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I want to talk about women who wear leather pants. You know what I mean. I've been to college, worked in a couple offices, and every once in a while you'll come across a woman who has decided to show up in a pair of leather pants and every time I see once of these people, I can't help but wonder what the Hell she was thinking. Because the thing about women's leather pants is that they serve absolutely no purpose. They don't have the elegance of a dress or the feminine charm of a skirt. The aren't as mature as a pair of actual pants, as atheletic as shorts, and they don't make your ass look as good as yoga pants do (trust me on this one; I've stared at a lot of asses). The only feature that leather pants surpass all of these articles of clothing in is making you look like a complete whore. That's it. And the thing that amazes me is that it's not just black people and trailer trash wearing these things. Women who consider themselves educated and empowered business professionals are showing up to work in garments designed purely to broadcast their skank factor. It just makes me wonder about the thought processes of the people who own these things, let alone actually wear them. Because I have talked to women and what men need to understand is that for a woman, picking out what she's going to wear is bar none the most important decision she will make that day. These are the people who actually pay attention to seasonal fashion trends and purchase fashion magazines exercising their most mentally exhaustive thoughts and coming to the conclusion that the most important thing she has to accomplish that day is letting everyone who encounters her know that she does anal on the first date.
This, more than anything else, is why I do not think that women should be allowed to vote.
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m-misaki doesn't mind if im fat, cut, and a loser.. r-right?
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she doesn't mind leeching off you while she bangs me
It's okay! She'll save you from hikimori and all your problems will disappear!
As long as you cut on your legs like a normal person

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>this fat fuck sits around watching shitty videos all day
>he's a millionaire
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>Sam Hyde detected

He has Jewish connections and you don't
He's not a millionaire you retard. Not al e-celebs are.
We need another holocaust

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originally of course
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this meme is retro at this point

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>Parents are always arguing
>been abused since i was a little kid
>finally turned 18/ready to get a job and get the fuck out
>started an ant farm
>started pretty small eventually had to move them to those plastic containers or tubs or whatever
>left the lid off when i moved out
>parents now have a major fire ant problem
Who else got /revenge/ on shitty parents
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From dust we came and from dust we'll go
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I'm in a class that is curved, the professor has caught cheaters from previous exams and I'm sure there's more. I don't care about the cheating really but they are hurting my grade, how do I convince my professor to give me more points because of them?
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Maybe you should just

git gud
Pls get your coffee so we can proceed with the talkies :3

>will never date Saber-san
why still didn't kys myself
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The fuck is this image?

Archer beats Saber in everything that isn't raw energy blasts

Delete this
No Saber is more powerful
actually Saber-san defeated my heart so this pic is just representation of feels
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>will never date Seraphina
Why even live? I'd settle for being her loyal servant, too.

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I'm at that point to where I don't care if I get cucked or if she's a whore. I just want to cuddle & kiss a girl and sleep together with her. Even if she doesn't put out.

I might suicide at this rate
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u do know pro whores exists? they might even give u a discount (a bit unlikely) if they dont have to deal with ur dick
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heres a story that should help
>be me, freshman in hs
>get a qt gf
>cuddle and lay with her all the time
>one night make out
>next we get feely
>she has a breakdown and goes crazy
>says i raped her
>get sent to prison for 6 months
>get out
>cant have a job or any normal life because i served jail time
>mfw wanting a good relationship and cuddling cost me my future life
Dont risk it op
stop making yourself paranoid on r9k.

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How do you not go completely mad from how much media there is to consume? Manga alone is being produced faster than I can read it
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Because nothing seems interesting anymore.

I can't even pick a book to read.
I don't feel any particular urge to consume all media, that's ridiculous.

Black people shouldn't be allowed to post here.
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>black people
I don't think so OP
how can we even prevent black people from posting? are we gonna start sending dna test to moottwo
require an IQ test before posting.

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i am trans gangster
i wasn't born a gangster
i want to be a gangster
support me at being a gangster
i want to be a gangster
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I need support
go drive-by yourself you degenerate monkey

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The Chad Pill:

Stop getting mad over stupid shit you see in news articles and in social media.

Stupid shit has occurred and has been said since the creation of language, and will continue until humans no longer exist.

Instead of wasting time getting worked up over it, try instead to spend more of your free time on your hobbies or things related to your hobbies.

People were more carefree in the 90s because they weren't bombarded with culture hysteria or depressing news in their pocket throughout the day. For news/culture consumption, regulate it to an hour a day.

Remember: getting worked over bullshit hasnt benefited you yet, and it never will. It's empty mental calories.
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Don't forget to just be yourseIf.
Fuck, how do I get bone structure and a hairline like that.
I don't follow the news. I don't follow social media, or look for things on the ineternet to annoy me.

I just don't know what to do with myself most of the time.

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>mom found the semen on the wall
its actually true. i can't look at her in the eye anymore.
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>dad reclaimed the semen surface
File: 1499518023685.jpg (12KB, 286x276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Father found the fornication fountain
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>tfw my mother even buys me constant rolls of toilet paper and i don't feel any shame anymore

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