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Does it piss you off that a landwhale like this will always get more attention and love than an average or even above average guy will get.


Why the fuck can a guy work out and stay fit but if your face is a 5/10, you're fucked. If you're not 5'10", you're fucked.

Yet this woman is getting paid and has her selection of at least a 1000 different men on who she would wanna date.

I hate women and life
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>not just giving up and striving for a comfy life
Get a comfy low-stress low-responsibility job, rent a comfy flat, watch comfy movies and drink green tea. The world is your comfy blanket
99% of men can get laid easily. What the fuck are you talking about?
Nah, it just makes me disgusted at my fellow man. I'm glad I have low t, I can't be easily persuaded by pussy.

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What's for lunch, losers?
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It'll be brunch here in a while because I'm getting kinda hungry.
Dunno what I'll eat though probably just make a sandwich.
already ate, but i made myself some omurice
Prolly just cigarettes and coffee

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What happens after you die? o
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All your friends forget about you and go on with their lives.

someone will bait
Plenty of stuff happens, just not to you.

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Your daily that kid thread

>that kid who hit puberty at 16
>that kid who constantly flipped of the teachers, but they didnt seem to care
>that kid who was sick at least once every week
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>that kid who pretended to socialise on his phone
These threads are shit, get your ass back to bee underage scum
>wow anon YOU told these god damn kids what to do! Do you want mommie to make you some tendies?

>decide i want to do homework in a coffee shop on campus
>grab a breakfast taco and head to the water dispenser thing
>when i go for a cup i knock down an adjacent stack of cups
>after i put them back I open the tap and apologize to the person next me about the cups
>mine stars over filling making a huge mess with water every where
>turn it off
> quickly head to the darkest corner of the coffee shop as employees clean up my mess

I honestly made this because I'm so embarrassed and just want fellow autists to tell me their stories so i can feel better
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i have diagnosed asperger's, so im inherently autistic in public, i cant not be autistic :"^)
>walking out of store
>man and woman approaching as I'm opening the door
>step out of the way and attempt to hold it for them
>I somehow miss grabbing the door so the guy has to get it himself
>grab it and hold it for the lady
>smile and say "well at least I tried"
also, why does pepe cry out of his mouth?

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Fembots, how would you react if you walked in on a guy while he was jerking off?
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Why the fuck would that ever happen to a robot
Depends on the guy. Only had it happen with one anyway.
Almost happened to me.

At our uni's dorm rooms, we had extra doors which connected to next door's room(It was a renovated hotel building). Anyway, it's usually locked, but for some dumb reason my roommate left it unlock.

I was really horny and jerking to some good porn in the bed, nearly about to climax when this damn girl walks in and asks me where my roommate was. Thankfully because it was under the covers she couldn't see what was going on, though I think she sorta knew because she made a comment about the room smelling like semen the next day.

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What have you done to self improve yourself today?

I just did 10 push ups!! I also started the book How to Win Friends and Influence People, we're all going to make it through hard work and consistency!!
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Remember to keep it up every day, forming beneficial habits is the key to success.
Nothing. I should probably walk around a bit. I've been worried about my health lately, sitting all day is terrible for you.
i tried to clean the windows but it just ended up smearing and making an even bigger mess.

Why don't you make a 6 figure salary yet, anon?
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God really man? Did you have to make a trump pic related? Fuck off to your containment board
because i wasn't fortunate enough to be born into a family that would allow me to get a nice job with nepotism

hard work is a meme

you will never be successful if you have no connections
Dont be so triggered. He's the president.

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so what are you struggling with and how do you feel about it r9k?

