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Give me a (You) or your mother dies in her sleep tonight.
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go fuck (you)rself

not original
Fuck (You)

You can only get (OP)'s, retard.

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>when you're walking behind someone who is smaller than you and you sense they think you might try to hurt them even though you're just on your way to get some milk

>when youre walking behind someone but faster than them so you begin to catch up with them and eventually you are exactly equal with them and then youre ahead of them and you speed up momentarily just to ensure the gap is secured
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>having to stand around like an autist in a public bathroom because there aren't any urinals to use that have a space between you and the other guy

Why don't you use a stall?
even at home i sit to piss
i stand when im in nature cause its fun but in bathrooms you get a seat, privacy, and some time to just unwind

i remember pissing at the urinal at a bar and this guy came in and hes like whoah look its the big dicks and i guess we did have above average cocks

it was fucking lame, cubicle forever after that, dont be talking about my dick like we're friends you fucking drunk fag

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>24 years old
>still have acne on face, chest & back
>have taken strongest medication available
>have tried every topical cream available
>have used every tip given on the internet
>have tried no dairy, no meat, no sugar, no gluten diets
>I am the only person I know that is this old and still has fucking acne.
>I will die a virgin because of this.

Why do I feel like the only person who knows this feel. I'm begging you, please let me know I'm not alone on this.
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>on accutane in HS
>face looks like palpatine for weeks
>acne clears up, only on face
>33,still break out on chest, shoulders and back
woe is you, you're surely the only person to ever experience this
at least I know it will be like this forever
Yep, I still get acne and I'm 24 too. I'm starting to think it'll never go away.

Normal people: Why are you here, why won't you leave?
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Makes me feel better about my "problems"

Makes me feel better reading about virgins who can't even talk to girls and have no friends at all
trying to kill myself

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>have for the past week diarrhea
>have to wipe my asshole so much that it bleeds
>diarrhea contagion seeps into my open butthole wound, reinfecting me with the diarrhea virus
Fellas, it looks like I have perpetual diarrhea. Not sure how long my body can hold out.

It's been an honor shitposting with you lads
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>use the word shitposting
You're funny, OP. !
i don't think that's how it works.

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Drink coffee and smoke a cigarette
Also eat a bunch of fiber

Youll shit the evil out in one go

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How does it feel knowing women will be obsolete in your lifetime?
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>A bunch of dudes build and marry robots to deal with their butthurt over life not being like their animes and other fairy tales
>women find "real" men in Blacks
>noble races bred out of supremacy
>no one intelligent enough to build/maintain robots being born any more
>pendulum of shitty decision swings back with full force
>enitre world becomes rap video, NASA collapses, humanity devolves into global Brazil
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Scared roastie detected.
Don't worry, with the increase of black people in video games and movies, they to will become neet shut ins living their lives trough the tv screens.

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St. Petersburg bomber was a hapa with a white father and Asian mother. Stop WMAF! Stop the hapacalypse! WMAF couples are the real Jews!

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You forgot Lindsay Souvannarath, she is a hapa with a white mom and Asian dad.

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That was justified because it was done for great justice. It is nowhere near what Elliot or the St. Petersburg bomber did because they literally killed Asian men and white women just because they were the product of a white man and Asian woman and were butthurt whenever they saw AMWF couples.

>White knighting Lindsay

Hello Alisher Slavros.

