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Starting off with a classic
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And another classic.
women don't understand anything.
They have lizard brains they act on impulses they can't comprehend cosmos

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Resident r9k rapper back again with more of that flame for guys. I know you're probably spending 4th of July alone like myself but I hope this song about our lord and savior Elliot Rodger brightens your day a bit.


Here is the playlist with the other songs that will be on the mixtape.


If you have any kind of artistic talent please let me know, I still need a dope cover for the mixtape. Thank you so much!
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One of your best tracks yet, friend
Yo Chad I fuck with your shit heavily bro. Keep it up

Yeah I was worried going into it, but it really brought out my inner savagery, and gave me excuse to do some hard gun bars even though I'm soft as cotton.

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>fell for the job agency meme
>they offered me a job that goes from 7 am - 7 pm


I may be trying to become a wagecuck but I'm not THAT crazy
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So say no. The point of a job agency is that you can decline job offers.
12 hour shifts should be banned.
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"Take the job, Shinji."

How you treat loud farting?I am healthy and fit but when i fart i always fart really loud.Is there a way to treat this?
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Don't know my. My body is trained to hold farts in until I'm about to explode. Only then I notice and find a 'safe' place to remove my gassez.
the man with the master plan
if you shave your farts will be loud, i realy like to have shaved asshole but cant do it because i will make loud farts and i fart alot ;(

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I've seen women are wearing these often now. What PRECISELY do they mean by this?
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Black belt on sucking dick or green flag for choking
Suck belt in blacking dick

Why do you post this thread so often?

"So, how's the job search going, champ?"
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I already have a job, dad.

Also dad what the fuck are you doing here, I haven't seen you my entire life.
>tell parents I got a job
>take train downtown every day
>sit somewhere for 8 hours
>go back home
>steal tiny amounts of money from time to time for the train
>they haven't realized what's going on yet
I've been doing this for one year, after searching for a job for three. Probably going to do this until they die and I can sell the house
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>tfw my dad encouraged me to get bux

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(SLUUUURP) read the sign (SLUUUUUURP)
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"M-Mr. Pepe, sir, I'm uh, here to apply for the j-job, sir. My name is A-anon and, um..." [extends hand nervously]
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What in tarnation are you doing anon? I was pretty dang clear!
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Firm handshake son. Look him straight in the eyes.

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>Be me
>High School Student
>Tell one of my few friends that I have feeling for this girl, and have had them for years
>Super sappy, because I was a fucking loser.
>Ask him to not tell anyone what I said.
>"Sure thing Anon, what are friends for"
>Go to school the next day
>Walk into class
>See friend, the girl I like, and all her friends
>They are reading the texts I sent
>They are all laughing
>The girl looks disgusted and embarrassed
>Leave the classroom, feeling so angry, that i just felt numb

Anyone else have shitty friends growing up?
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I can't say I'm such a good friend myself, but I had some negative people in my life
And I had the suspicion some people talked mean behind my back, calling me names

One friend ridiculed me when someone he knew was with us
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>having friends
Get out normel. Why would any person want to have friends. Friends are for faggots.
I didn't have friends to begin with you fucking imbecile

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>he's addicted to porn
>and is fucking terrified of attractive women
>and so hates women and is a fucking dick to women to compensate
>he adopts an entire bullshit philosophy about how magnificent he is because he's not a woman

You guys need to quit watching porn. Seriously. It's fucking you up in the mind, bigtime. That shit fucks you up
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loI just get a gf bro
When you're an asian balding manlet porn is all you have norman.
Porn is the only thing i have.

Why do people always complain about guys starting off boring when girls can't initiate for shit? They're autistic as fuck when they have to do the work for once.
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>what's up arian?
I don't think that's going to get you laid
> "ugh, I hate when guys open with just 'hey'"
> *sees Chad*
> OwO
> "hey"
while you may be originally autistic, you aren't wrong.

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>Group of people talking about phobias
>"I'm scared of spiders"
>"I hate buttons"
>Decide to share my "phobia"
>"I hate zips for some reason"
>Everyone laughs, including the girl with the button phobia
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What the fuck are zips?
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are you dumb or what ?
Sorry, my 'murican friend.

>Sat on a child in the bus station today
>still hasnt woken up

how fucked am i anons?
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You WHAT now?
Why would you go and do a thing like that?
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Shit happens, breh.
Was it male or female?

Are small houses a meme?
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Kinda. Because anons tend to massively overstate the ease and underestimate the costs required to get something like this off the ground. See also
>living in shipping containers
>mini houses/cucksheds
It's a good idea, and a possible money saver. But you still need to buy or rent land, pay people to build or move a home/container and make it a viable living space. You need water, power and an internet connection- all of these cost money up front on top of regular payments.

So overall a 6/10 meme. Viable, but one that requires a solid dose of reality first
Yes. Comfy might be well in the start but soon you'll realize that it's just cramped.

I want some Culver's real fucking bad right now, man. I've been up all night masturbating and playing video games, and I'm so hungry. I'm out of food here in my house. I need to eat. Culver's usually opens at 10:30. I hope to God they're open on Independence Day.
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Welcome to 4chan 2017. This is the tip of the iceberg...
Is Culver's open on the 4th of July?
Holy shit, did I write this?

What do you do if your oneitis is serving 35 years in prison?
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How Romantic.gif
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This is your chance, anon. Write to her and visit her often. You'll pretty much be her only option. Maybe you can even get married while she's in prison and get conjugal visits?
I thought only women did this bullshit. The hell is wrong with you
Commit a crime that will get you the same 35 year sentence. Then you won't have a choice but to wait and the time will fly by.

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