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what do you think robots? is she right?
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There's nothing wrong with being a virgin by choice. There's something wrong with being a virgin not by choice, but people shouldn't be ridiculed for it.
The only people who even care about being a virgin or not are either underage, inexperienced, or hyper religious. The kids on here focus so much on this they don't realize nobody in the adult world fucking cares or even will ask about that at all.
>the adult world
To you, that is the retirement home? Because you certainly aren't accurately reflecting the workforce.

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>mom found the poo igloo
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>poo igloo
please explain
pics help
>sister found the snot strainer
>auntie found the audit closet

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Why does life fucking suck so much? All we want is to be loved. We don't want to reach out for friends and family, we just want to know what it feels like to legitimately be loved. I have friends and family yeah, but if I have to reach out for them to say "I love you" and hear that the 1000th time, what's the point? How do people even live past their 30's? Is everyone too pussy to kill themselves?
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I know that I'm alone on this, and considering my only friends are you guys truly, it fucking sucks. I'm also tripping really hard right now so that doesn't help, but goddamn man
It's sad that I want to talk to my friends, but how do people manage to live? You just find something that you can settle at and live? Why is everyone depressed?
How do you define "being loved" as? Can you even describe the feeling? You can't because it's inexplainable, something you've only felt small glimpses of in the center of your chest throughout your life. This entire reality is designed to separate you from this feeling. True self growth is when you realize that this love doesn't come from an external source, but an internal and work to align yourself with this feeling. Only then can you truly be loved, when you yourself are capable of loving.

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So I was hanging out with a friend and his friends.
So one of then asked me what my ideal gf would be.
I mentioned one that wasn't ever in a relationship.
She got really pissed off and and a few if her friends were cutting and, saying the same old bulls hit about being insecure, blah blah blah.

I just told them I didn't want someone with past baggage and they flipped there shit and stormed off. My friend actually defended me.

Dumb toasties.

What would you guys say?
Was I really in the wrong
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you were not in the wrong you just gave her your honest answer and she just sperged out
entitled whores are entitled surprise

ALSO OP normie gtfo
>So one of then asked me what my ideal gf would be
do you not think that one of them might have been crushing on you and you hurt her feelings?

>tfw starting to get off to the idea of bring someone's submissive boy
>"just do nofap anon, it'll stop those degenerate thoughts!"
Day 5 nofap cocklust is consuming me, I just want to suck someone's dick and blow bubbles with their sperm
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>who else craving cock
try >>>/lgbt/ but knowing the current state of r9k probably 75% of it's posters are "craving cock"
once your depression advances it goes away
>tfw discord friend won't let me suck his penis

fit in or fuck off

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>can hear my sister moaning in the bathroom again
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Tell her to eat more fiber.
kick down the door to make sure she's ok
thats pretty (and originally) underrated

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>you knew you had to do the thing
>you didn't do it
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>it is now too late to reverse the course of events that resulted from not doing that thing
I'm not ashamed of it.

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>Tfw loneliness and desire for female companionship is slowly ebbing
Is this what the transition to wizarddom feels like? I feel fucking great.
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I guess, sort the same here, though can't say i feel great, content is a better word for my case.
Good luck OP, I sincerely hope it keeps. I felt incredibly apathetic about companionship until I was 23, then it hit me like a truck and seems to only be getting worse and worse. It's like a faucet broke or something
Huh. Seems to be the opposite for me (but I'm only 19). Full disclosure: I may be in the process of ending sort of a toxic relationship with a shitty female friend.

>30 years old
>Never been married
>No kids
>Looks 18 years old

Why don't r9k want Lauren Mayberry as a gf?
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She's an autistic SJW
>huge sjw cunt
no thanks.
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Why do they have the best girls and we have the edgy whores?

you robots don't know what you seek. You can seek to live life as chad, as I do, but what do you gain? The only way to achieve success is adopting a borderline sociopathy, if "sociopathy" means deriving life from manipulating social circumstance and power into benefit, in true sociopaths only a need to come out on top but in you empaths a need to find unity, purpose, life through what living the 'chad' life only serves to hedge the chances of occuring

you believe your troubles begin at the rift between what can be understood about you and what is apparent about you. you're wrong.Your troubles lie in your self, in a weak ego and amplified sensitivity that. Only serves to create a buffer between you and the uncaring, brutal world you have found yourself in. What if there was no purpose in life? What if all media has done is manipulate you, as its purpose was and always have been, and you have been unlucky enough to make artificial, idealized circumstances and actions into your mindset? What if all the advice ever told to you was right; that all you can strive to do is make your own luck, and ergo manipulate what you can around you to greaten the chances of success?

