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>tfw I was nice to a poor little girl once and now she follows me around wanting me to buy her food and play with her
How do I get rid of her without being a complete asshole?
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Anon you should play with her I bet it would mean a lot to her.
make her your sex slave
Where do you live in which this would happen?

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if you were a MOD what wouldn't you tolerate? what would you change about r9k?
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I'd probably just ban people who piss me off

I would not be a good mod
what do you mean people who piss you off?
I'd definitely ban you for that, questions piss me off

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>Fat shaming is a bad thing
>Trans shaming is a bad thing
>Virgin shaming is still prolific and virgins are made fun of with little to no consequence every day

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Because virgins think that regular people talking about sex is virgin shaming.
They are pathetic sex obsessed, pale, sweaty and smelly victims. Just end your life or go have sex.
You missed some OP

>slut shaming is bad
>shaming people with fashionable sexual labels is bad
>shaming guys for being born with small dicks is not only okay but encouraged

Society frowns upon people being shamed for their behaviour, but shaming men who drew the genetic short straw is hugely entertaining in most people's eyes. Every time I hear small dicks being made fun of by media, or by the people around me, I die a little more inside. And then people wonder why I don't have a gf. Not only is it supposed to be a source of shame but you can't even talk about it IRL without being laughed at.
You forgot the worst one
>slut shaming is a bad thing

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>Hey cutie! You know you're at the beach, right? Take your shirt off and live a little!
What say you?
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Anyone who posts in this thread after me has a small penis and is a stupid whiteboi.
Black fat bunda is my weakness.
Sure (am /fit/)

Check out those dubs

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>tfw my (now ex-)grillfriend caught me jacking off to a torture video of someone getting flayed alive

I think she's going to tell my friends and parents too. She can be vindictive like that.


Has anyone else ever ruined your life, /r9k/? What happened?
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Why would they believe her with no proof?
My cunty ex left me for another guy and took our daughter with her.
fuck man I'm sorry. you should listen to Karen Straughan it's like therapy for that shit

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tfw no cute psycho gf to make me commit suicide for her
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I can be your psycho gf anon!

You are mine.
Where are you anon i'm waiting??????

Do not think that you can escape me...
Sweetheart....i'm starting to get nervous..

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sure here yu go mr. nigga man
why is a monkey screeching at me ew get it away

Is cosplay a green, yellow, red or black flag?
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Whichever colored flag is degenerate.
What if don't publicly cosplay, but they do it for you in private?
Whichever colored flag is boner.

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What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever seen or done anons?
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I made a thread on r9k once
My entire high school experience.
>you have ever seen or done

This is too broad of a topic.

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Robots, you are in every way inferior to the Chads and Stacies that you so desperately hate. They have successful, high paying jobs, have contributed to the human gene pool, and are actually happy with their lives. In every way, you are genetically inferior; the true evolutionary garbage of humanity.
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But can chad speed run dynasty warriors on ps2? That's right, I thought so. Get raped OP.
at least i have chhhcchhhicken
I plan to have at least 2 children to ensure my bloodline goes on, my brain genes are so fucked that perhaps if this bloodline carries on, I may produce a maverick eventually
or just a serial killer.

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I'll just leave this here

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I wanna put my benis in her mouth
Just gonna leave this here
discord gg jbQfx
The cult is real



On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does this image trigger you?
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Always amusing when leftists think that a white man dating fathering black children will trigger white nationalists. When really, men are born at higher rates then women, so they are meant to conquer the women of foreign races.
They seem like a happy family.

Not at all. I'd date, marry, and mske a family with a qt, respectable black girl if given the chance. But I've never found one genuinely interested in me. Oh well.

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>tfw about to order pizza for the second day in a row

guys what if its the same delivery guy ??

im nervous as fuck
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Stop posting this same thread retard
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Doing it for you OP

>op here

>it was the same delivery guy

>he said "oh hey it's the double tuna guy again haha"

>time to stop ordering

And time to stop making the same threads
Whatever its the same guy, you just want pizza


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I ate another full block of chocolate again tonight robots.

I don't know how the hell you guys resist this shit and stay skinny
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You need something called "willpower"
I lost something like 90 pounds and I can tell you I lost that weight just by not having junk food in the house, and when it was in the house I didn't eat it. Just remind yourself that being alive is constant suffering, so being a bit hungry for a while or not enjoying chocolate ain't so bad.
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>implying blatantly false implications

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do girls fap to porn or do they just use their imagination?
what kind of porn do they use if any?
since they don't have jizz, can girls stealth fap in public?
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My girlfriend used to watch a little bit of porn, but she doesn't anymore.

They totally use their imagination.
inb4 300 replies every single fucking time this thread happens

here are the conclusive answers OP

>stop fapping to fucking threads you make on 4chan

>do girls fap to porn or do they just use their imagination?
some do column a, some do column b, some do both.
written porn is obviously popular among women audiences (see: 50 shades) and owes to the fact that most visual porn is targeted at men (hence the convention of hiring male actors with the biggest dicks since guys like to self-insert--women generally want attractive guys with above average dicks since they care about the overall appearance of the male model) and maybe a biological tendency of women to favor imagination over directly visual stimulation.
obviously plenty of women like visual porn, especially if it hits a personal fetish or something

>what kind
fucking porn dude, what are you even asking
written porn would be like erotic lit, erotic fanfics, shit like that
visual porn would be regular porn videos, stills, weird ass gifs on tumblr which are created from porn videos, etc.

>since they don't have jizz...
in theory yes
some like to say they do/did for whatever reason
if you wear underwear, you run the risk of messing up a pair of perfectly good/expensive panties for no real reason
some girls claim they can get off by doing sly shit like sitting cross-legged and rubbing their clit with the heel of their foot. other girls can orgasm through force of will alone, kind of like guys who do the whole no-hands fapping thing
walking around with soggy panties is probably not worth the minimal benefit of being able to theoretically orgasm wherever you want though
>My girlfriend
please leave this place norman

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