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I was wondering if I could get some advice.
I have a cousin who's boyfriend just dumped her after using her for years just as a fucking taxi. She's like a thousand miles away, so I can't just drop by her place or give her a hug.
The reason why I want to help her out is because I know that feel, and no one else should ever have to feel it. Even though I know I can't ever stop it from happening, I don't want her to suffer like I did months ago when I went through quite literally the exact same thing.

She's a pretty normal person, albeit a kissless virgin in adulthood. I'm an autistic faggot. That's why I need help.

I'm not into her, I don't want to lose my virginity to a fucking cousin or something like the sick bastards in those "Hug your sister" threads. I just want to be able to fill that little void in her life and help her still feel special without being a burden. What I'm asking for is advice on what I can do for her and what I can say to help her feel better. That's why I'm calling out to the femanons of this board too. What do I say to a girl who's been used for years and just cast to the side like trash?
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>What do I say to a girl who's been used for years and just cast to the side like trash?
>I'm not into her,
>I don't want to lose my virginity to a fucking cousin or something like the sick bastards in those "Hug your sister" threads
>fill that little void in her life
>feel special
>I can do for her
>what I can say to help her feel better.
>What do I say to a girl

sounds like you want to fuck your cousin.
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I honestly don't know what I expected from you fucks.

how about NOT sound advice on how to deal with a family member you know better than all of us you cousin fucker

Why do normalfags hate country and western so much?
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They don't want good music.
They want music they can get "down" to.
I love this album. can I get some good country recs?
>it's an anon uses a completely random definition of normalfags in order to feel smugly superior to a group of people thread

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Donald Trump is right.

The answer to everything is winning, lack of winning causes all problems and prevents further winning.

When you're winning you don't hate, you don't suffer, you don't envy, you enjoy.

Please win.
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In order for there to be winners, there must be losers. Not everyone can win.

What ss the best way to deal with losers? Should we just kill them all?
if you kill your enemies because they are losers, they win


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>men actually find the creatures known as white women attractive
>despite their cold, creepy looking eyes that come in inhuman colors like a reptile or cat
>despite their thin, cruel lips
>despite their long, skinny, beaklike noses like falcons hunting for prey
>despite their long, limp hair that looks and feels like fur
>despite their pale skin that is reminiscent of a creature that lives in caves and darkness
>despite their flat asses and skinny legs
>despite their long torsos which are indicators of a long and deep and large vaginal cavity
>despite their awful shrill voices
>despite their evil nature that causes them to want to have sex with the devil himself
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We must preserve the white race
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I'm going to post Liz vicious and not my twitch fu's
You seem like a real bitch.

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What made you hate females, anons?
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I've found them irritating. I know I'm attracted to them, but I can't stand their company. Yesterday I went through several dating sites, looking at dozens of profiles. I didn't want to chill with any of those girls. I don't know other guys do it. They are just so annoying.
because they are inferior, that's why you see women fucking with niggers and etc inferior subhumans
A series of betrayals early in life, and then a stint working in an office full of them. I think they can be divided into two categories: Harpies, blatantly vile, gnashing and wailing for the destruction of civilization; and sirens, beguiling, calculating, predatory sirens - with some degree of overlap between the two.

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Snapchatting a roastie lads... just sent my face and I'm nervous. I looked her up and she's a real person, but maybe this is some sort of blackmail scam. I'm fucked, aren't I.
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every time i send a picture its either

>long pause
>no reply
>muted comment about one of my features
>outright blocked

Just once in my life, id like them to flare up, sending a bunch of smilies and telling me im cute
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>Opened 10m ago
Nice knowing you all, time to end it
LEL you fucking deserved it. She was snapping twenty other guys at the same time, 18 of them hotter than you. Beta orbiter cuck.

Actually, I'm just samefagging right now.

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Are these people correct? Should they be listened to?
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>youtube comments
>Should they be listened to?
Normies once again immediately associate being a virgin as being an indictment of a deep seated character flaw.
not even remotely what they're saying. try again, hambrain.

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Why does being praised feel so good?
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Being praised makes me feel awkward, but it's nice to know that you're not only not a fuck up but you're actually doing something right.
Idk why it just feels good when people call me cute
that's because you ARE cute, cutie!

