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What is this?
Is this a tool for finding friends?
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If by friends you mean faggots, attention whoring traps, roasties, and normalfags, then yes.
I only use it as a replacement for skype when I want to have personal conversations with my best friend. I'm in like 4 servers and I'm not active in any of them, but I suppose if you tried hard enough you could meet some cool people with similar interests.
What is this?
is this a tool for getting (You)s?

Why was I circumcised. I'm not even a jew.
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youre a yank
American national IQ is pretty low.
Jews also cut their slaves.

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The governor of new jersey
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How do I get my crafting level from 30 to 40 on f2p

Do i just still make bowls?
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Hard Leather bods nigga
I play rs3.

Oldschool would have been fun if it carried over your previous stats.
Cut emerald and make them into amulets you fucking pleb.

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*stays up late*
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Neet her, staying up late for me is gong to sleep around 11am
Usually I shoot for right before sunrise. It's a nice life.
*spends time meaninglessly until inevitable suicide*
You ever wonder why "wagies" don't off themselves like your ilk are prone to do? It's because they have fulfilling lives. Work gives meaning to life.
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Post rare Tomokos
Talk about Watamote
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>rare Tomokos
I'm assuming you're going to want these Tomokos to not be fetish porn, yes?
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Doesn't matter my man. Although I did ask for fetish tomokos earlier in another thread.
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>I did ask for fetish tomokos earlier in another thread
Shame I wasn't there to post in it.

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Hey guys it's OP fron last night let's get to drinking I'm already drinking and I'm half a 40 in and drinking a tall can

Sorry I'm late but I got drunk before going out lmao
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man no booze for me tonight but i got a fat blunt
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Helloo friendos
Ayy <3
Currently drinking some incredibly cheap beer I picked up from Walmart called Rockdale. About 20 deep. Started drinking about 4 hours ago.

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Is 13 pedophilia? No?
Wait why is that too young again? It's legal in most of Mexico and for the vast majority of human evolution the world around. Up until the 1900 s it was perfectly natural so what happened
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because 13 year olds are kids and you have to be a sick fuck to be attracted to them
Why would nature allow a girl to conceive yet not have it's brain mature to the capacity to concent? Sounds like a scam desu. Like slavery or shit like that. You know the elite get away with it
>attracted to a girl who can conceive your child
>chance to reproduce
>sick fuck cause mummy and daddy don't like

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If you don't shop at Aldi's, then you're not a robot
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Lidl is closer to my house
nigger it's ALDI, not possessive, not plural.
Aldi is shit compared to Lidl

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nihilism edition.

Let it out.
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Bad. Don't wanna talk about it. Fuck you.
New here? Welcome to the pub.
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I'm envisioning going to a lake I use to visit when I was happy, walking to the end of the dock, and using a 4 winds shotgun to end all this misery.

I recently figured out I have a mommy fetish. I have been seeing this girl for the past month and fell in love with her. She is the only girl to have ever liked me, but she spoils me and treats me like a child. Ever since I have been wanting to call her mommy and suckle on her sweet tits. Any other anon out there feel the same? Something just feels so good to finally have a girl who treats you like their little boy. Maybe soon I can have her bake me cookies and I suck on her nipples after.
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Before anyone asks no, I have never been into incest or anything of that sort. Something about a sweet girl treating me like I am precious to them is just so hnggg.
No one else here experienced this? Honestly you would think this would be biggest fetish/dream on this board, a girl to love you who will take care of you and cuddle you while you call her mommy.
weow no one has a mommy fetish?

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What's the biggest scam you fell for?

>invested 0.3 ($900) bitcoin into crypto shit like /biz/ told me
>now worth 0.18 btc ($410)
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I told those /biz/ shills to fuck off
You should have listened to me
>waah gimme my money NOW!

For one, it'll go back up, and then some. And two, how retarded are you to buy something because some random anon told you to, without doing your research? It's not like they forced you to buy it, you should know what you're getting into.
t. someone in the crypto game
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Man you got to keep trying, you wont win anything the first fwe times, then you will start getting 5 bucks, then 50, then 500.
Or you could get a real job

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>tfw you will never have a qt stalker grill obsessing over you
Why even live?
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I've had both cute and ugly stalkers and neither are fun
take your belt or anything convenient and hang yourself my man
You don't want a stalker, anon. Trust me.

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>tfw dad is a doctor with an actual IQ of 156
>mom is a brainlet with a 100 Iq with some crappy fashion degree or some shit.
>had me at 36.
>circumcised me at birth so I can't even feel pleasure from jerking off.
>have bad ADHD, many learning/social problems and a Low Iq (109).

Fuck you mom if you had me at a normal age I'd be healthier, and fuck you dad for reproducing with a brainlet and giving me a low IQ. Now I can't go to school or ever get a good job. Who else here/doomedbyparents/?
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>dad is an actual autistic with OCD and 3 failed marriages, my mom was t even one of those and he wanted me aborted
>mom is a literal alcoholic retard with BPD and bipolar who can't figure out how to use a basic TV remote and has never said a single intelligent thing to me my entire life

I never had a chance in hell, my genes are completely gutter tier.
That's an average IQ you stupid fuck. Also IQ is not indicative of actual intelligence and your strengths.
both parents suffer/suffered of depression, have strong history of it on both sides. why wasnt i fucking aborted??? it was fucking clear i'd be a sad piece of shit

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Do you have garbage you want to sell to morons?
Are you looking to buy extremely rare ancient artifacts?

This is THE place to be!
Post it here!
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Something tells me this board is not the best place to establish an online marketplace
>Something tells me this board is not the best place to establish an online marketplace

why not though
we can grow bigger than amazon I guarantee you
Real talk I have some vintage Tonka trucks any takers or best place to sell them?

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