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>Anon, you're silly! Why do you insist on sleeping with your shirt on? Just take it off!

What would you do?
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ladies first

oregano fart
Never be in this situation.

I sleep naked. Most girls don't bother.

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why do americans have sex under the sheets? it doesn't seem very comfortable
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that's just the american way
they don't
Because we can't stand to look at one another so in order to successfully use one another for sex, we throw a tarp over our fucking ugly asses.

Problem solved.

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How can you have fun playing games r9k?

Playing games with other people is frustrating because everybody takes it way too seriously and get pissed off for days when you make a mistake instead of just playing for fun.
Playing games alone is only fun if you're taking it seriously, but if you're shit at games, this makes it not fun.
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>play tf2 as medic to help my team cap the control points on a pl map
>finally have uber
>uber a heavy and kill around 5 ppl
>uber ends
>overextend and try to kill 2 snipers
>suck at melee and die
>the heavy said i could have waited for him
>reply with: i guess you could say, i have no patients
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you sound like the serious one imo. which isn't bad, i mean sincerity is good but

don't take their seriousness so seriously?
don't take your own shittyness seriously because it's a journey; skill and understanding take time. you must teach yourself and be proud of that process as you chase your goals and accomplish them. focus on the doing while you strive for your goal/dream, find meaning in the present rather than just the idea/illusion of doing or having/not having.

it's hard to explain perspective and attitude.
I don't care about winning. I care about having fun.
For example, in pubg i wanna do some awesome car flips and laugh when we all crash and burn because of something stupid.
Or in csgo, i just wanna make jokes, talk about life, maybe have a drink, and playing is just something you do to pass time while talking.
But nah, people shh you during the game because they're intensely listening for footsteps. If they die, the instantly want to blame someone else for it.
They start being more and more pissed off with each game, accusing eachother who did what wrong. And generally just playing to win, not to have fun.
An excellent example of people playing to have fun, not to win is soviet womble. They kill eachother during matches, make fun of eachother, and just generally mess around without caring about the win.
But that's not what happens in reality. In reality, people really get competitive and toxic.

Join our Discord, anon! It's a safe space. discord gg/zs8qcU
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Gimme the gist. Is it just another meme /pol/ type one?
>join server
>everybody starts complaining
>waah too many people reee
Why even make these threads you faggot
Ew :)

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>Failed my driving test for the second time today

I'm never going to make it am I
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no you are not going to make it
took me 5 times to pass, remember its not your fault its the examiner trying to look for any reason to fail you so they can meet their pass/fail quota for each month (at least this is how it works in the uk). i drove the worst i'd ever driven on my 5th attempt and passed because it was a saturday afternoon, last test of the day and i assume the examiner didn't want to stay behind to fill out the fail report. if you're in the uk book it for a saturday afternoon 3:30 if you can. i should have passed the 4 times before but the examiners always failed me for the stupidest fucking reasons. you will make it OP don't worry
I passed my second time, but with some marks off for turning too fast, and not turning off my indicators for a another lane change before turning them on again.

You can do it, just practice on the parking parts before hand.

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Hypothetically, if I were to start a fire in my local park that's filled with greenery, how could I even get caught? Even if there's cameras how would they tell that it was me at 3 am? Is it even possible?
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Don't do it anon, people worked hard on that shit and it took years to grow.
That would make me want to do it even more. If I hypothetically wanted to of course.
Well obviously the post you made here the specifics of it would probably catch the attention of someone somewhere.
People trained to find arsonists they'll know where and what you set the fire with and probably even narrow it down enough to how you are eventually.

My advice don't but if your so gunghoe to get fucked in the ass from crackheads in jail go right ahead.

