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>tfw didn't get into any med school
T-Theres always next year, right..?
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Hahaha you failed faggot
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My uncle didn't get into med school on his first try and now he's a medical professor at Harvard. Don't give up anon. You haven't failed until you've chosen to fail.
>want to become surgeon
>read about how med schools don't like CC
>don't bother going to college at all because of this
feels like a waste of time because of the inevitable defeat I'll face

Are stem fields a sausage party?
Is it full of autismo betas comically chasing after the rare hyper-entitled ultrasluts on campus?
What's the best degree that can have you making maximum bank and also isn't a cockfest?
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Nursing, accounting, biology, and possibly mathematics (teaching).
how about you fucking leave Norman?
Why do you come here and ask this dumb shit?
I'm as far from norman as it can possibly get faggot

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>civilization 5
feelin good all around what about you dudes whats going down tonight
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>civ 5
>not superior civ 6 masterrace
its like you dont want sim city seamlessly integrated with your conquering the world experience anon
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>civ 6
someone tell this man
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>rainbow six 3 raven shield

No alcohol (too poor for that) but at least i'm gonna have some fun
>civ 5
someone tell this man

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Stop shitting our site.Thank you.
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Do I sense an old-fag from /b/?
I always thought of farmers as fellow channers.

They left because they wanted their own feels board.
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So anon, how is the single men/women who live across your block? What is his life like?

Is he suffering? Or is he pretty much normal like normal folks?

Does he seem lonely?
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I live in the middle of nowhere and the single woman who lives in the house accross the street is a widow granny in her nineties.

im more interested in people in their 40/50s.. who are truly destined to be alone.

how is it like? i can only wonder.
Rape her and then murder her, nobody would find out

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>tfw too beta to tell the hairdresser she's cutting my hair too short
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i've been getting a style I don't even like that much because I'm not sure how to articulate what I'd prefer, or even if I'd prefer it.
I'm not that beta, but I've noticed that all of them cut my hair shorter than what I've shown them, so now I just ask for longer hair, just enough to offset their inherent error.
>hairdresser says she "wants to try something new"
>too beta to say no
>tfw it's the literal JUST haircut

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Korean girls are cute
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They like nice gentlemen.
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Damn right they are. My oneitis is Korean. Most gorgeous woman I've ever met. I don't think I'll ever get over her.
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I'm not very nice.

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when u have a gf, can u have sex with her anytime you want?
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Sit down son, I have some bad news...
it aint the old r9k anymore anon, lots of normies.
Literally the only reason to stay with the same woman is that you can have sex much easier and quicker

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Who were you in high school, anons?

pic unrelated
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I were THAT kid.
I was that kid that tried to kill itself two times because it spilled invisible spaghetti on a girl.
Pic related. That was me.

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who /bullied by parents/ here?
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>who /bullied by parents/ here?

Explain pls
>Tfw abused all my fucking life, but parents are middle class, so no one believes it
>Tfw 18 and already being evicted because fuck me, right?
>Tfw I'm literally about to snap

Not even sure what the fuck I'm expected to do. I'm not going to slowly starve and be raped to death, but I'm not quite at the point of no return yet.
Being disciplined by your parents for being a pathetic neet faggot doesnt make your parents bullies.

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How do I make women collectively suffer as much as possible for rejecting me?
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having to interact with you however brief is suffering enough
do you want to help build up an anti-degeneracy, anti-women terrorist militia, OP?

Anyone just shitposting there life away ?
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but who was pic tho
how did you take a screenshot of your entire phone?
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By having a 2nd phone

Should I "whore" myself out? A 45 year old woman wants me to dominate her in exchange for a kind of sugar baby arrangement. I am a girl too, so it would be a lesbian thing.
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Post tits or stop posting entirely tbqf
go bleed on lolcow
no im srs please help

I told I girl I liked her...
>Work with a girl
>We go out in groups to bars after work, usually I don't go because my coworkers are older than me I have tons of homework to do anyway
>Start going out with them because I think she's cute
>Go out one night and get really drunk with her, we start making out and etc.
>Tell her how I feel
>She responds with
> lol

how should i feel
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>We go out in groups to bars after work, usually I don't go
She thnks you're extra af. She was making out with because drunk and fun she doesn't actually care about you. She thinks it's funny that you confess feelings after 1 drunken kiss because you're a pathetic beta.
this originalkaldjsakdakfasd

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Could someone give me one single good reason as to why I shouldn't murder my parents in their sleep tonight? Not actually gonna do it FBI, fuck off.I'm 18 and am being evicted because apparently seeing doctors isn't good enough and I should be doing something else? I don't know, but just the absolute disgusting nature of this fills me with a blind rage - I've never felt anything even remotely close to this before in my life. Fuck. I'm worried what I'm going to do when I see them.
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>not going to kill them
>worried what he's going to do if he sees them
I think it should be pretty obvious what I meant, but if it's hard to tell, I'm sorry
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Stop being lazy and get a job. That's pretty much it. Argue and whine about it all you want.

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