It would hurt you to hear that you as yourself will never be good enough; it is true, for you give nothing to even allow life to throw you the social dice rolls to allow you happiness. But success starts with you, robots. Success starts with not assuming traits on people based on how they manipulate social circumstance, how they utilize superficial connections and sex to find unity and purpose in another. The perfect girl for you is out there; but how will you find her if you wallow in self-pity and call her a skank for following what her heart tells her will find her the love she is looking for?
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a healthy dose of nihilism is required for your living. Why hate that which you only know to hate from other people whose opinion you invariably look to for no reason other than validation? the best way to have the best message any of you can hear has already been translated by someone much like you, except they made their message available in a popular and easily-digestible form you shun for its accessibility. The best message you can hear, the secret to happiness, your excuse to listen to no man or woman but merely your heart and the eventual unification of your mind and soul, is as follows:
"nobody exists on purpose. nobody belongs anywhere. everybody's gonna die"
And if any one of you call out where that shit is from, you will have only proven my message and your weak, frail, mind that will never rise above circumstance and where your own foolish actions take you
neways that's all. you have a good night, you crazy kids
also pls respond

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Is there such thing as a girl with a fetish for virgins?
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even if there were, after she'd taken ur virginity she'd lose interest moron
I saw a thread on reddit that was made by an older woman who had a fetish for taking the virginities of younger guys. Not sure if it turned out to be real, though. Some of her stories were pretty hot
right here OP
but im a virgin too

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>got rejected from job
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give up and get neetbux
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>tfw apply to jobs daily
>2yrs later still no job

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>be weird autist my whole life
>parents start making me go to the gym in my late teens
>working out and eating healthy becomes a habit
>suddenly attractive to girls
>reject all advances and friendzone a bunch of girls
>feel weird being on r9k because 5 years ago I was like everyone here but now I just feel out of place
>don't exactly fit in with Normies either, none of their bullshit interests me
>feel completely alone
>can't even watch anime or play vidya for more than 20 minutes
>the only time I can truly focus is when I'm doing work for university and working out
>otherwise constantly feel like shit and like I'm wasting time
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Well what is it that you want out of life anon? Also posting just so you get some responses because while I don't face the same problems you do, I'm sympathetic to your struggles and want you to feel better.
you achieved what many wouldnt even dream of: a focused lifestyle. Yeah, there will be times where you don't see the point in all this (like now) and those are the times where you should reflect to make sure you dont become a slave to this lifestyle, where you need to make sure that youre instincts aren't false, that there IS a point. So what is your goal OP? why do you work out? why do you spend so much time on studies?
I just don't get any if it anymore anons. When I started working out my motivation was to get women. But now that I see how futile it is to go after women I only work out because it's in my routine and if I stop for a few days I start feeling like shit. I only work hard on my studies because it makes me feel productive but the truth is I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I used to watch tons of anime and play hours of games as a form of escapism but I don't even do that anymore because I just don't see a point. The only people I can really, truly connect with is the anons on r9k and that makes me want to cry. Why can't I connect with my parents better, or the people I know in real life? Why do I feel SO alone and isolated? Like I'm trapped in not just a society, but a universe that doesn't make any sense to me. Nothing matters. At this point I just go through my every day life to kill time.

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>Be me, long time ago
>Want gf really badly
>New school year starting
>Decide this is my chance to reinvent myself
>First day of school, I put on sunglasses and a leather jacket
>Try to pop up the collar but it's floppy so I hold it up
>Get on the bus and there's a bunch of other kids on it
>Walk right down the line and twirl around in the middle of the bus
>Decide to sit at the back of the bus and not say anything
>I was trying to be mysterious
>Bus gets to the school
>I stand up and walk down the line and twirl again
>Walk into the school and get to the classroom
>Put my arm over my chair and put my feet on the desk, my other hand holding my collar up
>Teacher tells me to stop
>I audibly and loudly scoff as I put my feet down
>Scoff again to make sure everyone heard it
>It's lunchtime and we walk into the cafeteria
>I walk into the middle of the room and look around
>I put my foot on a chair and use both hands to hold up the collar
>"RIGHT" I scream, making a bunch of people turn to me
>Nobody responds and people eventually go back to talking
>Eventually go back home and ditch the shades and jacket
>I was 16 at the time
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It hurt me to read it. I hope it's not real

oh...oh dear god... i read this with the assumtion you were fucking 11 or something at the time. oh dear god, you were 16...oh wow...
Are you qt?
You sound like a badass.

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>tfw you realize you never had the potential to be anything in the first place
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but you won LE SPERM RACE!
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>tfw had the potential but wasted it
having the ability to be someone and throwing it away is so much worse than never having it at all
Bullshit. We all start out with unlimited potential. The fact that you fucked it up is your own damn fault.

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