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>start talking to a guy from r9k
>im basically his waifu
>i think he's hideous and genuinely autistic, but he's so sweet and nice to me
>he wants to meet
wat do?

Pic unrelated
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um? don't?

idk senpai. if he's ugly you're not going to fuck him, and even if you do find it in your heart or whatever to do so, he'll know that you don't really want him and it will drive him bazonkers. why torture the poor faggot
Even if he was good looking, we wouldn't have sex. He's just so nice and I don't want to hurt his feelings. I like him.
fuck him ill be your waifu

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>dropped out of school when I was 16
>still haven't gotten my GED
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Well, what are you waiting for, Goofus?
Why'd you drop out? It's a death sentence and every one knows it!
GED is surprisingly easy except for math. I did mine two years ago when I was 19 (In Canada), and some of the math stuff was pretty complicated so I had to study quite a bit.

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It isn't your fault that you're here if you are American. The blame is on your schools.
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what's this new meme?
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but I always brought food from home
I literally never ate school lunch
>middle school sold pretzels and cheese
>bought pretzel and cheese
>bitch pulls my plate to eat my food
>cheese spills
>try to get my food back
>asshole lunch room monitor thinks I'm trying to steal bitch's food
>have to clean up the cheese and watch bitch eat my pretzel
>cry when I get home

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I really don't understand normies, I don't care about those things. I actually even like some if them.
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>1 and 2 are both about normiebook
>close article
I don't have a Facebook, this clearly is not applicable to me.
>I don't have a Facebook, this clearly is not applicable to me.

If you don't have a facebook that means normies will laugh at you even more than if you only had 50 friends

Because they're incapable of leaving the hive-mind

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Why do poor people have kids, and usually so many? It just sets the kids up for failure for the rest of their lives.
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Poor people kids are usually quite hard working and successful though. It's only some of them that just laze around and do nothing to better their situation. Everyone copes differently.
>Poor people kids are usually quite hard working and successful though

as a poor family kids this is true never been bad at any job and never been fired

Fembots, what's it like as a girl to be cheated on?

Could you ever forgive a cheating husband?
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I've never been cheated on but I couldn't forgive a guy for cheating.
Fembots aren't real roasties get off my board
>I couldn't forgive a guy for cheating
Yes you could. A lot of girls forget cheating as long as guy is interesting.

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It's almost 1 in the morning, anyone got stories about the one that got away? I'll post mine to get the ball rolling.

>Sophomore year of Highschool
>play on the Tennis team
>Not particularly good, but managed to get into JV.
>Didn't even like to play but my mom thought I was such a recluse that I needed to get involved in some extracurricular activity.
>Better than playing vidya all day I suppose.
>I was pretty good at Ping pong and for some reason my retarded mind thought the two were similar enough, so I chose tennis instead of an actual sport.
>Meet a Junior during Tryouts, we'll call him Travis (pretty close to his real name)
>Me and Travis get paired pretty much 100% of the time during competitive 2v2's
>Learn from him that this is his first year at our school, he used to go to the highschool the next town over, but his family moved.
>That's when I met her
>Fast forward to a week before spring break, first match set against rival school.
>Getting ready with Travis, it's an away game at their court.
>"Ready to meet my sis anon?"
>Look at him funny, inquire further especially why he'd never brought her up before this seeing as he'd already met my brother and my parents.
>"She's a bitch."
>Sounds fair enough, but still ask him how she's a bitch.
>"I'm sure you'll see."
>Players get split into pairs, me and Travis are of course paired up, and placed into the first bracket.
>3 games are playing simultaneously side by side on 3 different nets.
>Waiting with Travis for our match to begin, see him smiling at a girl across the net from us.
>Assume it's her sister, they have the same hair color but she was significantly shorter than him.
>She's paired with a scrawny black kid, almost wonder how he made the cut even for JV.

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I'm not sure what "the one that got away" really means.

Oh well. Whatever. Sure why not continue.
Well, here goes.
>On okcupid.
>desperate lonely for love and sex
>stupid. I know
>Message girl.
>Her profile said she lives in my area.
>Oddly it hits off.
>She's from another city.
>Said she's moving here.
>Okay cool. 3 month wait no biggie.
>Everynight we talk.
>Going really well really fast.
>She moves here I pick her up at the airport.
>She's fatter then I thought.
>fatter then I'd like to admit to.
>Show her a nice time.
>Fuck later that night.
>Pussy stank
>Oh well.
>Next few days she was insufferable.
>"I hate racists."
>Offer her sushi for lunch or maybe some good mexican.
>"Eww no I don't want gook food or beaner chow what the fuck is wrong with you"
>We had to settle for chicken fingers at arby's
>Extremely short tempered bitch.
>I rage quit the relationship less then a week into it. 4 days tops.

