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> tfw no paleoliberal centrist-fu to agree to disagree with

Life is suffering
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I disagree, I support, with freespeech for:
originally back to >>>/pol/
Why are all cute girls dumb as fuck? I'd fuck centrism out of her.

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Eat only fruit. You only need maybe 1 apple and 1 banana to last a day. Its super good way to save ur money on foodbudget. I personally use rest of food budget on cable for my tv
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rice and peanut butter too

i personally really like cauliflower and broccoli to fill you up minus the calories and cuts the cost
Tip #3: to save on the water bill, only flush the toilet once your shit has really piled up
Who here /jack cleaning supplies from the ss office/?

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Would you date a Neo Nazi?
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Yes, but what's the white stuff?
this meme pic always makes me laugh so hard
It's miIk

Are mixed/mulatto women the most beautiful women in the world?
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I think you might be on to something there OP
White women are the most beautiful,that's not up to debate
not as pretty as 10/10 white girls but can still hook some stupid white cuck into a long term relationship

>liberals are making up mental disorders for being a lazy fuck
You CANNOT make this shit up
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>muh libruls
>they're the reason I'm not reaching my potential
>they're the reason I'm not achieving my goals
>it's not that I'm inferior
Executive dysfunction is a symptom of TBI, not a mental disorder. Google helps you not believe fake news. Or, you know, just keep reading headlines and sperging out like the white trash you are.
>actually defending this bullshit
>Shitting up this already garbage board with your /pol/ garbage
Fuck off you normalfag

How would you kill yourself /r9k/?
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I've said this before and I'll say it again.
>get a shotgun
>go to city
>jump off a building with shotgun in mouth
>pull the trigger before I splat
i would if i had the guts
Why before you splat? Would be way more smart to stand on the fence and then shoot yourself so that you fall.

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What are your thoughts on women drinking/eating semen?
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I think it makes good entertainment.
I think it's cute to see a girl excited about cum, but what you've posted is disgusting. Kinda rapey desu
I think that you should post the source of that particular clip

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So do you guys have any porn that's realistic(ish) of dudes who obviously have no idea what they are doing and are super awkward being hit on by more aggressive females?

Related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWegAAUMA2U
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Hey check out my dubs. So seriously do you guys have any porn like this? I need to cum.
Shameless self bump. Original fucking comment here.
Bumping another time before I give up on life and kill myself.

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What is the cheapest way to feed yourself?

How many of you live off things like beans and rice? I'm trying to put together the cheapest nutritious diet possible

poorfags please respond. I mostly live off eggs and cereal right now but I want to stretch my neetbux more
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Can foods, particularly with vegetables
IME canned shit often isn't all that cheap

Not compared to eggs and rice at least
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WITH nutrition? Probably 4 soylent drinks a day... its about 10 dollars a day and you get great nutrition. You can legit live off it.

Or, a big jar of peanut butter and eat that straight + some fruits/veggies.

Lastly, you could go with the pagan asian diet of just rice and soy.

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*sucks your cock*

You still racist whiteboi?
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I am not white and I am not racist
Yeah I'm racist af but I'd use a black whore as a cumdumpster. White slavemasters had it good.
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*sucks your cock anyway*

You can't play both sides. You racist buddies won't be okay with you fucking a black girl and black girls won't be okay with fucking a racist.

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Share your darkest secrets, robots.
I am not here to judge.

>i wrote an xcom fanfic
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Every job I've held, I got by applying online.
not related but I often find myself fantasizing about writing my own epic fantasy novel with dragons and sword fights
I used a girl online just for sexual favors

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>meet a super qt shy girl when i was about 19 and she was 17
>talked a lot for a while, she said she was asexual
>assumed she's not interested in relationships but we kept talking
>fast forward a year, turns out she had a huge crush on me and never been into anyone else before
>we start dating
>she's extremely shy and nervous but I treat her well
>we start living together
>play vidya games together and hang out
>she writes extremely long notes in her diary about how much she loves me
>is extremely embarssed and yells at me when i find them, but sometimes shows me a bit when i beg
>really wants to have kids together

>fast forward 4 years
>have had hundreds of arguments since then
>i kept slacking my education and i'm in the same dead end job as i was, barely finished a few courses in college
>she basically hates me a lot of the time now and is completely jaded
>we still tolerate each other, but the magic is gone
>it's sometimes hard to believe we're the same people as back then
> i have flash backs to how she was back then and literally start crying

someone end these feels, please take me back to years ago, i'll do it right this time
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what went wrong?
waht are your arguments about?
If you're still together, you still have a chance to fix it. Don't waste this opportunity anon.
fell for the woman meme
GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BOARD NORMIE in an original way of course

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britfeel august 3.jpg
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Gettin' proper smashed with the lads down the pub edition
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Why are there always multiple britfeel threads running at once?
Go back to >>>/bant/ ffs.
Had a kebab AND a chicken burger. Not binged like this in months. Wonder if throwing up is as easy as it looks..
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t. Hans Schmidt

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>you finally meet the absolute perfect girl to fall in love with
>pristine virgin condition
>only wants your cock and coincidentally has all your fetishes too

>is terminally ill
>has about one quality year left

Knowing that, would you actually be with her?
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Probably not. I mean, I would obviously fall in love with her, and losing her after a year would be devastating. Besides, she'd ruin all other girls that would come after her by mere comparison.

Nah, I'm not a masochist.
Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all

-long hat guy from jojo
If she is that awesome, why miss out on any time with her, and not make her feel as loved as I can?

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Share anything creative in the creative robots thread, come share your latest art project or that song you've been working on. This is the place for all artistic expression to be shared, help brighten up /r9k/ with some creativity.
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here's my latest demo track take me over


>acoustic rock / folk / punk
ive got a really good idea for an /f/ flash. cant tell you guys too much about it because people will steal my meme but look forward to it.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for it anon!

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