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>foreigners who are loud as fuck in the library and act like it's their turf or some shit
>that guy in his mid-20s who drives a Viper/Mustang/Miata/Sebring convertible with his nickname on the license plate and parks like an asshole
>returning-students in their 30s or older who try to relate their life experiences to the subject matter (be quiet, lady, your kids have nothing to do with Physical Geography)
>every second-year student who think they're an expert in their field of study (pretty much everyone on 4chan tbqhf)
>the kid who needs to let everyone know he smokes weed
>the Indian students on campus who get way too excited when they see someone they know
>psychology majors, just shut the fuck up already
>students studying mathematics or IT who have no social skills and get mad when people talk to them, then convince themselves "Well, at least I'm smarter"
>the black students on campus that study stupid shit like black studies, social work, leadership skills, etc.
>those feminine faggots standing in the middle of campus advocating and shouting about some bullshit cause
>the guy who has way too much spirit for his small university
>people who take up the best spots in the library just to sleep
>grad students that run labs for certain courses who are unreliable and never post grades on time
>that Asian girl who can't speak proper English and believes everyone likes her, but they all feel sorry for her so they just smile and fake laugh at everything she says
>that huge black girl that tries to be an individual and sings horribly while walking between classes
>that kid who needs to go through his ipod/phone and let everyone know all of the different kinds music he's into
>the kids going through their Bob Marley, Nirvana, Beetles, and Jimi Hendrix stages
>any student under the age of 21 who tries to discuss politics like it has even had an effect on their lives yet
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are you the canadian faggot who often post on /int/?
Aaand you're the annoying normalfaggot who's trying to fit in on /r9k/ ???
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why? because I made the comment about kids who have shit social skills? Sorry for being able to talk to people and that it makes you believe I enjoy it.

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Is it true that most girls are actually bisexual?
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I DONT KNOW, shut up!
all the ones I've made moves on turned me down or were outright disgusted. one even tried to get her bf to beat me up
most girls just want chad cock.
In my experience, yes they are.

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How do you feel about cucks?

My close friend was talking about how he wants his gf's virginity taken by one of his mates and arranged to do it next weekend. Both him and his gf are 19 and the "bull" is in his 20s. Is this shit normal?
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No of course it's not fucking normal. Why did you even bother making this shit up and posting it.
No, its not normal.

Also if she's gonna lose her virginity to a bull, she's gonna have an uncomfortably time, especially with someone she has no emotional connection to at all. Then that relationship is going to go south quickly and blow up in your friends face.
An amount of 1.00 [one] (You)'s has been deposited to your account

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>meet cute girl at a a grocery store
>it's not a social acceptable place to chat her up
>will probably be treated like some kind of creepy rapist if I do

Why is life so unfair? I don't have anywhere to even meet women.
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Consider not trying to talk to roastie
Just make small talk and then eventually ask for her number, if you don't get it, no big deal.

I live in an autistic society where small talk between strangers is not done.

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>tie my shoelaces
>use the oven
>snap my fingers
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I can't use our gas stove cause I'm afraid ill get burned when i light it
>make my bed properly
>type quickly without severely fucking it up
>talking on the telephone
>work a normal 9-5 job
>hold a conversation for more than a minute without prolonged periods of uncomfortable silence
>quit smoking and drinking
>keeping calm (i tend to scream when I'm alone, no particular reason)

Is Zyzz testament that we can all become Chad if we work hard enough for it? I mean just look at him before he tried, that was no Chad no matter how you looked at it.
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>work hard

pick one and only one
Even better then, not even need to work hard to become Chad.
Yes but hardly anyone here is willing to work hard, look at most of the posts and you'll see most people are just willing to make excuses blaming everything down to genetics to avoid this idea.
Also, not everybody is willing to work hard, whether they're making excuses or not. Those who are willing to work hard to become alphas are turbo normies already who just happen to be socially incompetent.
Then there are those who actually *can't* work hard the way zyzz did because they have actual conditions that prevent them from doing it (eg clinical depression). And in that case, going to the gym or trying to climb a social ladder is not the solution to their problems.
tl;dr You have to be normalscum to even want to be Chad

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I look like a 8/10 Chad in the mirror but when I take a picture of myself I look like a 1/10 digusting eggman-tier creature
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mirror is more objectively accurate
it's called lighting you idiot.
Please let this be true. Why does this happen?

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Momcest thread after a long time.

1. why do you love mommy this way?
2. dirty things you want to do to mommy?
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I don't love my mom that way, she's too short and has 0 anything, but I've always gravitated towards older, motherly types.

Maybe if I had been born a chad and my mom was a hot milf stacy, yeah, but alas, that ain't how it turned out
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can understand it m8.
moms should be served fully by their sons though
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1. why do you love mommy this way?
A lot of reasons, but her butt in jeans is the biggest
2. dirty things you want to do to mommy?
I want to rim my mom and sniff her asshole.

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