I'm learning how to let my hope grow and how to stop letting people affect how I live my life. Realizing how little people have had to offer me and how they always hurt everyone around them making judgements helped me realize they're just animals and shouldn't be taken seriously and anything they say doesn't matter when I'm just trying to survive like everyone else
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I got semi-diagnosed with depression and just feel worse because I don't feel as bad as other friends with ACTUAL depression say they feel and I feel like I'm cheapening it even by being told that I might have it.
No one can cheapen their own reality, not even yourself. Nothing is cliche when it is happening to you. There is no such thing as the correct way to suffer or to feel depressed, all that matters is how it affects you.
Stay strong and don't let those doubts plague you, I think that's your anxiety and depression trying to take hold and consume you.
I'm being evicted at the end of this week and thought I had a new place set up (lease was up at the end of the month but wasn't expecting the eviction). Instead the new place jacked the price up to 700 dollars a month from 600. This especially sucks because I had to take my two cats to the shelter last weekend cause I couldn't find a home for them and they couldn't go to the new place with me...now I can't even get that new place. I could have fucking kept them and moved to another niggerhood and lived cheap. I should have, now I have an empty, lifeless (beside me but let's face it, I am too) apt like I've been living the past 2 years of my life and won't have a home in a week, at least not one I wanted. Those cats pissed me off a lot and made me get 5 hours of sleep a night but Jesus christ it was worth it and I want them back so badly. I never realized how much itd hurt and how much it's exposed the fragile layer I had between being lonely and completely alone.

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>"Yo yo Alex, did you hear what that scrawny kid said about Patricia? OW OW OW
>Ay Ay playa come here for a second hahaaaaaa

How do you react?
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New phone?
Also that picture is so 2005 it hurts. Good stuff
If he comes at me I get my ass beat for defending my pride. I can try to explain it but something tells me he won't get it
>The fuck is this guy talking about, Charles?

Yo b tell me real quick why there's a Pokemon girl on your shirt we demand an explanation

What do you robots do when you're not playing vidya or making tendies? Got a blog? Youtube channel? Soundcloud? Indie game?
Post your passion project and give feedback to other robots in this thread.
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As for myself, I will be following and have words of advice and encouragement for all of you posters, obviously.
There's literally no reason not to shill your creative projects to me here.
im doing a webcomic https://tapas.io/episode/794019

That's cool anon! I read a lot of webcomics and your art is definitely above-average for one, I'll probably be following you.

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>this next assignment will be a group project
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>online course
>don't have to interact with others
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>get assigned group project final for class
>worth 40% of grade
>meet with group every week bullshitting on progress
>day of presentation comes
>dont show up
>never return to class

my greatest ruse
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>online course
>have mandatory online meetings

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>saying the n-word or "f*aggot" can ruin your life but it's still socially acceptable to say "retard"
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>retard is considered a slur by SJWs
>stupid, idiot, moron, etc are not, even though they're all used professionally to describe mentally challenged people
A retard can get away with nigger and faggot, because people say he's a retard and doesn't know what hes saying.

You're on 4chan, you can say what you want, fucking nigger faggot.

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Reminder that if you have facebook you are not a robot and don't even belong on this site.
>But I just use it to keep in contact with-
No iffs or buts.
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If you have a Facebook account and you're not a Chad you're just cucking yourself.
I don't care faggot. Go to hell
>if you have twitter your a normie
>if you have instagram youre a normie
>if you have kik youre a normie
>if you have snapchat youre a normie
>if you have discord youre a normie

Only acceptable if you use it to stalk your oneitis. Not talk not anything just creeping on the internet is pretty robot.like. which is what I do.

Today I'm going to go to class drunk for the first time. Any advice tips or experiences of note?
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Drink Vodka, it's easier to hide the smell and you can carry it around in a water bottle. I used to hang out with this girl in college who was really bright and on the Dean's list but she always carried around a water bottle which I thought was odd. One day when she stepped away to make a phone call I sniffed it and it was pure vodka. She was coming to class hammered everyday, I often wonder why she did that to herself
Don't drive
don't drink to the point it starts coming out of your pores and each and every time you speak you will stink worse then a brewery and get sent home or fined for public intox or DUI.
Drink enough to take the edge off but not enough to be inebriated beyond functionally
don't drive either unless you really want a DUI
take some mints to mask the stink of booze on your breath

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