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Is having a girlfriend really worth it, or not?
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No. Too much bullshit for too little reward.
Depends on the girl. If you're grabbing a roastie fresh off the cock carousel and expecting her to become a house wife, you're in for a world of hurt.
idk not really. it takes up a lot of time, energy, and money. i mean, you're gonna do it anyway when the time comes up, but often when you get out of a relationship once you start getting over being sad you just start feeling relieved. and then back into a relationship you go...

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where are the best porno videos on 4chan?
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Probably >>>/gif/.
you know any good sites to watch japanese girls/ladies/women sucking dick
forgot this on the latest reply*?*

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>there are so-called """men""" who are okay with marrying a woman who's been cum inside by another man

I'll never understand this
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>I'll never understand this
Because you're a retard.
>there are so-called """men""" who are okay with staying single because a woman had sex before she met him

I'll never understand this
Not getting married isn't the same as staying single or never having sex

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How do I gain confidence and a high self esteem?

I've been telling myself over and over again stuff like
>You're awesome, man
>you're a fucking king
>you're a fucking god man
>you have no reason not to be confident, you're awesome
>it's stupid to be unconfident
>you can do anything

but it's not WORKING, I still don't feel confident
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time for some psychotherapy. how many people do you know you grew up with?
ps this is my forte.
I have zero thought of what anyone thinks
confidence is the ability to do what you want when it comes to people
self esteem is helpful for the antisocial
you must cultivate your ability to be productive, while never taking shit from anyone.
the first step is to let go of your past-literally escape from it, unless staying is harder.
to be confident u must cultivate a frame aka a syllogism of what you will do if someone physically hurts you

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i'm fucking bored, anyone can play game with me?
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>i'm fucking bored, anyone can play game with me?
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What kind of game are you talking about anon
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pc game

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>Get over here and suck our cocks or I'll break your pathetic little faggot skull with my bare hands

wat do
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I would never in my life suck the cock of someone who has boobs
It's just unnatural
There's not even a passage on the bible that tells us about a sin involving something like that
Aww Man

we have enough faggotry already
go back to >>>/d/

At the very least stop it with the gay propaganda. Post an autistic story instead
i dont think traps are gay but this... this is something else

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What if someone theoretically owes the IRS roughly in 34,000$ in back taxes?

what would be the best course of action for this individual?
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Not surprisingly unoriginal.
go 1776 on their ass
Flee to china

They can't touch you there

I want to immigrate to a country where men have better life than women, or at least dont have it as bad as in the west. For this reason I want to pick a language to study.
Should it be Arabic or Chinese? Or even something else?
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Study Chinese if you're white
Study Arabic if you're anything else
guess you should fine out what language they speak on crybaby island
you will probably get kidnapped and end up in a beheading video if you go to the middle east. just go to nippon

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Why don't you just settle for a non-stacy like this?
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Why don't you kill yourself you worthless retard?
Because she too lusts only for Chad's cock.
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that's a pretty cute girl
hundred percent sure most of us here would settle for that and lead a happy life from there on
I mean not me cause I'm homo, but you get it

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My name is Dirt and I'd like to ask you robots how you feel about your own deaths?

Personally, I'm so disillusioned with my life that I'm actually waiting for death to come and get me. I've lost all sense of self preservation and have begun doing risky things. I was wondering if this is a robot thing to do or not
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is that like a nickname or something? i find it hard to believe your parents would name you something like dirt.
Kinda feel you but I would feel nothing but anger, nothingness, and moments of deep, bitter depression that didn't even serve to let me cry or scream, like a truly terrible pain that you have no passion left to let out so you can only lie there pathetically and do nothing about it. Drove recklessly and fast a lot, wanted to get a gun just so I'd have a way out if I fucked with a guy for tailgating me or being mad at me tailgating him. Not like I'd kill myself, I just wished for a chance for somebody to come at me so I could blow their skull to smithereens and plead self defense. Think it was due to my feelings of hopelessness and being trapped from when I was being beat/molested for years in high school that I wanted to make somebody a surrogate aggressor towards me and become the bigger aggressor or something and, in turn, make them feel similarly to how I did by putting them down with overwhelming force and enjoying the view of their carcass that never stood a chance. Uni (more importantly, the people there) and work didn't really help and sought to antagonize and stress me out constantly, although it was mostly projection on my part (I don't like people looking at me as I always seem it negative.) Not my best moment, that's for sure. Hoping things get better when I'm doing a major I actually want to do, even if it's worthless.
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1501391234827 (1).png
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Death is long.
I find myself doing risky things too. Reckless driving. if I do drugs, I take dangerous amounts even from the onset
People seem to be so afraid of death but I am ready, My life is just periods of emotional numbness and the only emotions I ever feel are negative, I'll break down and cry for hours, Any fleeting good thing that happens only serves to make my misery stronger.
I want some one to save me so bad but the chance of that is 0 so the only thing I can hope for is death, the end of everything

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Do you set yourself a limit or just impulsively gift whatever to your girl(s)??

Also /orbiting general/
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Not enough.
Orbit discord invite?
>Orbit discord invite?
What are you asking brev?
who is 4?

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I'll take a double triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, four by four animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim. Origanilio
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We serve original food here, sir.
sure is >>>/tv/ in here
We dont sell retarded shit here sir, you will have to go to /b/ for that, thank you sir

The unthinkable happened, y'all. Finally acquired qt femdom gf.

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Why did you succumb to your desires that can be quelled by fapping and relinquish your freedom to a roastie?
So when are you leaving you normalslime?
Why aren't you prepping the bull right now?

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>I just want someone to fuck me in the ass

Do any other robots get this feel? Has anyone ever done it?
How did you meet someone? Was it good? Do you have AIDS now?
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too bad asses like that don't really exist in everyday life

also no i don't know those feels op
>too bad asses like that don't really exist in everyday life
look in the mirror you'll see one
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I kinda want to use someone's ass and fill it up with hot load. But I find mouths more enjoyable

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I need advice; i'm scared to get her pregant but at the same time i've read lots of bad stuff about it.
Did yours ever had any side effects/complications?

We've already fought about it a couple of times, I'm deeply pro-life while she seems to be fine with using abortion as a contraceptive if push comes to shove, which I find kinda fucked up.
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>I need advice
Go to >>>/adv/ then normalfaggot.
Until she changes her mind and locks you in with child support essentially paving the way for her future all the while ruining yours.
If your kid was a downie who would drain you financially and basically rob you of your life would you still raise it or abort it saving yourself the misery and suffering that would follow?.
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>I'm deeply pro-life
>except for the part where I let my gf fuck her self up with hormones to prevent pregnancy

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