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recently I got isp banned off of /vg/ so I started asking for help on /adv/ and today when I tried to post on there again I found out I was also isp banned!

how the fuck do I get arround this stupid block, Ive reset my ip, used proxies, and used vpns but still fucking NOTHING
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want me to make a post for you on adv?

what do i say though
Eh? Are you sure you were properly using the VPN/proxy? It should work if they banned your IP. Try to clear your cookies. Maybe the site uses them to identify the users.

Also >>>/g/

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hey robutts
any of you get results with jelqing?

im 7.5 and I all I want is that extra .5. Heard some horror stories of people actually LOSING length but is that just because they tug on their johnsons so hard they fuck themselves up? Can you be safe doing this and get results?
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>im 7.5
you dont need that extra .5, anon, yoy're just fine as you are
bruh you realise if you're claiming to have a 7.5 inch dick you literally have one of the largest penises on earth, right?

like you're beyond 99th percentile.

but I know you've rounded up atleast 1 inch, so that makes more sense.

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lets make friends :slight_smile:

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alai#1758 im up for a little talking before I sleep
Fuck off alai, nobody likes you.
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You don't need to like someone to talk to them

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Anyone else lost?

>be 27
>live in very expensive US city for work
>going to start remote work again, because I can save a tremendous amount of money
>don't really have any social ties/friends in this city, so no incentive to stay
>the few friends I do have are now scattered across the country, because home town has such disproportionate cost of living
>most are now married/have kids
>family is abusive, so I don't want live anywhere near them
>I can afford to live nearly anywhere in the US
>without any social group it's kind of pointless to move anywhere in particular
>I've basically lost the small social group i did have, because of economic pressure
>tfw no gf

So I basically no longer have a home, or social support network of any kind. I'm defaulting to traveling around, but I have no long term plans. Too introverted to really make new friends. I have stable income, but without any sort of social life it all feels vacuous. My life feels extremely unbalanced, because of my professional success, but complete lack of social success. Without knowing anyone, it's pretty much impossible to integrate into existing social groups.

I'm not materialistic, so the money just sits in my account. I compulsively save as much as I can, because one bad streak of unemployment, and I would actually be homeless. The realization that the money is the only thing keeping me from living on the streets fills me with a lot of anxiety. Any sort of health issues, and I'm completely fucked.

I feel like a pariah, the soul crushing isolation is starting to get to me. The closest thing I have to social interaction are the few calls I take for work a day. Modern society is basically enabling my existence; however it all feels so very wrong, I'm pretty sure people aren't meant to live like this.
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>living the dream, then bitching about it
It's not the worst fate, but I'd hardly call it a dream.

What to you want out of life?

Your situation honestly doesn't sound that bad. You may have a very negetive mindset due to your abusive upbringing.

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Ch...champ..did my social security check come in yet? Thank you for handling my mail for me, champ, but why does it seem like the government is sending me less money these days?

Are you still with that video game company Champ? I'm proud of you...son...*coughCOUGH*

Your brother never visits. Tell him I love him.
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I'll bump this OC for u
File: side.png (178KB, 573x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That made me feel a little. Fuck you OP

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So I get that most everyone here is autistic. So am I, and I've noticed that there's two types of autistic kids. One that's absolutely silent and talks only if spoken to (usually only to family), and one doesn't shut up but doesn't say anything related to the conversation or socially acceptable. Which one are you?
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the opposite of you op. In other words, the former.
The one that only talks to family but shitposts off topic shit on 4chan.
The former.

It's hard for me to warm up to people. When I do, I'm pretty good at not absolutely spilling my spaghetti.

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Excuse me? I need your help, I figured out my son goes here. I'm a Black woman and work hard to provide for my family, and I noticed something very disturbing on my son's computer. I was cleaning his room and his pc was on, and I went to snoop around to make sure he wasn't getting into trouble. I look, and see a folder filled with images of white girls, naked and clothed. And images of white girls having sex with black men, some of them had a logo for something called "Blacked.com", I checked and it's a filthy porn site with black men having sex with white women.

Where did I go wrong? I tried to raise my son right, but I apparently fucked up if he's attracted to white women. How do I force my son to start liking black girls?
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Kikes are filling your son's head with horrible fantasies about having sex with white women, seriously the guy who makes these is a Jew. It is your job as a proud African to fight for a Black Republic separate from white America.

It's called Africa

And we're going backwards to segregation I hate you retards.

You're so privileged you just keep starting shit to keep it and get even more privilege.

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