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So if I lose my virginity to a girl who's not a virgin does that make me a cuck?
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If you want. Desu ne
No, staying a virgin because the girl isn't makes you a cuck.
Virgins are overrated mostly by virgins

>meet qt girl online
>talk to her for a month
>she likes me
>get nudes
>shes fucking obese
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Why did you think she was qt? Did she catfish you?
yknow what to do next
>falling for myspace fat angles
feels real bad man

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>be me 2 hrs ago
>Skated since 10yrs old
>Decide to go cruise some spots after work per usual
>Cop parked behind a building I frequent
>Puts spotlight on me tells me to freeze
>Tells me he's has footage of me destroying the rail on loading dock
>Run with board thru woods to park, start to skate thru adjacent neighborhood
>Within minutes three copcars pull down oneway street
>get thrown to the ground
>Didn't realize I had a half a joint in my cigs
>Run again
>Back thru woods to the building go around front
>Enter a shit gym and go straight to the bathroom n lock it

Fucking typing this in a single bathroom just waiting to get arrested.. 3 ppl have tried to come in so far. They don't have my name or ID so I might be able to skedaddle.

What do boys?
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run some more
Idk if it's been long enough to jet. Been in here a while but at this point I'm probly making more problems behind a locked door..fuck
Change clothes, change your hair, wear something else

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I fucking HATE wagecucks.
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we help pay f-for your neetbux!!

Sorry I have more money than you, NEETnuts.
I dont hate them, i just feel pity for those pour souls.

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How does /r9k/ truly fare?
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 4
Total 30

My post isn't spam fuck you
Wtf I scored 30/30. What does this test for, depression?
a. 3
b. 3
c. 0
d. 3
e. 3
f. 3
g. 3
h. 3
i. 3
2. 4
Total: 28

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Who else is planning to commit suicide in 2017-2018 and what method did you choose ?
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I can't tell because i don't want to become another 4chan stat.
I'm drowning myself in a river. Hopefully by late Autumn/Winter. I want to live one more summer, even though every day is suffering.

My suicide note is written, all traces of existence are minimal, and I have no contact with most people I know. So if I suddenly do get a surge of motivation to kill myself, I am fully prepared to do it.

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> lost v-card earlier today
> enjoyed the cuddle after more than the deed
is this normal bros?
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Learn to greentext. And yes if you love them that sounds normal.
im not your bro you disgusting normalfag.
Probably. Nowadays I crave for someone to cuddle while I fall asleep more than I did for sex when I was a preteen boya.

Sex is overrated. Love is not ;(

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>one chance at life to roll good stats
>rolled being lazy
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>Implying a Sim with the Lazy trait can't just be forced to do everything anyways
Don't be a little bitch
Force your sim-self to do shit
tfw too lazy to post a reply
It's seems like uncle Adolph still has a plan for you

How much do you get every month in NEETbux? What programs are you taking advantage of? I get a little under $900 a month in cash and free healthcare.
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How do you become a NEET
Im getting 66 Pounds a week from college and thats it
I'm completely unaware of the neetbux application process

If my hands shake reaching towards the doorknob to take out the trash and I sometimes hear voices can I get gibs
IF you hear voices and suffer from depression, you will get gibs. If you've been hospitalized for mental issues, you're a shoe-in with a lawyer helping you.

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Who here /meditation/

I've been doing guided hypnosis sessions for about a year now and I feel like I am generally less autistic in public.

The constant fear/pit in my stomach talking to people is less profound and I feel a little less depressed.

Have any anons really progressed with meditation or is this a question for /x/
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>guided hypnosis
That's not really the same as meditation, but if it makes you feel better then whatever.

I've been practicing pseudo-zen for the last 5 years on and off. Whenever I get too stressed out at shit I just remind myself it's not that serious and to take a few steps back, and I immediately feel more relaxed.
Not completely calm, but it drops my anxiety level by a lot. if I've been regularly meditating like I should be then I'm generally totally serene.
Any recommendations for reading on where/how to start? It's always kinda appealed to me
Alan Watts is the easiest way to get into eastern meditation practices.

Most of the stuff on youtube includes a lot of unnecessary soundtracks overlapped because "muh views", but if he piques your interest find a torrent for Alan Watts - Out Of Your Mind. It's a collection of audio lectures he gave and they're really quite insightful of general cultural and spiritual practices, both western and eastern.

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punching pepe.png
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So, no meme answers please. What is the answer to sexual deprivation? I feel like I'm actually going to go insane here. Fapping does not help anymore.
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Stop fapping, then to fap will become "to have sex"
Go out and meet chicks or hire prostitutes

Wish it were easier OP

Hire a prostitute and only do blowjobs/deepthroat/facefucking.

Far far lower chance of STD transmission. In my experience with 30+ hookers, never got a single STD. Probably because my favorite act is facefucking the hooker, not giving her the D in the P and A.

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pls help.png
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I helped.

Original bump
i answered anon :)

inb4 a smiley . so what? pls no bully
I helped, please post nudes in thread for my reward.

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What made you feel old today? I rarely go on facebook anymore, but happened to be on there today and clicked on the profile of a girl I had a crush on in college. She was incredibly nice, smart, cute and never had a boyfriend that I knew of. If I was less of a pussy I probably could have had a chance with her. Anyway, she not only has a boyfriend now but just got engaged. I always had this fantasy that I'd bump into her again somehow and we'd reconnect but that's impossible now.
As I type this I'm realizing it's just a couple weeks from being 3 years since I graduated college and I haven't been in a romantic relationship since. And yet other people have met and fallen in love in that same span...
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who cares? she's probably gonna end up ruining that guys life.
my knees always hurt when i run up the stairs now
>turning 25 this summer
How do I make it better bros?

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i just want a nice female (male) who i can talk to about how their day went and be interested in how mine went
>tfw no emotional relationship
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Quit Nicoposting and I'll be that for you, ya gash.
you know you have to prove what you say, right?
The typical homosexual relationship lasts for 1-3 years whereas the typical straight one is 10+ years. Also, traps are gay.

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watashi no koi wo higeki no jurietto ni shinai de
koko kara tsuredashiteeeeeeeeee
sonna kibun yo
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tfw apu posts hit too close to home
Can you explain the meaning behind Mr. Tambourine man to me?

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