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Who else's turned on by dark hair?
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I hate dark hair but she's a qt
I'm just turned on by her boobs.
By the dark hair and the style. I love girls with hair styles similar to that.

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Why do Asians want blondes?
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Who doesn't? Silly question
because they are cute. that being said id probably go for a nice jew girl instead
they are goal oriented autists
Hot blonde is like getting into ivy league or a prestigious job, its something they put a lot of dedication into.

Hey recommend me some good movies, I'm bored as hell
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Hell or High Water. Swear you'll love it.
Cliffhanger (1993)
I've already seen it and it was really good

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>You are god awful at the thing you love to do despite putting hours of work into it.

Whats her name? I can't stand being bad at melee anymore. I grind and still get the most mediocre results ever. I've lowered my expectations and still have fun with the game but it hurts my soul knowing I'm just plain dog shit at this game.

I feel like robot hood is making me fail at the things I love while normies put 1/20th of the effort and get massively better results in everything in life and hobbies.
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I'm terrible at all the video games I play, I never catch anything when I go fishing but I always keep coming back to my hobbies. It's good to have something you like despite being a complete failure.
At least you aren't terrible at getting repeating digits

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>female human resources

If you ever see this when you're interviewing for a job, JUST LEAVE. You will NEVER get the job. Just fucking turn around and leave. They will waste your fucking time.
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ill be more surprised if you can find a company that doesn't have a female HR director

Seriously, this OP is the most useless advice I could ever imagine. Every fucking company has shittons of women in the HR department. It's their department.
That's the point you dummy, most jobs won't hire and I am saying the reason. It's these people. You need male interviewer.

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Help me out robots, I met a fembot on here like two days ago and she seems perfect. We have similar enough interests but they're also varied enough that there's stuff to talk about, she's friendly and interested in other people, and she laughs at my jokes. She's even around my age. The only thing is that she's two states away. Should I got for it, robots? I don't mind long distance, and I also like roadtrips so I could maybe visit eventually. I don't wanna do anything too soon though or come off as a creep.
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don't fucking post anime images with your degenerate breeder bullshit you mentally ill nonfag
I'm sorry that I'm not prison gay anon
>while you're on the road, she's swallowing Chad's load

If you aren't either diagnosed with aspergers or schizoid personality disorder you are a failed normie and should leave /r9k/
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What about avoidant personality disorder?
This comment wasn't original lol
>avoidant personality disorder
apds are low IQ robots
How do you actually get a specific diagnosis and not just get written off as a depression/anxiety meme case

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its been two days of off and on edging to catfishing weirdos on tumblr. ill DELETE THIS and be free for a few weeks due to self loathing if one of you just says to
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I don't really get guilt after masturbating anymore. I don't know why, but I'm suddenly able to blow my load to anime titties and I don't feel bad about it.
Shine on, robot, shine originally
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Can only get off to furry porn because of this website, every time I nut I feel like dying. You've got it easy you fuck.
>Please help me I want to get out of this

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>anon posts really smug madoka pic on his bait threads a few times these past weeks
>forget to save them
>need the pic now

pls anons if any of you have the really smug madoka pic that's just her face with a side thrown glance post pls it just reeks of smugness
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literally just google 'smug madoka'
what do I get in return? you will give me somethong of great value right anon?
Uh...what do you want in addition to my thanks

share them stories boys
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>two years ago
>drink a bottle of whiskey a day
>living with parents at the time
>quit drinking and move out
>a year later, relapse horribly and spend six months in poverty and being shitfaced
>quit again
>spend three months sober
>am now a cocaine addict

Some people were made to be broken.
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>be fucking drunk one day during work
>get caught by a supervisor
>pulled aside to my "office"
>the nigger tells me to bring it out
>he finishes my bottle of bacardi, 300~ ML

oh my god i love being jobless
Was drinking every day all day for 3 years.
Down to the ocasianal bender mostly brought on by combining alcohol and cocaine.

But I'm sober enuff to go back to school full time.

Fearful of relapse has happened before after 8 months went right back to everyday.

Drinking has cost me a lot. Dropped out of uni lost jobs destroyed family relationship and lost GF's but I still miss it and would choose being a drunk over what most people call "successful"

I need your catchiest songs. Fuck /mu/

I've had this song (https://youtu.be/-k3XXGmu-dw) stuck in my head for days. I've never even played the game, it was just in my recommended videos. While it does make everything epic having this constantly going in my head, I still want to get rid of it.
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hehe enjoy friend
*snickers nefariously*
>wow self I sure pulled one over on OP!
I fucking hate these Asian, little-girl-sounding singing voices. They make my insides rage. How can you stand to listen to anything so soul-scratching? I watch anime but have to skip any terrible shit like this and get to the show itself

look at the flick of that wrist ^_^

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Anon, I really don't get the joke
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sorry I just thought it was a cute video :/
it was. thanks for sharing fampai

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every time you make a new thread, you kill another one
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I wish every time you made a new kid an old person died
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>tfw this logic also applies to posts
that sounds like a good idea for a book

>If I let my depression go untreated I'm afraid I will eventually kill myself
>taking anti-depressants turns me into a shambling zombie
Is there really anything I can do?
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Let it all out; write it all down, it doesn't matter if no one else sees it
try this :

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antidepressants are a fucking meme

you're way better off using recreational drugs, finding a social outlet or ending it

those are the only ways out of the psychological hell we're all in
I just stopped taking them and started drinking and smoking a ton. It's not better per se but it's at least tolerable.

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Since the inception of /r9k/, how many robots have killed themselves?
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probably not that many.

I get very tempted to.
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>Tfw took a months worth of anti depressants along with half of a bottle whiskey but woke up just fine.
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>woke up just fine
>posts an anime image

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