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Robots would you add 2inch to your
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Penis, I'm 6ft 2, and have a 5.5 inch penis.

7.5 inch penis would be better than being 6ft 4.
I'd add 2 inches to my cats height instead
It would be insane she would be so tall
Id still be below average on both

Balding robots, why don't you just take finasteride?
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im taking it
saved my confidence
do it before it is too late, lads
Cause I don't wanna risk ruining my dick and or brain?
"The sexual side effects of finasteride (decreased libido, trouble having an erection, ejaculation problems) may continue after you stop taking this medication. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns about these side effects."

>take finasteride to get laid
>tfw dick never works again so can't get laid anyways

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Why is life so awful all the time?
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Yeah its pretty dumb
You would think that existence would be nice because that would benefit everyone but nope lol
But there are people who say we should be thankful to be alive. Like we're lucky that we were dumb enough to take part in the egg race and beat the odds. Everything is so terrible.
Because you don't pay attention to the good things but instead pay attention to the bad things.
You make your life horrible.

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What are your top 3 anime series?
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>Ghost in the shell
>Hibike! Heuphonium
>Black rock shooter
Pls no bully :(
cause its a pretty original concept

>Serial experiments lain
cause im a normie

>hellsing ultimate
cause its a lot of splatter and fighting
I'd watch anime if I could find decent mandarin dubs

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>doing a research paper

>due tomorrow
>don't care about the topic
>9 pages
>picked 10 verified sources at random and didn't read them
>have to cite them
>don't know what I'm doing
>don't even have a cogent argument about my topic becuase I had to pick a stance I don't support

it would be easy if I could just bullshit and lie and write it from my noggin, but the fact that I have to actually reference these journals is killing me

should I just take the L and never go back to class again?
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>it would be easy if I could just bullshit and lie and write it from my noggin

No shit dumbass but that would be anecdotal and would defeat the purpose of research and forming an argument
>"don't even have a cogent argument about my topic becuase I had to pick a stance I don't support"
>he can't argue things unless he agrees with them
>he can't play devil's advocate
Yeah, just drop out and fail. You'll fail anyway, why waste their time.
>You'll fail anyway, why waste their time.
I'm pretty sure I could preserve a solid D

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Why can't Americans wipe properly?
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How are you supposed to wipe your ass in the middle of a store?
We don't have one of those water squirter thingies
we do desu desu

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Who /speech impediment/ here
>tfw severe lisp and stereotypical gay voice
>tfw straight but everybody thinks I'm gay
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this is literally the only reason I can't be normal
>not fat
>not hideous
>not retarded
>okay personality
>no serious mental problems

>can't put two words together without sounding like I'm about to cry
I think my only reedeming quality is having a decent voice, its Literally the only thing I get compliments about
>>can't put two words together without sounding like I'm about to cry
Oh shit I have this too. My voice gets so shaky and weak.

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Gay person: I want to be treated just like everyone else and not be judged or defined by my sexuality

Same gay person's instagram bio:
Ray of Gay
20 y/o flaming lesbian
Love the boobies
Queer af

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MTV made being gay trendy and fashionable in the 90s and it never stopped from there. Glad that Pedro from The Real World died of faggot AIDS.
Gays and trannies everywhere: gimme equal rights and treat me like a person. Oh, also give me more special snowflake rights, because otherwise you're a bigot.
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I think i see where you're coming from but how else are homosexuals supposed to get laid? We can't all hide in the closet and hope somebody on a power trip comes along and molests us to assert their dominance, even if that is the patrician way of doing things.

Normies that you cut out of your life
pic related
I'll start:

>This dude was good looking, good height and had a decent build
>As much as I hate him, he could probably pull any chick he wanted if he gave a shit
>Constantly moaned to me how he was "insecure" and was "depressed"
>Dude's dad was a CEO of a nation wide brand and was a millionaire, mum was the nicest woman I've ever met and his brother was perfectly nice (he was on the spectrum)
>Dude constantly talked about how he was depressed and was insecure
>Yet constantly bragged to my face about how he was getting huge at the gym, how girls talked to him all the time and just basically talking about how great his life is
>then you have me, an overweight dude who has a near-noticeable mono brow and has never had too much money (not poor either though)
>Whenever we went out, his parents gave him the same amount of money for one night that I had to earn from mine for a month
>Still constantly bitched to me how his life sucked and how he had no chance
>Literally the only thing I had on him was I had a girlfriend and had lost my virginity, this guy had never lost his virginity because he was so caught up in his little mind that he had "real" problems
>stopped being friends with him over facebook and tried to be a civil as possible
>he goes off about how I should've said it to his face or whatever, told me to grow up a few thousand times
>pretty much as expected, so I just give him some shit and reasoning and then leave
>he gets my skype password cause I used skype on his computer once and for two weeks changes my name to "Trash" and shit
>This dude who basically had everything anyone could want had such a tantrum because ONE person couldn't stand his shit, told them to grow up and then proceeded to hack their skype for two weeks to change their name to "Trash"
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I haven't vented about this properly yet fuck it felt good
what a colossal waste of my time
kill yourself normalslime
subscribed and turned on notifications

who /WoW/ here

this is now original
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>wrong undead face option
your undead is bald so you got that going at least
i like his eyes to look emotionless rather than contorted into a constant scowl
you playing on the official?

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I want to be a dominant shemale mommy for a submissive big muscular babe.
Does anybody know this feel?
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Nah. I just want to get my dicc succ'd once in a while is all.
It doesn't feel great
that's a very specific fetish you got there but good luck anyway

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>tfw no slightly chubby gf
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>slightly chubby
You may as well fuck an elephant if you think your pic is "slightly" chubby.
Fuck off mate she is not even thicc, just pudgy.

Top tier body for a good fuck.
>dat dormroom background
I'm gettin hit by a nostalgia wave and a chubbyboner wave

You and everyone in a 10 meter radius around you RIGHT NOW are teleported to a desert island.
You only have the things you are wearing/carrying/holding right now.
The island isn't very noticable. Ships sail very far from it and planes don't fly near it very often, so you could be stuck there for many months, even if you actively try to signal for help.

What happens next?
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I look for food and make a house and offer a qt shelter and get water from the plants or summin
I'd be royalty fugged. No qt3.14 in a ten meter radius. I'm not holding anything. Hmm.. Resort to cannibalism I guess
>jump into water
>swim out really far

Memes aside, I would probably listen to music and build a little hut for me and my mom, and a cat house for my cat. I'd keep a close eye on her cause of the potential for predation until we get into a routine, at which point I will leave her to her own devices.

Ofc my phone battery would die and then I'd be left without my music which would put a huge damper on my mood. But the relative freedom might be fun. I could fall asleep to the sounds of the ocean waves and probably see stars at night and stuff which is nice.

No idea what to do about food. Maybe fishing? My mom is seriously disgusted by meat so I don't know how that'll go down.

For entertainment I suppose we could invent little games using pebbles or something or tell stories. Hopefully nobody will go insane. I don't think so because we are all very introverted.

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I have various gummies today desu.
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Gummy hearts, gummy stars. Note the light green gummy crocos. The gummy smurfs are all disfigured ;_;
File: 20170424_132040.jpg (258KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Poor little guy desu
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I know most of you are beardlets, but I was wondering who here has a beard, how do you shape it, maintain it, how long do you grow it, etc. Post a pic of your beard if you can. TIA!!!
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I can contribute, ask me about my beard OP
can you flip your pic around?
Beards are such a normie thing now. It was once for old men , homeless men and dirty creeps.

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