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>walk into dentist's room
>she's about to give me a shot
>"I am afraid of needles, please be gentle"
>"what kind of man are you?"

was I sexually discriminated against?
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You should have pulled an alex jones amd torn your shirt open, SCREAMING about whatever upsets you in life and talking about how you eat steak
Yeah, you were. Sorry, bud. It happens. Culturally enforced masculinity and shaming those who don't conform to is a thing. Best thing to do is stay inside until you die.
She has a point though, you're a huge sissy.

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how's your hair holding up robots?
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I went and got my hair cut last week and the stylist said I've got a little bit of grey starting to come in but no issues with thinning yet. That's fine with me I will happily take grey over bald.
No one in my family, mother or father's side is bald.

My dad's hair is thinning fairly heavily, but he's in his 70, and still not bald.
>Tfw rare hairlet, manlet, brainlet family
Just kys mate.

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>Fear not, young robots, I am watching over you all from Heaven
>I will guide your path to success
>Pray to me every night to receive my blessing

Wat do
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I got zyzz I don't need this gay lookin fag
ZYZZ was never a robot, he was a poonani slayer who died because of his own vanity.

Saint Kristof died fighting mental illness.
Stop making these threads, you failed faggot, this won't be a thing

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>live in an apartment building filled with older people
>everyone is pretty friendly to each other and make small talk
>a QT the same age moves in a few doors down

Whats the gameplan robots? Is this just another taunt from god or can I make something of this situation without being a creep.
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do research on her, find her online accounts and such
That's a bit creepy + I don't have online accounts.
>hitting on a neighbor
that is a bit creepy to begin with though friend

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Hiya r9k! I've just turned eighteen, and I have seven hundred dollars to my name, what should I do with my newfound freedom?

I'd also like to get laid soon, but I don't expect much, although any advice is appreciated
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Save your money, live below your means, work hard.
>he thinks he's "free" at 18
Don't listen to this cuckolded wageslave

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Why do American women behave like disgusting drunken sailors? There's always lamenting of how masculinity is dying, but what happened to femininity, being demure, charming?
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They grow up in a society that no longer shames such behavior.
It's not just the women.

Pretty much everyone is disgusting, uncouth, and covered in obnoxious tattoos now. I hate what this country has become
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I am a serb and I wish I was american

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Hey robros.

I'm about to fuck up my entire life because I've lost all motivation due to not having a girlfriend. Basically I've been flirting with a girl who was my last straw (because we clicked really great, so if this one didn't work I'm done). We had an awesome date, texted after etc., but she ghosted me.

Anyway. I think I'm honestly done with women for a good for years. Trying to get them at all, treating them differently from men. Any tips on surviving the loneliness? Everything just seems so dreary.

But yeah, I feel if I continue down this path, I'm gonna just freak out and move out of this boring-ass city, and that'll cost me a lot of opportunities.
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I think its good that you try at least, you even had a date.
Vodka and anime are the vices you need
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If a girl was the only thing you had, you weren't going to make it in the first place

Survive the loneliness by finding another girl, either that or by injecting your energy into a career you feel passionate for

crumpling will achieve absolutely fucking nothing, and never has, get back up, keep moving forward

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>the advice i get most commonly is to lose weight, and i know that it's probably the only thing that's holding me back from normiedom (i'm 5'8" and 160lbs)
>enjoy junk food too much to quit it altogether
>never feel like going to a gym, ever. and if i do its only for 30 minutes.

what do
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I'm 5'10 and 220 pounds, other than my fat face my body's type (broad shoulders and fat distribution) basically gives the impression of skinny fat/mildly chubby.

still, how in the hell is anyone giving you shit for being 160 at 5'8? sounds within the bounds of normal. you're not a fattass like me, just unfit. don't worry about the junk food, worry about the gym.
anons on here tell me to lose it and one girl told me as well. i have a babyface which probably has to do with it.
Why do you get this advice? Why are people recommending that you lose weight? Why do you hope to achieve by doing so?

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How do you put up with being a NEET? I've been unemployed for a week and I'm already so bored that I drive around aimlessly at night just for something to do.
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You learn to fill up your time.
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you'll be numb soon enough, anon. it's inherent to NEEThood. required, even. the only exceptions are flashes of self-loathing that comes with being aware of your situation.

OP is real human bean

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There are plenty of things you can enjoy in life that don't require having good looks and an attractive personality, OP. Why not invest yourselves in them instead of caring what other people think about your face of banter? You'll be better off for it. Best of luck, robot.
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Like what? I'm not good at anything and the only thing I enjoy is love and respect.
You can't be good at love and respect if you don't love and respect yourself, OP. You may not be good at anything now, but that means there's so much for your to get good at by throwing yourself head first into a hobby. Since you have access to this shitty site, you have Internet access and a computer. Start learning programming and picking up 'puter language skills. That's one option.

>be late bloomer
>dick not fully grown until 18
>tfw never got to take a qt highschool girls virginity
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Not missing out on much to be honest. Enjoy the other parts of your life.
>tfw 18
>still 5'9
Motherfucker everyone in my family is 6ft+ nigger i better hit something before next semester
poast dick

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It's another "sister gets mad at you for using her old Canon 60D even though she got a new Sony A6300" episode
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Shit in her bed
despite the fact that women are spoiled whores, youre getting mad because she doesn't like you stealing her property
Trips confirm. Go full POO POO PEE PEE.

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Why does every girl like black guys now...
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They're the least cucked race. Everyone else has become a bunch of pussy beta males. Women are attracted to masculinity. Feminism is one of their many shit tests to get what they want from both those who fail and those who pass.
mark of the beast

I don't know why this wasn't original
black guy here. is that really true? the only women who've tried talking to me are antifa type feminist girls or nigerians

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how do you find old pornos? there was this girl form the early 2000s who i think mostly did lesbian stuff

cant remember her name for anything

all i remember is she was a white girl wearing a black dress and she was drinking red wine and starts fucking her friend
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ya fuckin dingus
a white woman doing lesbian porn,

gee well that narrows it down OP
>Step 1: Post your image along with ALL information about what it is you're requesting. Once this has been done..

I dont have an image asshole

a white woman drinking red wine wearing a tight black dress from the early 2000s is narrower than your autism example

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How do you deal with not being understood by others? I was venting to my bf (my only "friend" outside of my family) and he listened to me, but didn't know what to say because I didn't make sense to him. I'm too complicated. It makes me feel bad that people won't get me or my feelings
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Shut up. Your mouth is only good for sucking dick.
Look within yourself and try to understand that you're the one who is erecting these barriers.
Your bf wants to understand, can't you see? It hurts him as well when you shut him out.
At least you have someone. I'm totally alone in life and always have been.

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