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I just want a femdom gf who likes masculine men with big cocks who wanna be servile.

Why is it so fucking hard to find A N Y O N E AHHHHH
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Serve me with your big cock, OP
Post contact please and I will
I feel you bro, being a masculine dude is hard mode on Finding A Femdom GF

>i just want a qt gf to spank my ass after leg day

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ITT: the same 5 person show different angles of their rooms.

Feel free to give feedback/critizise/investigate each other.
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Wordless posts are worthless.
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I live in a shithole room in a shithole country
get out u disgusting roastie

Wagecucks on suicide watch edition
original comment
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First for Barrow-in-Furness
original first post tbqh
Has britnormie been located yet?
Jokes on you, piglet

I worked today

Got Tuesday off but then I've still got a GP appointment and counselling

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checkmate atheists originalsal
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burn in hell anon u killed god
if singles god is fake

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18 yo virgin.jpg
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Haha what a crazy concept!
A virgin?
At the age of 18?
Lmao I know everyone here finds this ridiculous! Are there actually people in real life who are 18 and virgins?
I know it's so silly!
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That's a porn movie about a lady losing her virginity at 18, following the "barely legal" theme.
The fact that there are virgins past the age of 12 staggers me desu. At the very least, your mother must have relieved you once or twice.
Is it actually porn? Does she get naked and have sex in the movie?

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>tfw boy but feel like a girl
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Consider original suicide.
I'm a guy but I want to be a 2d girl.
I roleplay online instead of using hormones.
I can make you feel like a woman

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This autistic man child killed people because he wanted to reunite with his "cartoon girlfriends" like wtf

Autism is one hell of a drug.
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Pretty silly

Any good waifu would disapprove of murder or any such behavior. Usually poor taste in waifu is a big red flag for this very reason.
he wasn't just autistic, he was also a psychopath. Add psychopathy to anything and that's what you'll get.
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1. Use a name.
2. Share your trouble.
3. Participate in group therapy.
4. Become part of the family.
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Threads a bit dead, hey?

Can't believe we're at 74 already, damn.
I have become God.
>Threads a bit dead, hey?

No thread is dead before it starts. All it takes for this thread to thrive is one of you and one of me.

If I had kept my normal pace, we'd be much further by now. I must have opened 8 threads without numbers, not counting those opened by others. I used to do this daily.

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Ideal BF/GF thread, old one was a self thread and hit the bump limit.
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guy need gf!.png
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just looking for a friend or a gf
Post those templates my dude.
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Here is the template from the last thread

Hug thy sibling, post their reaction
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kys with your stupid mewoth picture faggot
Second for wanting Kissy to come back
>Hug thy sibling, post their reaction


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I'm not the protagonist in my own life
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Who is the protagonist of your life, anon?
>not even a casting member
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Simple fix.

1. Fire the fuckers who dare to be the protagonist in your own life.

2. Hire your own ass as the protagonist.

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Why not give it a go, whats the worst that could happen
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>even FBI has given up

Are we all just delaying the inevitable void of complete apathy?
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this comment is not low in content
>UKRANIAN brides
>dot fucking R U

>"uhhhh its SO hot out, you wanna go for a quick dip with us anon?"
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is it okay if I keep my t-shirt on? I burn easily in the sun
>You're both ugly skanks and I don't want to swim in the same body of water as you out of fear of contracting your lifelong HIV
Is Elsa Jean that tall orPiper Perri that small?

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Science says most people who don't lose their virginity AND form a healthy sexlife before 18 are mentally and physically fucked for the rest of their lives.

I really want to lose my virginity anyway. I need ideas, how do I do it? Or rather, how do I find a girl who doesn't mind me being a virgin? It's usually among the first couple of things I get asked "Anon, are you a virgin?". When I'm honest about it they quit, when I lie they're like "oookaaaayyy" with that look of disbelief and quit.

I'm asking /r9k/ because normies do not even understand the question.
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That's an amazing image. Can I have it?
>got gf at 15 and lost virginity 5 months later
>Together for 4 years

>Still a loser

21 and stay in everyday

Norman get out. Ree.

True robot hobby. Got this guy a couple weeks ago.

Post your catches
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Caught a dorado last year when I went fishing with my dad. He caught a bluefin so I was pretty jealous. No pics because it's saved on my computer right now. Will post when I'm back home though.

Fishing really is fun. I like both boat fishing out in the ocean and pier fishing. The former is very competitive and rather fast-paced while the latter is relaxing and healing. I really recommend fishing to robots who feel jaded and restless.
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My brother and I go often, he's my only friend so I like when we go together. I caught this black bass a few months back. She was in the 4-5 lb range
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My brother caught this hog during the same trip on a top water plopper. She sucked it right down under; just over 10 lbs

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