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Do you like qt Latina grills?
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If she's nice and detests hook up culture, yes.
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would you let a nice Latina woman sit on your face?
Forgot about this thread, sorry.
Uh, if we were in a long term relationship and our future together was looking well, yes.

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>tfw just flushed another batch of genetic material down the toilet
>can't help but feel like an existential murderer
Does my wanking prevent a life?
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existentially murder yourself
If beating your dick is making you think about that, should probably just take a break from jerking off an do something else instead.
Think of it this way anon: If you hadn't wanked, and refuse to wank, eventually they'll come out in a nocturnal emission or they'll just die in your balls. Even if you managed to impregnate a woman, all but one of the sperm would die anyways in most cases.

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who would have /disarmed/ him and saved the lives of roasties here?
no one if you tried to stop him you would have been shot
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but im trained in the art of CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT

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How would you feel if you learned that your girlfriend's past partner was bigger than you?
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>past partner
no thanks
It wouldn't make much of a difference to me, seeing as it's my dick she's gagging on night after night.
be glad i finally have a gf

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>ask dad to buy some canned chili to make chili cheese dogs
>he comes back with this
literally just beans in chili sauce. I swear to God this fuck up can't do anything right

Also, general dad/parent hate thread
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You sound like a real loser.
If I was your dad I would've kicked your ass to the correct ages ago
He keeps forcing me to apply by speaking with the manager but they keep telling me that the whole process is online now.
>defending a guy who can't even get the right chili from a store
you're the real loser kid

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who else nigger faggot here
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me but too ashamed to tell anyone i like BWC unless i am anon of course
>ywn never be a qt trap and get fucked by bwc
>me but too ashamed to tell anyone i like BWC unless i am anon of course
how can you be anon
if I am anon

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is it safe to buy marijuana off someone from reddit? in a city where it's decriminalized.
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I wouldn't do it.

You don't know anyone who smokes it? You could ask them where they buy from.
Most people from reddit are losers, so you'll probably be safe. Bring a loaded glock so you can cap his ass if need be.

Keep it chambered, but leave the safety on.
why don't you guys buy it off the deep web? its safer and you don't have to get your ass out of the house

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Mom told me there's some sort of darkness in me that she hasn't ever seen before. Why does living hurt.
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Who says that to their kid? Your mom sounds like kind of a bitch.
She's being melodramatic. She just wanted to try some cool lines. Women are childish like that
Her life would be better without me in it. And my siblings' lives. My ex's life.

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Why none of you guys try to better yourselves?
Leave this wretched place and become the man you want to be.
Picture unrelated.
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Hey man I just finished school for the semester and work for the day. I think I'm doing what I can.
>get heart attack
>earn cash
>normie gets mad
How do I get better at not being short and non-white?

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Post anything that relates to trying to better your situation: Questions you might have, pieces of advice you have for others, personal experiences, anything.
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>finished school with an A in my class for the semester
>due for a promotion at work
>trying not to drink so much

Why do I still feel bad inside though
I'll ask a pretty basic question, what's a good trade for robots to get into? I've been thinking about welding myself, but i'd like to hear some other recommendations.
Perhaps you're not satisfied with your current path, or your neglecting some other part of your life right now? Can your express how you feel bad inside, specifically?
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I just think I'm a shitty person who deserves to be miserable. No matter how much good I try to do in the world it's still marred by my bad deeds. I've heard that caring about being a good person counts for something but idk how true that is.

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Hey /r9k/, do you wanna know what love feels like? Take five Tramadol's and smoke a couple bowls of weed. The comfortable warmth that comes after is exactly what it feels like.
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But what if I don't have any friends and so I don't know any drug dealers to buy from?
Plug some methadone

comfy desu
yeah yeah, drugs are good until you're sober again

tell us something new

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I barely escaped becoming a robot. ask me anything.
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Tell me your life story.
How did you escape being a robot?
This but instead of life story why should anyone give a fuck?
lmao this desu

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Dad: Why don't you have a girlfriend yet?
Mom: When will you make us grandparents?

How do you respond ?
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Never. You failed at raising a well-adjusted human being
My mom used to say this all the time, all throughout my 20s.

"You want grandkids? Because I can go make you some grandkids. I can pop out a few this weekend if that's what you want. It's not like it's hard."

That's when she'd smack me.

>36 and single.
I never expected to be hearing this but I'm 21 and my parents are starting to ask

I'm not a loser or socially inept, I just can't ask a girl out to save my life and I don't want to try if I don't really like her

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Where I live is exactly 2am. Any late night feels robots?
I have one:
>met nice girl on party
>make out
>we actually have a lot in common
>we really like each other
>later tried to add her on social media
>denied and blocked
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Todas putas
all of them
2 am here as well. Nova Scotia by any chance?

>put ad on Craigslist saying I'm a 30yo virgin looking for sex
>first response i get (after a dozen or so adbots) is this

Why is it so hard for normies to understand that older virgins exist

Posted in the wrong board the first time
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>I don't judge, I swear
>but seriously?
they are very gross people that have sex constantly
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What got me was

>i honestly didn't know it was possible
>but im not judging

Howis it hard for normies to understand that people who lack social grace don't lead normal lives, sexual or otherwise

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