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>order chinese food
>guy comes and gives me food
>I pay
>As im closing the door the guy stops me and I open door back up
>he's staring at me
>I ask what he wants
>"my tip?"
>I say nah and close the door on him
>he knocks twice before leaving
am I supposed to give a tip? he gave me my food and I paid for it what's the deal
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are you in america? then yes
if not then check if there was a delivery charge on the order, if not then a tip is the usual thing to do. if there is and you're not a burger then not tipping shouldn't be an issue.
yes you are supposed to tip you fucking autist

tipping is a retarded system that should be illegal and servers/delivery guys should just be paid a proper wage to begin with, but until that happens, you're an asshole if you don't tip

Same thing happened to except, except it was a Bolo looking mofo

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Is t-there bullying in workplaces? Do you have any stories?
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When I'm late in my work, my superiors will do """for fun""" banter with my incompetence being the central topic.
I see their fucking game every time, I just pay it no mind.
i did i worked at a grocery store the girl just talked shit about me. i was nice enough to give her a ride home, she used me.

Adults are way more immature than you may think. It's just that they don't show it to random people. Spend a few months close to them, they become comfortable and begin to bully

post em
i'll start with a easy one
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Taxi driver
Oregano commento broe
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her, 100%
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>successfully sexy talks a girl online

Fuck off

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>Hey anon, want a slice?

What do?
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grab the slice without touching her ass and eat it
>"Do you want to eat something off my ass as well?"
These threads are so dumb, fuck off you autist

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What topic do you most want to learn about?
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>A bit more about history from 1890-1996
>How radios work
>How planes work
>How phones work
>How computers work
>How TVs work
Why 1996 explicitly?
How to find self-worth and a fulfilling life while autistic.

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What web browser does /r9k/ use?
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the good one
Internet Explorer, because I like blue
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None of those in the image you provided OP.

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ideal GF.jpg
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Let's have yet another ideal gf thread.
They aren't the worst of cancers on this board.
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No, let's post funny images
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This is me, send me unsolicited messages:

Skype: Annoyingfatass
Discord: Moi#1009
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Here's one an anon drew for me

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What the fuck is happening to the world, guys? Europe, the most advanced, socially cohesive, cultured continent on this planet is getting completely assfucked by a barbaric desert religion with terrorist attacks and rape AND WE DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. Just the threat of being called "racist" has made our media and politicians apologists for the shittiest, most dangerous ideology in the world, and our population is getting replaced by low IQ third world rapists.

Islam is even spreading fast throughout Asia although at least they are not all cucks who just let it happen. Well done China for cracking down on muslims. Will we seriously let the fate of the world rest on us not wanting to be called a bad word?

And then you've got America with it's uppity population of blacks, whom the Americans allow to have their own safe spaces and give special privileges to just because they've complained enough. But that's no surprise, blacks are the best at one thing, and that's whining. So let's just give them control of America, along with the buttblasted spics.

Whites and East Asians should have just genocided all the barbarian people they encountered in the days of empire, because now we're stuck with them.
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You're on the right path. Why is it those Muslim's fault for being violent when you are angry at the Europeans for being nonviolent and passive? Work out these contradictions and you will be set.
Europeans are TOO passive, but Muslims are still violent assholes. Their home countries have no social cohesion like Europe use to. They kill civilians and mutilate their women. If you think we are on the right path you are retarded.

We need to get tough on the Muslims, that is all. We don't need to be taken over by a culture that isn't even peaceful on it's interior.
You anger is misplaced. Europeans are at fault for their lower birth rates and the Capitalists are at fault for importing new consumers. It's not liberals at fault, it's the bourgeoisie.

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I really fucking hate my job.

Who else here, really hates their fucking job?
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Quit your job if you hate it.
I had a job where they made us wear hats to keep hair out of the shitty food. I quit that job
>Quit if you hate it

Yeah because the world let's you live an above near homeless lifestyle without money

>walk into your room
>see this on your desk

Wat do?
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...but i already have one sennypai
Clean the cum off my undies and install both

into the trash it goes

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When are interracial relationships okay?
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Without the intention of making kids
White and Asian interracial relationships are okay
Black male and white female are not okay.
Everything else is okay or irrelevant.
I think if you stay within your skin tone it's fine. Brown people breed with other brown people, light skins breed with other light skins.

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What are some good clubs to get into for making friends as an adult? Golf, church, bowling, shit like that.
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Have you tried golf, church, or bowling?
I'll give you some real advice to start with, church is not a club. You'll get cucked into an agenda the minute you start making friends at a church.
Try joining anime clubs

Simply not caring anymore, etc.
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Well you can become a terrorist with a qt and escape into your mind. So maybe.
i'm about ten minutes walk from london bridge at the moment and i would not describe people as being nonchalant about it. maybe you are when you hear about it in the news but when you can hear gunfire and explosions out of your window in a city you usually feel safe in, it's very jarring
Are you alright mate? I'm not british (I'm a good ol' colonial) but you guys have my sympathy.

Has anybody else noticed that you can't bump your own threads?
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Off yourself newfag

Fucking newfags, go back to Facebook
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You're the newfags. Suck my cock, reddit imports.

So umm guys... I have a question.
It's 1:40 a.m in the UK and my neighbours are having a party. They are a bunch of 30-40 year old women (maybe younger) and they are being loud as fuck.

Here is the problem.

One of them randomely just came and knocked on my door asking me if I wanted to come around and party with them. The problem is:
1. I have never been drunk in my life
2. I have always had a milf fetish, but when the option actually arises I denied it.

What do? Should I go around?
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Go over, get drunk, explain to them why women shouldn't be allowed to vote.
Fuck them lad you can do it
Where about in the UK are you?
man it literally doesn't fucking matter
if you have friends they'll think it's cool or they'll laugh
but it doesn't matter
go fuck a milf, others don't lose or win
only you get satisfaction, and you are the most important thing in your life

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