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Me: decaying European empires personified as women.
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Now you've got my attention OP, how does it look like and who the fuck created this ? And for me it's redhead girls pissing on each others, I know I'm fucked up
Please post an example. I like hard same sized vore (non consensual, of course)
>decaying European empires personified as women


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What's an easy to way to kill yourself? I don't feel anything right now but later I'm not going to handle the sadness. I have friends but I'm not good enough for them. Didn't let my steam money go to waste and gave to /v/. Can you guys recommend me a painless solution? I don't want to fuck up this.
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What are your living conditions? Mom or solo?
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Embrace the nothing...

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I have to try to be a normie at my job. I know people still think I'm weird, though I don't think they think I'm autistic, so I've succeeded as far as I'm concerned. It took years to reach this point.

It's easier in a more controlled work setting. It's a thousand times harder in more loose, social settings, where no one really has to spend time with you (and you don't have your very survival as a motivation to succeed like you do at work). I gave up trying in this area of life. After work I come home, watch tv, read for a little bit, browse r9k, or sometimes practice guitar or work on my big screenplay.

It is weird that this is the rest of my life. I actually finally got my weight and diet under control, and will have decent insurance in a few more years, so I may very well live until I'm 80. A lot of people have a lot of social milestones they can look forward to in throughout their lives (memorable parties, marriage, kids, graduations, friends' weddings, huge promotions, moving, grandkids, nieces and nephews, etc). A lot of expected, semi-expected, and unexpected.

I have none of that. Both my parents are dead, I have no siblings, haven't seen my cousin since I was 6 (and I looked him up on normiebook last year and saw he was married 2 years prior; I received no invitation to his wedding, so I assume I won't be included in anything else), lost contact with the one "friend" I had in 10th grade. I will never climb any higher up the ladder at my company, because it requires certain social suave that I don't have. I will never move from my apartment because it's already sufficient for someone like me. Barring something drastic occurring, nothing will ever change. I will never change. It's hard to wrap my head around this being it for maybe 50 more years. I don't even resent it really. It's just strange.
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I wish I lived your life. I don't have a job and still have to see my relatives every year, and my parents every few weeks. It's horrible.
Honestly the best way to seem like a normalfag is to go drinking with your coworkers
Yeah, it is weird. Most pop music and tv shows don't even appeal to me because they're targeted toward people with shit going on or even people who want shit going on, not people like us who don't, have never have, it even want to anymore. So I don't even consume those things.

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My little sister's birthday is coming up, I want to do something special for her or take her somewhere. Any ideas? She's 9.
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you are saying that she is 9/10?
take her to a cat store
Take her to an amusement park or an aquarium or something. Kids love those, and she'll be happy you took her. Make it a surprise, but ask her which one she'd rather go to on her birthday.

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>go to sleep listening to asmr relaxation audios on youtube with autoplay on
>wake up to loud japanese sex noises
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>wake up to a guy dressed as a Deep One performing brain surgery on a pineapple
>wake up to a guy dressed as a Deep One performing brain surgery on a pineapple
First world problems.
Uncle E is a gift

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>started coming on r9k at 15 to laugh at losers in their 20s
>now Im a loser in his 20s
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It's only going to get worse. Unless you become a normie. But even then it's debatable.
>being a piece of shit and laughing at others misfortune

Not going to say you deserved it, considering I don't wish the torment the people on this board are stuck with on anyone. But...
everyone is a loser, forever

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What would you robots do if this was your mom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5IBBQIJlfs
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>anal is my favorite
She's a keeper, but it must be embarrassing for her son
get yourself a working mom who thinks tattoos are cool

wait until she has a daughter and a son
I feel rotten and angry.

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I only masturbate one or twice every 2 days but im having trouble getting a strong erection
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That picture is scaring me, pIs delet
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I fap between one and three times a day.
Anal cures erectile dysfunction, it's a known fact suppressed by neo-nazis

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>be me
>31 yo khv
>recently enrolled on an MBA program
>first day
>our class was small (about 29 in our cohort) everyone seemed to socialize well and already formed their own study groups, except me. But I was apathetic to all this now, so it didn't particularly bother me. I was just there to study and get the fuck out when I finished.
>few lectures go by and I just studied alone an submitted assignments by myself like normal
>one day, this new japanese girl entered our class
>she was a really qt 3.14 - short and slim (but not anorexic). But this didn't phase me. I just kept writing my notes for the lecture.
>then this girl fucking sits NEXT to me
>this made me a bit annoyed, but I kept my cool
>the professor then declares a 15 min break time of the 2 hour lecture
>was about to go to get a cup of coffee until the girl interrupted me
>she starts giving me her entire life story about how she was severaly ill, missed the first couple of lectures and was really far behind on her work.
>Recalling my previous experience of helping a girl in a similar situation (who in the end turned out to be just using me), I told her that I couldn't help and that she should ask someone else.
>she then FUCKING BREAKS DOWN IN TEARS in front me


