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/r9k/ should be a self helping board instead of a self pity or self humilliation one. Just saying
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If these fucking retards wanted help, they would listen to the earnest advice of their concerned friends and family. Alas, they don't, because wallowing in your own pity and shit is easier than taking steps to improve your situation. It's like dealing with a child who you can't coerce or beat into compliance. Just let them die.
Fuck off to /adv/ and let me be miserable you shit.
No it shouldn't. Misery loves company.

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Do you ever wonder what your fate is? What your spiritual role and destiny in the universe is?
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I keep seeing shit before it happens. It is really stupid things to like I will have a dream of going to place I never been and meeting a person I have never meant. Then about a month later the exact situation I dreamed about happens. It is really damn if I can see future crap yet its always dumb stuff and nothing something useful like lottery numbers.
That's God revealing to you that he exists. We're you ever a staunch atheist? Perhaps your soul is special.
Fucking autocorrect

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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Just wait you piece of shit. Day 150 my triple dubs are going to destroy you and your threads.
I never get tired of this threads. I mean it originally.
>tfw it's nearly august

Well, pedos?
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Which idiot made this graph? Prime years are 12 to 15.
That's the joke.
It's very original.
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Fixed that for you OP. Your graph was off by a few years.

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This is my friends Scumbag neighbor. He is on disability and likes to call the city on him to complain about stuff and gets fines for stupid things if he doesnt do what they ask. He is making his life a living hell. Here is the FATASS lol.
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Here he wanted to sue people over $20 lol
Looks like an average every day Mexican. The fact he is on welfare confirms it.
Trying to suck his own dick? lol

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smug neet.jpg
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Good night, wagecuck. Be sure to not hit that snooze button in the morning.
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kys op. do it now. safe yourself. save yourself from a lifetime of worthlessness. only you can prevent forest fires
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>b...b...but muh life has meaning because I slave away and contribute to society!
Wagekeks absolutely assblasted

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You've got to DESTROY HER anon... SEXUALLY! Oh my goddddddddd stick it in there and UNF UNF UNF UNF DE LA UNF UNF! I'm high as FUCK right now holy shit tutti fruition I'm in a fucking high ass condition! Man you gotta get high and jack off!

oh shit slowdive nice

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ive. been. on. this. board. for. 18. hours. straight. please. help. me.
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go to bed dumb ass
>thinks that's a long time
Newfags out
14 hours here
I do t remember the last time I spent a day like this. I'm just gonna drink and listen to music.

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What do you think your parents would do after you killed yourself?
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That is an incredibly uncomfy painting.
Probably call me a coward
Blame themselves and possibly the divorce (that didn't do shit)
And spend the next few years dealing with the depression and trauma of outliving your kid until they either get better or kill themselves.

I don't have it in me to put them through that. They did a good job.

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Why is it that so many of you robots actually want to be ruled over by a strong, alpha leader?
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These pics make me laugh so much do u have more
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Sin título.png
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If his objectives are good enough to me it would give me a comfortable reason to live.
Someone post the virgin islands vs Chad republic

>She is gaining tens of thousands of YouTube Subscriptions a week
>She knows she's cute & sexy as fuck
>Complains to her thousands of Instagram followers that she's lonely
How can life be so hard for attractive women?
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>implying the life of a thot is hard
>women being manipulative for attention, social validation, money, etc
Are you new here?

Believe me you, anon, women are fucking mentally insane. There are warning signs. Beware of the signs.

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So i'm not tall (5'7"), i'm not muscular, i'm not handsome, but none of those really bother me. I can still feel fine even though there's a guy better than me in those aspects, next to me.

But somehow, having a small penis really bother me. The thought of a big guy being able to ram a girl's fornix or cervix and her really loving it is just really infuriating for me. This is all i think about, everyday. The only thing that makes me feel bad about myself. What's wrong with me ?
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Even if some guy is able to fuck with a lot better stamina than mine, it wouldn't bother me at all
I'm tall with a big dick but not being handsome and muscular still bothers me
Stay mad, channel that anger to expanding your dong.

I'm tall, fair build, skinny, i could pack some muscles if I work towards it but I'm not motivated at the moment.

It's ironic really, i have a fairly sized penis and I'm not really interested in women and breeding.
I'm not gay either, i just got burned out by past experiences and decided to give up all hope in recovery.

I would swap penises with you If it's possible.
Life is a cruel joke.

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>tfw mulatto

please fucking kill me
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mulattos are the absolute cutest
>please fucking kill me

where and when?
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r9k is a white board blackie

File: NO_FILE_GIVEN (0B, 0x0pxpx)
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WEW. Who the fuck is that?
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Looks more mexican than Asian tbqh
hmm. this has to be somewhat recent, given the fact that her face is fat and bloated looking. im intrigued , who is this new guy in her life?
he settled for this pile of shit? he must be miserable.

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Share your day/night and have a conversation with other robots. Any plans? Ignore normalfags.

>about to get some McDonalds and smoke some weed oil
>came 3 times in a row so hopefully I won't get a random tfw no gf depression
>might play some Crusader Kings 2 or watch a documentary
Any recs?
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the death of yulogslavia
the dogs of war
>3 30am
>Siting at friends workplace where he works as a nightguard
>playing cs 1.6 eating smoking weed etc.
>gotta go home soon cause got work at 9am
Been a long day today, applied as a wagie at Subway, i thing i got that shit in the bag, grabbed something ti eat with friends and smoked alot of cigarettes at the beach, watched a shitty horror flick, went home and shit posted alot and here I am now.

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