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>tfw you will never have a tall hot blond woman go crazy for you
>tfw you will never have any kind of woman go crazy for you

This is what Chad life is like:


Imagine being that guy. Didn't even fucking flinch when this celebrity openly confessed her interest for him in front of the whole world. This guy gets that interest from 10/10s multiple times a day.
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Has anyone tried grindr? I just scored myself 2 pretty good looking guys, 1 off them my age the other older. He works at apple! Also trying to get more into cross dressing. Really makes the pain go away! As long as you've got an asshole, someone will want u!!
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no one from my place uses grindr, i just want someone to fuck my cute femboy body =(
Yeah. Whole area has been getting flooded by young transitioners for the past decade essentially so it's big here and they're easy. If you got money you don't even have to initiate they come to you.

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>inhale deeply
mm smelly fart
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Aeu du toillete

Por homme

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>look at catalogue
>no woman hate thread

We can fix that right?
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Definitely looking for BBC.

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black guy cummedon.jpg
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>give me mo cum, white boi
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post whatever the last thing you made is. pic related
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somebody's waifu I blacked
I made this in highschool and i refuse to delete it.

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How could I be so stupid?
Literally every one uses drugs
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I uses drugs, they special
i think people who take drugs or go bar hopping every night are as big of a loser as someone who stays inside all day, respect more people who go out during the day doing actual hobbies

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>tfw even raccoons get laid
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haha dood just be yourself, I am a robot just like you and I get laid often! this is the current state of this board
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shit, much lower forms of life than that get laid

Do you like mixed cereals?
pictured is a bowl of oat flakes and corn flakes.
nice combo of textures and bslance between oatiness and corn,s sweetness
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I like my cereals like I like my human races. Non-mixed.
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Hehe what are you talking about goyim?
Everyone knows that cereals taste better when you mix their flavors and allow them to compliment each other.
May I suggest frosted flakes with some big bold cocoa puffs?
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Oh man, fuck yes I do. One combination I enjoy is honey bunches of oats mixed with frosted mini wheats.

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I'm not angry, I'm apathetic

post music that makes you feel nostalgic of a certain time even though you didn't listen to that kind of music at that time

>constant reminder of my 5th/6th grade
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is it too late to be 24 and wanting to build a gaming computer ? i will be finishing college and getting a job and i will definitely spend my money on macbook and gaming computer and 4chan pass and live comfily alone UNTIL i can mature up and get married with someone. i will have very short time to be liberated alone.
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I don't really understand the question. Do you mean you're worried that your best computer building days are behind you, or that video games are to immature for you full stop. Anyway, if you're still a virgin at 24 you'll never find a wife, unless you buy one.
Not worth
Pursue a hobby with that money
I was a KV until age 23 and now I have a GF of five years.

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beppa big.jpg
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guy on /b/ is dumping his 4 month old piss bottle collection in the bathtub to take a bath in it


you might be interested
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that was utterly revolting but bless his soul for actually delivering

Who was home robots? Have you ever felt home? Tell me about it, and I'll tell you about mine.
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>be me
>be 16
>had bf and gf
>lived with then because mom kicked me out at 14 because I was the product of a rape, and she never wanted me anyway.
>be happy, bf and gf said i wasn't allowed to lose my virginity until i was 18, and it was gonna be to them
>bf comes home drunk one day
>attacks me, claiming i disobeyed him
>called me a whore
>beats me and knocks me down
>gf tries to intervene
>bf attacks her, pins her down and rapes her, i watch, but pretend to be unconscious
>he does the same to me
>it hurts so bad
>still play dead
>bf finishes and realizes what he did
>gf is crying
>bf goes into the back of the house
>comes back with a gun
>gf pleads with him not to kill us
>hear shot go off
>gf screams
>feel warm, stick wet on me
>smell copper and gunpowder.
>bf killed himself
>black out from shock and panic
>wake up in hospital
>gf is in mental ward
>bf is dead
>my home is gone

>never known happiness or dated anyone since then
>mostly stayed in my apartment when i wasn't working, with the rare exception of going to get groceries
>get a call a few weeks ago
>gf killed herself, left note to call me
>last bits of home are gone.

Hello Robots,
Tell us about your hobbies or any passions that you have in your life. Is there anything that you love to do? Anything counts.
Want to spread your passion?
This thread is also a place to brainstorm and recommend different hobbies to people.
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>jazz piano/trumpet
>extremely long walks in the city (several hours)
File: 1413170173213.jpg (34KB, 578x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am a in my mid 20s and need a hobby.

I live alone, keep my place clean and like to drink.

Please suggest.
long walks off a cliff

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