(WTF this is an original comment)
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>being too autistic to empathize, I just straight up told her to stop making a scene in front of everyone... and that I'd think about her request for assistance.
>overjoyed she proceeds in giving me her FUCKING PHONE NUMBER to call her if I change mind
>bewildered, I accept her phone number, and then proceed to go get my coffee. When I came back later, she wasn't in the class anymore
>Later that evening at around 8pm
>was busy finishing my weekly assignments
>my phone starts ringing
>she asks if I could help her catch up on the work she missed and that she would even pay me by the hour for my services
>Enraged as fuck, I straight up tell her I'm fucking busy and she should ask someone else in the class
>1 hour later SHE CALLS ME AGAIN
>this time she sounds legitamately distressed as if she was going to kill herself or something
>finally give in, and decide to help her
>she gives me her skype


(WTF this is an original comment 2222)
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>we skype
>not gonna lie, after getting a full look at her, she really was a red hot QT 3.14 (a bit like that voice actress, kana hanazawa)
>suddenly, my autism when talking to girls starts creeping back from that dark pit I had once sealed it all in
>so i decide to turn off her camera feed so I could just focus on the black screen to prevent getting distracted by her beauty
>autism in my voice magically goes away
>tutor her for about the next 3 hours so she catches up
>at the end of it, she genuinely sounded very overjoyed judging by her voice
>pays me $300 for my help, basically $100 / hour.
>next day
>in class
>sitting by myself
>that jap girls sits next to me AGAIN
>surprised, I ask her what she wanted because I already helped her catch up
>she wants to go get coffee with me after the lecture

(WTF this is an original comment 3333)
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>instead of going to the normal coffee shop on the university campus, she takes me to this upper class coffee establishment a few blocks away, which by the looks of it, all the rich kids went to
>the prices are fucking expensive, but she agrees to pay (fucking lol, I know...)
>she then tells me that she wants me to keep tutoring her for $100/hour
>nervous, I pass down her offer saying I don't really have the time to tutor.. (a lie)
>interrupts me and raises her offer to $200 / hour
>Shocked, I beg her to lower the offer but she refuses
>after brief resistance, I finally cave in, because who the fuck would reject $200/hour offer?
>she then tells me all about her self, that shes from Japan, gives me her whole life story blah blah blah
>like this bitch just won't shut the fuck up, so I just sit and listen to her for the next 15 mins while sipping my $9.99 cafe latte made from authentic arabica coffee beans
>suddenly, she asks me to tell her more about myself
>tfw you realize you are just a wagecuck finance professional who still watches anime and faps to 2D, Koreaboo and JAV at age 31, I dodge the question, and tell her we should be getting back for our next lecture

(WTF this is an original comment 4444)

Oh my God, holy shit. Oh my fucking God. I just remembered that in high school I gave a girl I was orbiting 20 dollars. That's a great reason to kill myself. I'll keep that in mind. Holy shit
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Compared to the average divorcee who lost his house, you're doing great.
Money well spent.
Cringey memories like this are a big part of why I don't show interest in girls. Every embarrassment haunts you for life.

>gather up courage to talk to oneitis
>have a list of shit to talk about
>have a response to any possible responses
>sit down next to her
>start to talk to her
>can feel myself shaking
>become scatterbrained
>start mumbling
>sperg out and walk away

so how did your encounter with your oneitis go?
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She told her friends that I'm socially awkward but she can't even eat in front of other people.
>Form questions
>Meet oneitis
>Mind goes blank
>Whip out paper with questions
>Start interviewing him

I think it wasn't too bad
Dated her for six months, she dumped me for whatever reason.
Now want to kill myself.
Give up on girls, OP.

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rate my desktop and my pepe collection
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File: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.jpg (97KB, 519x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hahaha you fucking virgin ass loser
am I having a stroke or is that not in english?
you sad loser

Are any robots left-handed?
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Yes. I have never been a US president though.

Why do you ask?
>there are only 7 US presidents

why cherry pick, nigger?
what the fuck does that image even mean? There's been 47 presidents

and yes I am left handed

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>females get aroused by extracting semen out of a male penis by using their mouth and tongue as a stimulative tool

Hilarious creatures.
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no they don't
it is purely a routine they put up with to keep chad's violent tendencies in check
which should be grateful to all females for this public service
Fuckin lol. If it had anything to do with self preservation, why aren't more school shooters getting head?
>females get aroused by extracting semen out of a male penis by using their mouth and tongue as a stimulative tool
Haha I know right?
A female penis is much more arousing.

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How to get a qt fat hairy foreveralone christmas cake cat lady fembot gf, /r9k/?
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you have to wait until she's old enough that desperate chads don't bend her over from time to time
You don't ...
You need to lower you standards
When would that be?

I see, what would you suggest?

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