Never felt happier to be single.
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>Fastforward a painful 15 minutes and we get the fucking floor wiped with us for the first match
>She flashes Travis a shit eating grin as we have to pass down a bracket, if we lose this next game we're eliminated.
>I'm tired as fuck and ours was the first match to end so I use the time to ask Travis why his sister goes to a different school than him.
>He says that she's a fucking social butterfly and didn't want to leave her friends there, he decided to go to my school because it was closer to where they now lived.
>Makes sense I guess
>Next matchup we faced was just barely better than us, and we get eliminated.
>Coach looks mildly disappointed but he passes it off as just being the first game of the season.
>Spring break starts the week after, and I was content to spending it in my room playing vidya and watching anime.
>Hear phone ringing, I almost yell downstairs at my mom for forgetting her phone in my room but remember she's out of town for the week.
>Pick up my phone and realize it's Travis calling me, people don't usually call me so I was a bit shocked.
>Invites me to go camping with him and his family.
>Never have gone camping before but fuck it why not. Connect with nature and shit.
>Meet up with him the next day and we head to his house after getting the go ahead from my dad.
>His dad is by far the coolest man I've ever met in my life.
>Almost makes me envious that I didn't have such a imposing role model as a father myself.
>Me and Travis help his dad string fishing poles and packing up tents, hear his sister come down stairs and she looks at me directly.
>"What the fuck? I didn't know we could invite friends."
>Their dad just shrugs and asks her what friend of hers would be interested in going.
>She shuts right the fuck up after that. Can tell she must find me annoying which is weird because I've never actually talked to her.

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>mfw used to have anxiety, depression, be obese, have awful acne and no friends while being here all day
>started working out, got fit, got new clothes and a good haircut
>acne mostly cleared up
>started smoking weed sometimes along with taking anxiety meds
>now i have a good amount of friends, feel more confident and happy and barely come on 4chan/reddit


You can make it too, anons. Don't be trapped here forever, it really is a depressing place. Sometimes there's gold here but it's under a mountain of shit. You can change too and be your best. Even if you're not traditionally attractive, all of the above, improving yourself can only help make you better. And remember personality is a big factor too, if you appear confident you will succeed. Just fake it til you make it. Don't be a robot, be a fucking human!
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>confusing robot for failed normalfag yet again
Explain this meme please. Anyone can make it, anon.

I definitely was weird and not a normal fag and still am not, but I'm not a robot either.
A robot doesn't want to engage with society in the first place. He fundamentally lacks interest in "making it", that has never been his goal. They are a minority on this board.

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holy shit he's given up, he took the hrt pill
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nice faceapp op
i would

Stop shilling faceapp on here or tell me how I can

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My dudes, iam failling uni and i must fake a sickness to solve my problems, a valid one is depresion. Can someone give me advice on how to convince a psychiatrist i have depression? Also any other easly fakeable illness sugestions are welcome.
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Cut veins?
Cry and say you have suicidal thoughts. Mention anxiety.
Say you're a pedophile and you "don't want to hurt anyone", they love that shit.

Someone talk to me, I'm soooo bored right now!
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fuck off piece of shit attention whore
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oriental connie.png
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>Someone talk to me, I'm soooo bored right now!
Give me one good reason why I would ever interact with a connie poster
You're stupid. Everyone bully this loser.

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You catch a monkfish.
You catch a monkfish.
You catch a monkfish.
You catch a monkfish.
You catch a monkfish.
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Thinking about trying OSRS. I used to play back in the day. Does /r9k/ have a clan that doesn't suck? I never did any PvP stuff or anything really (I just used it as a social network in high school as lots of people did) so there's a shitload of content to be explored.
fishies be mine!
i pretended to be a grill for 3 months on the game (OSRS) and profited with 28m lol

scamming dumb autistic virgins is so satisfying

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What's the best food combination if you want to have a /big poop/?
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red meat, liquor, and chocolate cake

i mean the super rich thick kind of chocolate cake, too
Taco Bell.

Go to bed without pooping.

Drink two cups of coffee in the morning. Best poopoo you will ever have.
anything with lots of beans

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>Still live with parents because I can't support myself
>Mother is a control freak
>Want to go to an anime convention this summer
>"Are you seriously going to an ANIME convention, anon? You need to save your money, only teenagers and people with decent jobs go to anime conventions!"
>Tell her that people of ALL AGES attend anime conventions, and some don't have high paying jobs.
>Was only going to take like $300 with me
>Have like $2,500 in my savings.
>End up telling her I probably won't go anyway because I couldn't find anyone to go with, and that I didn't want to go alone or spend $700 on a hotel for 3 nights.

I'm pathetic.
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Suck it up and move on.
I bet you say that to everyone on here, it doesn't work though. Do you even know where we are?
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strongest genin.png
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ykwtd r9kanon

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Anyone still listen to system of a cuck?
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Were turks justified in doing the genocide?

Armenians are kinda shit desu
It never happened lol
Hour grapest ally

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