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I am legit confused. Do you guys not want to see your gf/wife/daughter get fucked by a black man?
Why not...? I mean you're most likely in denial.
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This is a nice picture I'll take it if no one else wants it
Oy vey Rabbi, nice thread
>I can't talk right now anon, can't you see I'm busy?

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What the fuck is wrong with this universe? Why does anything exist at all? Why do things exist just so they can go out of existence? Why do human beings have to be so self-conscious when it causes us psychic pain?
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Because god is the ultimate prankster

>Create a creature that intrinsically searchs for the meaning in life and absolute barebones of how the world works
>Put them in a universe that iis impossible to ascertain the truth of anything
>Give them rules that counter every natural urge they have under threat of eternal damnation
It would be impossible for just nothing to exist because "nothing" is an impossibility without its opposite, which would be "something." You can't have one without the other so therefore you will necessary have both.

Now that things exist, they will naturally follow various logical laws and things end up in a certain way because of this. Currently it seems likely that life is "an inevitable outcome of thermodynamics" and that is why things ended up this way, with progressively more complex organisms.
If it was done with reason, you could interpret existence as punishment for something.

If not, someone's just being a dick.

This is literally every post on /r9k/ summed up.
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this is literally not true
I'm fine with a girl being short, broke, even ugly

but I draw the line at fat
lol @ reenacting old shit with genders reversed.

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>go on facebook
>everyone's doing great things, traveling, studying university, spending time with their gf/bf, and so on
>me: quit my job, no friends, no gf, no direction in life

what the fuck do I do? I don't know what I'm want to do in life, it all looks dull and depressing.
I don't want to go back to wageslaving, but I don't want to spend months or years in my room on the computer.
Fuck this shit lads.
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>me: quit my job, no friends, no gf, no direction in life

Do the opposite of that.
First of all stop using facebook. That shit's toxic.
The answer is you shut down your Facebook, and do whatever the fuck you wanna do. I genuinely, unironically and without any attempt to troll believe Facebook is worse for your mental health than arcanine, or 4chan in general

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I want to quit my job. How do I do it?
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go to HR, tell them you are leaving in 2 weeks
Have you heard of the high elves?

Being hilariously incompetent so you get fired is probably best. Quitting is more satisfying but will cause you trouble.

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>fucked up and got a gf
>feel bad because I don't wanna leave my robros behind

who normie guilt here?
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kill yourself

Here's your original, MOOT/jap faggot
does he have rape written on his shirt? what the hell
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>he fell for the robots are khhv meme

Nigga we all got gfs, it's just an inside jok

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>on the bus
>bus almost full
>girl sits next to me
>don't even look at her or acknowledge her
>seats free up
>she gets up and sits next to someone else
How am I supposed to interpret that?
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imagine if you sat down next to someone on a bus, and they acted like they didnt care at all, didnt even acknowledge you. its not a good feeling and a bit creepy honestly. gives off the vibe that you dont want anyone next to you. so maybe she thought it would be best for her to move when she got a chance, out of consideration.
or what if OP smelled bad and she wanted to leave. if he acted nice to her she'd feel bad for leaving the seat and it'd make OP even more sad if she faked niceness then sat somewhere else cause of his body odor or butt smelled
She moved to a seat where your fat ass wasn't so she could have some room

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>tfw no immobile gf that want me to feed her
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Tell me anons, how would one acquire an immobile gf? Go door to door in an obesity clinic?
You don't just find one, silly. You have to make your own!
Nice dubs, me. I've got to upload a better quality picture though, and get to writing that anon's story from last thread!

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What do poor robots/neets buy to feed themselves for cheap?

>curry powder

Easy to make, cheap and fills you up.
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Fishsticks work everytime to fill an empty stomach
>frozen perogies are very cheap if they're sold in your country

protein bars

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Did you guys grow any taller after 16?
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>tfw 6'1 at 13 and stopped growing
i think so yeah
some people dont stop growing facial hair/height until like 21 man dont worry about it
Grew two more inches from 5'8 at 16 to 5'10 at the age of 19. Also put on 30 lbs of muscle and filled out my frame.

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I'm killing myself tonight. I just want you all to know how much i love you. Goodbye R9k.
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cya anon
good luck and i wish you all the best
I hope you find peace anon. I might join you some day soon.
Good luck Anon. I wish you great peace in your journey.

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Hey /r9k/

I have a bit of a strange issue and since this is the place for everyone with strange issues to go and hang out, I thought I'd ask you all. You see, ever since I was 9, I can't pee in a public urinal.

At the aforementioned age, I went to a porcelain piss pouch to pee and was doing my business when I looked up (as 9-ish year olds are wont to do in curiousity) and saw a gruesome man in the other urinal staring at my magnum child dong, breathing very heavily.

I promptly hauled ass out, told my dad I didn't have to go that bad, and never used a stall again. I'm 20, now, and this is should be SO MUCH LESS of an issue than it is, but for some reason, even now, I cannot bring myself to piss in a public urinal. In the woods? Fine. In a stall? Yep. In my house? Yeah. Surrounded by other dudes, using a bottle on a long road trip? That's alright, too.

I just cannot get past this crippling fear of using a public restroom in any way outside of a closed stall. I have no ideas on how to push past it, and it's frankly embarrassing to an enormous degree. It hurts, sometimes literally, that I have to always wait for a stall, and that I have to take it up for snake oil when someone might have to really drop a shit. And there I am, in the stall, wasting their precious shitting time because I have a childish, irrational fear that holds me back.

It's also twice embarrassing because I had to do a urinalysis for the military, and while I did manage to do it, I had to do it in a public-restroom-styled arena with completely open urinals with an aggressive male doctor staring me down to make sure the piss indeed came from my dong. I left shaking and almost missed the next stage of my physical because I was so displaced.

Guys, I can't live like this anymore. Please. I just can't. Help me.

How do I learn how to fucking piss in a public restroom like a normal fucking person? This is holding me back, so I beg you, please, teach me to piss.
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Wear adult diapers.
I usually zip tie an unrolled condom on my dick for that problem dude.
Well it's easy!

>enter bathroom
>take up empty stall
>if there is a person already at a stall, take the stall furthest away from that person when possible
>unzip dick
>stare into the urinal and pee directly into the pink urinal cake like it's a target
>zip up dick
>leave and don't wash hands

>no comfy thread
>Comfy thread

Can we get a comfy thread going?
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some /comfy/ness here
File: 1500149697071.png (493KB, 750x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm gonna be dumping some comfy shit, to keep your thread alive
File: 1500228101561.png (464KB, 750x625px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh btw I like small rooms, they're comfy as hell

>ywn experience this

How does this make you feel?
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nothing. i don't care about roasties.
I don't care about women at all
that guy's dick is pretty weird though
Anons you are looking at the picture wrong. You are the girl getting throat fucked.

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What's preventing you from becoming a slut?
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lack of vagina mostly
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Hasn't stopped me
>tfw i became the qt 3.14 waifu.
WHO is this human female?

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