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>Going to be 30 in 4 minutes
Just end it.
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>you were once a child, innocent and happy
>you were once a teenager, sociable and charismatic
>you are now an empty shell of a formerly vibrant man
>you were once a teenager, sociable and charismatic

hahaha . Enough jokes.

>you were once a teenager, sociable and charismatic

wew my lad
I'm pretty sure lots of robots are fucked up in their 20s because their formative years were shit

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>parents going away for a week
>going to have the house to myself
>still going to spend every hour in my room on my computer
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I feel you. The only things I do different when parents are out is yell louder or turn up speakers
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You sure are a lazy piece of shit aren't you anon?
Move your computer to the living room or something at least anon.

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>What is /noshower/?
For robots and failed normies who doesn't shower every day like normies.

>What to do here
Post stories of how it feels to have 10 minutes extra every day

Just passed two days and my head is itchy
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day 4 here and my soap fog is finally starting to clear up
my dry skin is improving and I've taught myself pig latin
I built a 3/16 scale replica of the tardis set yesterday

I know it seems like a meme, fellow robots but /noshower/ might save your life, what do you have to lose?
my hair stopped falling out, wtf I love noshower now
I can't /noshower/ because of my OCD. If I don't shower everyday I get extreme panic attacks.

>tfw you will always be a filthy shower normie

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You motherfuckers sit here and complain about how you're lives are terrible and how you're all depressed and lonely. Why don't you get off your manbaby asses and get your fucking life together. You fuckers are just as bad as all the fucking dumblrinas and faggots that complain that life is so hard. WAKE THE FUCK UP AND DO SOMETHING
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The things I want to do take time. While I wait, I may as well wait here.
My favorite streamer doesn't respect Asians, I heard the flavor in her voice.

The illusion is gone. Good bye luxx
>just do something bro!
I'm 39. I work a dead end office job and live alone with multiple dakis. There's no possible way for me to escape being a khv. Your advice sucks and you should leave.

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I'm a virgin and I want to put my penis in a womans vagina.
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I like women but they don't like me. I have a problem.
i am unable to obtain a woman
Most women don't deserve to be touched by myself, a superior gentleman.

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A girl in some of my classes looks like a younger Sasha grey. Wat do?
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>Wat do?
SIIHP(female) and then upload webm of her savage beating
jerk off to sasha grey and pretend that it's her desu

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Any robots here been homeless?
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I have been close to but, luckily I have family to stay with most of the time.
I am homeless. Hanging out at mcdonalds before midnight closing.
No, but I'm considering building myself a comfy shack in the woods next to a nice little stream. I'm going out to scout locations tomorrow.

Is nofap a meme or does it actually work?
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day 85 here

It's both. Retards are always talking about super powers but they have no real idea what they are talking about.

Anyway, I'm noticing benefits albeit small but nofap is different for everyone. I'm happy that I quit though, it was draining my energy levels and making me have really bad brain fog.

I have some stuff you can read (I compiled a list of motivational quotes and paragraphs on my desktop) that helps explain it and something that helps you want to change.
Damn I'm just on day 31. Hoping I can make it another month
I just stopped getting morning wood one day. I'm not even sad or happy anymore. At least theirs no mess to clean up.

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Creepy Pepe.jpg
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For example, in all my dreams, water is something that can be walked on, it's kind of like a really thick gelatin.
Also for some reason my penis is detachable is most of my dreams.
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I keep seeing a girl I used to know. I used to like her, but I haven't seen her in years, and I hadn't thought of her in a long time when she was the main focus of a dream I had a while back. Now she shows up as the main subject of my dreams every now and again, but I seriously don't even have her on my mind at all.
Yeah, it's weird how dreams will fixate on things you don't think about at all, and just keep bringing them back.
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Vagina imagery is prevalent usually. sometimes positive, sometimes negative

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I'm going to try to spell out "MENTAL ILLNESS" at the cross section of the tranny flag on /r/place using a script. If anyone wants to help and you have python 3, the script is here: https://hastebin.com/usayoduxoq.py and here is the UPDATED 'MENTAL ILLNESS' IMAGE: https://imgur.com/a/g5CtN The exact coordinates are 169 582. One only need to type in "python3 [scriptname].py mentalillness.png 169 582 [redditusername] [redditpassword]"

It's only a total of 81 pixels and it's the lulziest thing we can do.
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requests isn't a default module in python3.
imagine being a person who uses both python and the word "lulz" in 2017

OP, are you okay after that butt blast?

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dubs decide what i text to a cute redhead im interested in
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hey bb cum put dat firebush on my face and ill turbo coat that shit liek sonic i want you to fart in my mouth like a mexican whore
I want to watch you fuck my father in front of me

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anybody else in this thread have bpd? i do and its fucking awful post any stories you have of it ruining your life
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>be me
>live for 27 years
>now here
it all torments me all the time
I feel you man I hatr lashing out at people close to me or being a stupid fucking idiot and ughdjdjdjsjnsnsnsjdj

I'm sorry reagan I miss you

hwat is that?

Why is it so hard to keep this up robots? Anyone else always find it so mundane to do this every day? I'm lucky to get one a month in.
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Yea, putting me in a shower is like putting a vampire in sunlight. What's the point when you never see anyone else anyway.

I do it everyday not because I want to be clean but because I want to masturbate in private, that's the only reason i shower or take a bath
I usually shower like once a week.
The way I see it is:
If you never go out and don't get dirty/sweaty, why do it often? I only shower when my hair gets uncomfortably greasy and my hair starts falling out.

Trips and I show my penis. If anyone rolls an 8, though, they have to show their penis/vagina (lol implying there are girls here).
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fiuh27yrn d9y 2fvv
challenge accepted
detpecca egnellahc
nobody wants to see it
kill yourself

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>ywn intentionally damage yourself so that your space ASMRfu can repair you again
seriously why even live

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>listening to ASMR as a girlfriend simulator

I listen to it because the sounds sound good.
dear god that is sickening
How else to simulate gf then?

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