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What would you do if you saw moot walking in public?
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leave him be
Who is that? one of your gay friends son?
>leave him be
why not attack

Would you suck this hot Latin guy's dick?

State you age, sex, and nationality
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Is that what the shit dick looks like?
why's he got a nigger dick
girl here. brown coloured dicks like that remind me of poo and I would probably gag if I put that in my mouth based on the visual alone.

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Do lesbians like feminine cocks?
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Im really starting to understand the name trap. was fully convinced that was a chick for a full minute until I looked closer
those soles look pretty delicious and feminine
no if i liked cocks i would go for masculine men

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Would you have sex with a family member if she wanted it?
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I have sex with my cousin since we secretly started dated. She is my first girlfriend.
My sister wanted to have sex with me when we were younger but I said no because I was a scared stupid faggot.
Idk, not immediate family.
I have two sisters, and as much of a degenerate as I am I can't fathom ever having sex with them. Maybe a blowjob I guess since it's not as intimate

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breakroom walmart.jpg
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Post depressing pictures of your workplace
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breakrooms are usually very honest and depressing
File: walmart breakroom2.jpg (2MB, 3264x1836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
walmart breakroom2.jpg
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>usually very honest and depressing
>Proud Walmart Associate


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Powerlines Yellow.png
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"Anon, how come you have so many drawings of powerlines on your computer?"
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lain let's all love lain let's all love lain
Lain was created before the Internet
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Because powerlines are comfy

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Who else here has literally no friends? I have no hope left in my left, a girl would never like or be attracted to a loser with literally no social life. I don't have money, I may as well be neet. I have no qualifications. My life is a joke, i'm a real loner not a fake one people on here pretend to be.
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how are you meant to be happy when you are such a creepy abnormal weirdo like me?
You don't need friends for a relationship my guy. Lift and go to the bar.
when the girl finds out i have no friends or social life she won't care? I highly doubt it.

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Honestly. How can you compete with Chang?
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Penis pumps 200%
I want this asian boy to cum in me
Life has never been fair.

I can only compete against literal cripples.

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>Last Thread
>Thread Theme to set the mood:
>After succesfully defeating the Combine invasion last time, half of the world is now a desolated wasteland, with the oceans drained, the soil sterile, and anarchy everywhere, the world has finally gone to hell, and surviving is way harder than before
>to the east there is a city in pristine condition, the city has been claimed by a muslim warlord,and has renamed the city to the "New Mecca" behind the city there is a small river and oasis, the only source of water in the entire region
>west from the city there is the Crusader's Castle, and as the name says, it's poblated by Crusaders, they have declared "holy war" on the "New Mecca" empire, the Crusaders are governed by King Baldwin V, a leper, the guy says that he will not stop killing "infidels" until the New Mecca Caliphate turns the city in
>to the north is a small walled city, poblated by a bunch of weebs, aspies and women, all fleeing from the terror of "New Mecca" Caliphate, they are very conservative and very shy (and the women are qt too)
>west from the city is a mysterious pyramid, no one know what does it do, or what kind of eldritch horrors are inside but everyone is too afraid to go inside it, a small town was built around it,
>to the west there is the "Chad Kingdom" a kingdom ruled by a deluded madman, a Chad apparently descendant from a tribe of chads called the "Dudebrahs", he rules his kingdom with an iron fist
>to the south there is a contaminated river, full of radioactive shit, and under the river there is a bunker, habitated by some asshats calling themselves the "Brotherhood of Steel"
>we, the robots, start at the southwest, near a small abandoned outpost, odd numbers decide what happens, dubs and trips also count, you can roll endgame scenarios after the 120 post mark
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fucking hell i fucked up the title
let's leave the title as "the"
guess we'll have to roll with it
I think the best course of action is to check how many supplies we have, what kind of weapons and begin to stack them in order to collect ammo around the area; since it is an abandoned outpost there must still be something laying around that was left from the previous owners.

We also ought to establish a line of defense, maybe use the main tower to check whoever approaches, some dude with a single scope from a broken rifle or a pair of binoculars.

We might try to dig in the most moist area we can find to see if we can place some sheet of plastic on top of the pit Bear Grylls style and collect water in our unused pissbottles.
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>we place a bucket inside our makeshift well to gather water
>inside the outpost there were some old Combine OSIPR's and a Sniper rifle
>Our supplies are well stocked, we have enought tendies and water for 2 weeks, but we should start scouting for some more supplies soon

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I'm pretty sure i'll kill myself this month
the question is: should I lose my virginity to a hooker b4 I die or just end it as a virgin?
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You shouldnt suicide, but if you do you should go for the first one. Maybe sex with hookers will be good enough to live for.
end it as a virgin anon. don't succumb to the evil roastie. at least die a pure virgin.
Most hookers are manhating feminists. I can't imagine myself giving my money to those people.

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Fembots, if you are so lonely then why don't you just rape a guy?
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Man, I'd hate if a woman came and raped me
I actually did desu but it wasn't worth it.
>Chris Brown atomizes all women in sight with his fists and then makes dogs kill each other because he was raped
And the pedos here say there are no consequences for molestation.

>26 years old
>still get ID'd for buying alcohol
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>face and body of a 15 year old
>can't grow facial hair
The urge to kill my self gets stronger with each passing day.
>everyone assumes i'm in high school
good thing i barely interact with anyone ever
>look like im 30
>still get ID'd
Sometimes its a regional thing bro

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>wanting to play a game online with someone
>"hey do you want to play smash?"
>"smash" auto corrects to "anal"

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>playing smash
I'm sure you deserved this, the game is autism burned onto a disk
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well what did you expect from browsing this website?

oh wait it isn't autism central anymore it's normalfag city now
Smash 3ds? I want to play with someone

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>be me
>in paramedic school
>doing really well
>constantly want to give up
>everyone is encouraging me

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It's a useful vocation that you may be good at and may turn out to be fulfilling? Hell I'm here to encourage you. Go get 'em anon.
i dunno.

i know the stuff, i can do the skills, but i'm having the same problem i had in emt school, and that's the fact that I simply don't care about my patients.

like, i'll do what i can to save you, but honestly if some one dies on me it's not a big deal to me and i feel no empathy.

Wow, you're so unique and edgy. I bet you also have a wicked sense of humour.

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You know the drill. Write your letters, let it all out. Include initials if desired.
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Please get out of my head
I fucked up, M. I just want to tell you I'm sorry, even if nothing changes. I just miss you all the time
Sorry J, he just wouldn't stop. tell E i said hi though.
P.S. He's buried in mom's yard

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