I saw was a gay character in a tv commercial about condoms.

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I have a social life. Write something you want to see me do as a normal fag, i'll record it and post it for you robots
Pic unrelated
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Smack a bitch in her kisser.
have a friend explore your anus
But how hard?

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why is my memory so shit?

I'm 27 and I've come to realize I've forgot over 95% of my life. is this normal?
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I hope that figure is a gross exaggeration. You might have retrograde amnesia. Do you also happen to have brain fog?
yes my brain fog is horrible. I can barely follow a movie plot any more
You're seriously fucked, man. No, none of this is at all normal. How long have you been like this? You might have a chance of recovery if its recent.

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Can any orbiters give me details on her breakup?
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>ask other orbiters about some meme thot
You ARE an orbiter, just a lazy one
No I just haven't had access to technically for a while

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