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- God hates us.
- God left us.
- God is dead.
- There is no God.

Which is it? There are wrong answers.
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how about this one:
>god is not all powerful, all knowing, all seeing
>not realizing that any intervention on your behalf would fundamentally strip you of any free will you might once have had, thus ensuring your time on Earth will have taught you nothing
>God hates us
>God left
>God moved on with his life
>He's doing something else now
>He doesn't love us anymore and probably never really did

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Why does shia hate us so much?
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he is a faggot for real, and he hates us because we talk shit about jews.
cuz /pol/ fucked with his livestream a couple times and got him arrested.
>got him arrested

well, shit

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How about we start a thread with music which let our fellow broBOTs FEEL?
I'll start:
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this link was not original

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>tfw too afraid to make eye contact with girls

Why is it so hard?
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They're silently judging us
im trying to stop making eye contact with women.
sorry about that. i dunno what i was doing. honestly. im an idiot.
There is a thread for this, anon.

You will receive 5 million dollars to raise an 8 year old girl to the age of 18.

You CANNOT shuffle this responsibility onto maids or hired help. You must raise her yourself and have her in your house, and you must feed her, care for her, be emotionally supportive, and provide all the love and basic human necessities she needs.

Come on, she's 8, and she lost her parents in a tragic car accident. She has no surviving family. She's all alone in the world with no one who loves her.

Won't you open your door and your heart to an adorable little girl and make her a part of your family?
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Okay. I could quit my job with 5 million and so would have time for this responsibility.
Does she look like loli in pic?
you know everyone's just going to say they would fuck her man

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Hello guys, i remember couple weeks ago here was scandal about that twitch whore that she was gone out of connection for one day. She was spoted with 3 negros and her husband was really mad. Her name is laura i think. How did that story end? She's exposed slut now?
Pic semi related
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>high school
>90% black and hispanic
>white Stacey
>popular, cheerleader, and in student government
>parents were rich too
>rumor comes out she fucked 4 basketball players after practice one day
>rumor spreads online
>parents get a whiff of it
>pay cash money dollars for a private investigator and plan to sue for libel
>video turns up
>she did in fact fuck 4 basketball players
>one day she's gone
>parents moved her to a private school

Still makes me smile years later
This was on Reddit, you LARPing piece of shit.
really please link post, sounds hot as fk

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"Hey Anon, what have you done this week? What it fun?"
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Oh shit its this again
Yeah I had a great time.
Sakura get that smug look off of your face.
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"That's her resting face sir."
Lets get some surgery on Lupe and give her thicker thighs.

Why is moving out so fucking hard even when you have the money?
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>got job in San Francisco
>apartments by my job are fucking $4-5k a month
>eh, they pay well enough and I'm not going to live further away and have an hour commute each way
>choose apartment
>need credit check
>and references
>accept me
>2 months deposit upfront
>move there from Miami
>decide to leave shit and just buy new furniture
>get there
>go to furniture store
>shit is expensive
>delivery fee too
>have to take day off of work to meet the delivery guys
>most of it isn't assembled
>need to spend an entire weekend assembling it

Shit sucks
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What do you think is hard about it, anon?
i've been trying to move out for months and it's just too complicated for me. i want my own place but nobody will take me without pay stubs and shit like that, then i need to fly there, get an airbnb, and rent a car to even see the places in the first fucking place. nobody wants to have you move into their place if you're not from the area. it's fucking annoying.

>And every night as I lay there alone I would dream
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Matte Kudasai is a song about long distance relationships
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>iron man
>hand of doom
great robot songs on this album, id also recommend
>21st century schizoid man
>(don't fear) the reaper
>mr Crowley
planet caravan is about having sex though

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What would be Elliots 13 reasons why?
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>1: roasties
>2: being lonely
>3: crazy dad
>4: tfw no gf
>5: no boys to crack open a cold one with
>6: too much of a gentleman to find a lady
>7: all those blonde girls choosing inferior mates
>8: op is a faggot that watches 13 reasons why
>9: kill yourself
>1: Women are trash
>2: Women aren't worthy of a supreme gentlemen
We only need one.

>He lived in a twisted world.

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>sister comes to my room
>she wants to watch a movie
>watch a movie
>she cuddles with me while we watch it
>hold her real close in my arms
>she buries her head into my chest
>we fall asleep
>she wakes me up
>she says "I should probably go back to my room"
>she leaves taking my blanket

My bed feels empty now
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she felt your hard-on op
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>tfw no average-looking gf to watch movies and cuddle with
maybe if I ignore it it will go away

>girl who friend zoned me contacted me after 5~6 years
>asks me how I'm doing
>turns out she dropped college and has a 3yo kid
>she wants to meet up, "just a for a coffee and talk"
>I said yes

I have the feeling she's looking for a beta provider, the guy she had the child probably left her. But I'm such a sucker, I'm getting sucked right into this, my heart is racing like mad, I loved her so much. Fuck, I'm so weak.
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have fun fucking WITH her. If you fuck her you deserve the roller coaster you signed up for lol
Tell her "something" came up and just stay home and jack off instead.
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Act disinterested, wear this cologne, and she won't see you as a beta provider anymore. You'll be the love of her life.

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"You won't be happy if you're with someone else, you need to love yourself first"

What the flying fuck do normies mean by this? How am I supposed to love myself if noone loves me and I don't see myself as lovable but a disgusting creature?
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Its a meme, in the literal sense of the word. Its fruitless and vapid advice designed to placate, because everyone, at least to a normie's perception, is capable of accomplishing self love, and they feel comforted by the idea that this self love will lead a partner to them. Don't listen to those fucking idiots, they just regurgitate the same tired advice and have for centuries.
it is just more stupid be yourself bullshit
Dont be a trash person and the people closest to you won't think you're trash. Don't base your existence on a facade. I speak from experience - like education, it gets harder the longer you wait. Seize the day and all that shit.

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Think about it.
Do we know the game of love is fucked up beyond belief so we never play?

are normies pleasantly ignorant enough to subject themselves to it?
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take the beaten path anon. trust me. i wish id have been smarter when i was younger. its the way it is for a reason.
>the problem with my life is that I am too smart
The sooner you realize this isn't true the better off you will be.
why do normies always have such shitty advice then? it's like they aren't even paying attention

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Do women like smart men?
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not particularly. only if their intelligence got them a lot of recognition from society or made them wealthy. otherwise they're just kinda weird and creepy
I mean, Stephen Hawking was married two times so....
If they are rich.

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