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>"If you could do anything in the world right now, what would you do?
>tfw nothing you want to do, ever
>nothing is appealing, ever
>tfw your only answer to this would be sleep
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That sucks Anon, maybe try finding a new hobby or something? Whenever I feel like that I just try to get innawoods ASAP
I'd go innawoods if I could, but I'd probably end up sleeping or resting 24 hours a day
It's still comfy though, whenever I go /out/ I always end up hiking and climbing then sleep really well after

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Message the 20th girl on your phone contacts.
> Hey beautiful , wanna go out tonight ?

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I don't think my girlfriend would like that
>implying most robots have even a single girl in their contacts, excepting their mothers
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>implying I have even one girl in my phone contacts

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Why should you even deserve a girlfriend?
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I don't, Asuka
I masterbate to little loli pussy
I'm not even looking for one. Sick trips, btw.

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what makes your life so shit?
what do you want from life to be happy?
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Happiness doesn't exist. Took me long enough to realize that.
correction, happiness doesn't exist for people like us. But for normal people they seem to find happiness often.
what i want would be that my life would have taken a diffrent route from the day ive been born.

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>tfw male(girl(male)) identity
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So tranny top?
He's a cis male who identifies as a tranny

Honestly I feel the same
>tfw you will never appear perfectly as a boy (female) who is actually a girl (male)

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Reminder that white teens are the literal definition of perfection.
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>not being enlightened enough to stay away from girls like this
Begone, THOT!
>ywn experience teenage love
>tfw all you did was fuck around deflowering and tossing them away
fuck off normalslime
you make me fucking sick

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How come ever time I fuck a girl from behind their buttholes are never visible like this? What do you have to do to achieve this?
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better walk on home boy
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nice view.png
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I tried making a simple guide for you.
Absolutely wonderful drawing, anon. But what about 69? I've never quite understood how this is done properly

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Is the IQ of half black / half Asian people the same as white people's? Given that nigger's IQ is lower than white's but Asian's IQ is higher?
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typical rural and suburban retard race politics
>look mum, I posted it again
kill yourself
no. asians only have a 5 point higher IQ than white IQ. meanwhile blacks IQ are a standard deviation lower than white IQ

Who here /suffering/ tell me your story.
As for me I'm ill and have no diagnosis als am depressed.
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I'm badly mentally ill. No idea what the fuck is wrong with me. Got a therapist but didn't tell her everything. My life is fucked and my family hate me.

All I have is this stupid website. I want to be normal.
>I'm badly mentally ill. No idea what the fuck is wrong with me. Got a therapist but didn't tell her everything. My life is fucked
>All I have is this stupid website. I want to be normal.
I know the feelings.
im suffering constantly
nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
i hate everything this world has to offer

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I think is a metaphor about how staying in place leads to stagnation.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO6qIM2WO6k [Embed]
I never realized how dark children's tv shows used to be. Now literally every song/scene has to be positive and it probably harms the child's growth into an adult.
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>There's no flagging option for "hitting close and being too real"
Lol, how have I never seen this before
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>cheerful music starts playing
>slowly zooms in to Henry's face
>mfw it finally sets it that im Henry and will always be Henry

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>tfw female
>tfw have a huge crush on guy who's a nice guy type
>tfw he's too afraid of approaching me
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If he's too anxious to approach you I think you should take the initiative.
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>tfw nice guy
>broke up with my gf after becoming redpilled and realized no girl would date me
>tfw he's too afraid of approaching me
yep that would be me.
I don't know why but whenever I notice a girl is into me I can't manage to make a move. I don't know why. It sucks.

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Fembots how do you feel that the whole purpose of your life is worth less than $50?
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I can also go online and buy a great vibrator and dildo for that price as well. What's your point?
Dildos are cheaper, and bigger. How do you feel?
You can't fertilize yourself yet without a reason, but we robots don't care about getting kids. Men just want to fuck and insemnate as much pussies they can.

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>Americans think vegetables counteract the unhealthiness of everything else they eat
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I like how they actually had to make the burger in photoshop.

It's the East Coasters. When I went to Pittsburgh everything was portioned way larger and I did not see very many healthy looking people. The majority of the restaurants were authentic European places too. Italian, Polish, German and Irish. So I blame Europe for the bad influence

Ok I know that most people, when having problem with their weight, is that they are overweight. Well I have the opposite problem, I'm 18 and 58 kgs, around 175 cm.
In the past few weeks I started some home-based work out (too sperg to go to gym), it got me to eat more which is great. I prefer meat and unhealthy foods, but I dont have problems eating vegetables/fruits. I know its a short time span but im surprised that my weight hasn't changed at all. What food should I eat? What should I do? I dont do any physical activity.
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Start eating a shit load of peanut butter and banana sandwiches
Do some research, find the healthiest yet weight gaining foods.
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it would be better to ask /fit/ about this, but you should eat a lot of protein and fats


>I dont do any physical activity
if you're too sperg to go to the gym, you can at least do some bodyweight exercises in your room

just curious but does anyone here use 4chan?
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I don't know actually it's like an addiction for me now but I started because the threads on /b/ were funny until the underage and normies took it
no do i look like a loser shut in, virgin, weirdo, faggot?
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nope, never heard of this "for-chan" fellow

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