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Why don't robots just marry poor hot latinas? I swear everytime I go to the ghetto, I always see tons of qt latinas. But just remember they are poor so you'll have to work for the family
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because they dont exist in england

we just have poor muslims
I live in a rural part of Canada where everyone is white and old.
I want my children to be white.

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>Anon we were just looking at your "personal interests" on your resume, and we were wondering if- *giggle*, if you're still a virgin?
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>talking to women IRL
eww no
>Letting a woman interview you for a job ever.

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How do I get an anime girl gf
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You die and hope you get reborn into a world where they exist or enter an afterlife where you can create anything or live your dreams
convince someone to exclusively roleplay with pictures of your anime girl of choice every day for at least one hour
Who is this girl that I keep seeing get posted

>small crossword puzzle about the american revolution with all of the a's already filled in due on monday
>haven't even started yet
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Just do it you fag are you retarded?
post it i will finish it for you or maybe do at least one part
This puzzle doesn't really exist, does it?
You made it all up just to amuse us, didn't you?
I'm not amused.

>Chris is selling his iconic paper mache Sonic Totem he made in high school
>for $1,500

anyone here going to buy it?

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No. Why isn't this faggot dead already?
And the description
>by the artist who took the world by electric storm with Sonichu and Rosechu, here is Miss Christine Weston Chandler's (formerly known as Christian) paper mache Totem of Sonic the Hedgehog

Chris is getting desperate
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American tax payers are the reason he isn't sucking dick for Toys R Us gift cards.

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>tfw when you honestly can't stop fapping to the spider woman
Help me guys
Waifuing really is degeneracy
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>not slime
Cut off the internet or leave yout home and never return
maybe you will be a good knitter if you try your hand at that in addition to your penis

and you a glue... something?

please post and discuss about mouths, tongues, gags, et cetera
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this post is about drooling
tongues are pretty

and this is not about degrading women, rather about worshipping tongue and spit
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I wish a qt girl would feed me her saliva
ywn have a qt girl tongue and eye collection
why was i even born?

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The Sun in November 1989 edition
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First for Sexy Kev times at night.
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I've started to get my girlfriend into my impregnation fetish
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So as I mentioned, I found a complete copy of The Sun from November 1989.

What's for dinner robots 04/07
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>What's for dinner robots

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just bred

Time to get a job?

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come make cummies with us

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What the fuck nigga, that's gay
what kind of userbase do you have in there? girls?
2 active girls but they dont post face pics and they dont tell people theyre a girl and they arent in the dating market.

2 traps but one is very mature and not into sexual stuff

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My tinder hookup last night told me I have the biggest dick she's ever been with

Obviously this is untrue

Why do women do this /R9K/?
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You should post an erect dick instead of a flaccid one, you dingus.
is that your dick? how much is long erect?
I'm a shower, not a grower. erect it's the same size.

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>wonder why I'm single my entire life.
>Measure height turns out I'm a fucking manlet
Well at least i know why I'm single
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Lift a bit , jog , talk. It's not hard brother.
Ay lmao you should just kys if your not at least 7'12
I do lift, but it is pointless You wouldn't understand you tall normie.

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Do you know what happened to the kids that bullied you?

>one of them emigrated to Switzerland
>one of them moved cities and has now become a libtard slut
>most of them became feminazi vegan stoners
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he just got fired from a pizza place job cuz he no called no showed too many times

feels good man
Nope, I don't see the point in following up on people I hate.
Had two. One went on to be a pipe fitter. Other probably a personal trainer or something.

But the day we graduated my friends all cut me off and now their getting law degrees. Kind of hurts more than the bullying desu

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what kind of job ?
that is important to know , some jobs can give you depression , like it happened to me .
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do you prefer working?
Irritating people or shitty work?
technical support.

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How do I cure my social anxiety?

Hard mode: no drugs
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social anxiety doesn't real
There's no cure outside of prevention. You would have had to have been socially acclimated from a young age, I'm convinced.
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You don't.
Just get better at pretending.

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