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>be me
>hang out with oneitis regularly
>own a car but no license
>test booked for later on that month
>excited as fuck to go out on road trips and adventures with her
>test day
>pass with 2 minors (almost perfect for any burgers reading)
>buy insurance later that day
>get in the car
>it's a sunny day
>put on the gold aviators she bought me
>put on one of those normie radio stations she likes
>driving around my town
>"how does a drive to Glasgow sound?"
>driving wearing nice clothes and the aviators she bought me
>normie music playing, I'm not hugely into it but she likes it so whatever
>feel pure happiness wash over me
>say things to her, conversation flows great as it always does
>stop at traffic lights
>smile the widest smile of my life
>turn round and look at her
>she's not there
>ripped out of my fantasy
>she stopped talking to me two weeks before my test
>for that brief moment the pain went away

Looking back on it now I feel like a retard for driving around talking to myself while wearing sunglasses I don't particularly like listening to music I'm not into, but sometimes the pain comes back and I understand why I did it

Who else here /copesusingfantasy/
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Supreme feel, op
Why you guys stop talking? You fuck up?
Yes. I fucked up hugely.

How come people want dudes to sitt down to pee, but every time i do it, this happens? Excuse the crude rendition but i think you get the picture.

I can't be the only one this happens to
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this wouldn't happen if you had a big dick ankn
Trips dont lie originalo
Well how do i stop this

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Whats the crazyst Robot you met or heared from? Mine is pic related
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> they roll bananas down to the bacement pahahaha
mine is the son of beta king and queen
Finally. A robot I can say is worse than me. One question, how is he getting spaghetti with just a microwave? Can other forms of pasta be boiled in this way?
i dont know but plase contibute to the thread anon

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I don't believe I've ever been in love.

What does it feel like? I cried a lot when a girl I had a crush on told me to wait a year, to the point of excess even. Do you think I loved her?
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i have no idea

t. can't tell if i'm an edgy cold killing machine or an emotionally immature baby
I thought it was about the level of interest/obsession. I get obsessed with girls once I've fallen for them. Think about when I can see them next. Have trouble sleeping because I want to be with them. Basically thinking about them whenever I'm not plugged into a phone or computer
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I will never allow myself to fall in love with a woman because it would inherently be one-sided. i gave up on girls at 15. simple fact is no woman will ever love me.

What is your opinion on ducklings?
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Pretty fluffy.
rapist in training,

so yeah, pretty cool.
most of them die before maturity, just like many humans do. however because we have removed natural selection, most of us are never buried until many decades later.

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>finally got a "gf"
>shes a gf(male)
what it do brobots?
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Tried your best, OP.
Pay to get her some extra surgery someday.
Did you know it was a girl(male) when you got together?
post more pictures, she's pretty cute

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white trash.jpg
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There is no "love". Just hooking up. Everyone is hooking up and having lots of sex except for me. Women hook up with a new man every 3 days on Tinder and OkCupid. They have lots of sex. But whenever I ask them out on a date they pretend to have morals. It's very strange. But that's genetics for you. I lost the genetic lottery.
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Same here, anon. I've recently fully realized that I'm just too ugly to ever have sex or a gf. But, hey, there are people a lot worse off than me. Some people are born blind, disfigured, can't walk on their own, etc. So, never being able to have sex or a gf isn't as bad as that all things considered. Trying to find an antidepressant that kills my sex drive and numbs my senses.
I feel like this thread is just a response to the latest Lauren Southern video OP
thats why I am redpilled and only fuck traps

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>stayed up all night drinking
>for the 6th night in a row
>still drinking

I think this is fine.
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You're going to give yourself a zinc deficiency and also screw up your tastebuds. Cut it out.
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wtf kind of face is this

Skin is light

yet wide nose and wide cheekbones and fizzy hair
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>those fat tits
>milk sign

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Was romantic love always just a meme?
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yes, because women unlike dogs are not loyal.
no it still isn't and will never be one
you gotta believe in it
memefying love is a result of 4chan's herd behaviour thus not to be wholly trusted
>you gotta believe in it
That's one of the most pathetic things I've ever read here, I feel sorry for you

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