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>he always keeps his hands in his hoodie pockets when wearing a hoodie
>he drinks with a straw
>he says "what?" to get someone to repeat themselves
>he says "yeah" in response to someone thanking him
>he pees in stalls, even when a urinal is available
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>>he says "what?" to get someone to repeat themselves
But what if I didn't hear them?
>he says "what?" to get someone to repeat themselves
I say "excuse me", and women laugh or smirk every time. I only used to say it ironically because I found it dumb, but got attached to the phrase.
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>tfw beta
>tfw not original

How to get semen stain off school textbook? I'm fucked.
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make more stains of it there it will be like a food spill easy to wave off

Why are you cumming in your textbooks anyway?

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serious question here

why is /r9k/ so obsessed with sex ?
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because they are not having it.
When humans don't get something they need, they become obsessed with it. It's like money, if you have it then it's easy to say that money isn't everything.
I'm pretty sure /a/, /v/, /jp/, /g/ and many other boards have a pretty healthy proportion of virgins as well, and they each have their threads to deal with that but it's not nearly as bad as this board's obsession

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Where did it all go so wrong?
>2007 was 10 years ago
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I didn't know I could become more depressed but you just proved me wrong. Just kidding, I'm already as low as I can go!
star wars battlefront 3
You almost got me, but I have a working copy of the first and second battlefront for the original xbox in front of me! If I din't have this xbox though I probably would've cried.

if he can u can
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i bet he's rich
Alpha widowed
Stop posting these threads, you ugly hapa.

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Is this natural? Is this right? Is this beautiful or wrong ?
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This is, unfortunately, a <spoiler>nigger</spoiler>.
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> light skinned black girls
oh boy another self hate thread

>tfw too educated and wealthy to date within my social class; cannot relate to any of those women
>tfw too unattractive to date in my social circle of upper class folk

Please tell me I'm not the only one who knows this feel!

Sometimes I wish I had just gotten myself a lower class job straight out of HS instead. It'd probably be happier and have a wife and kids already.
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>classism in 2017

Social classes still exist even if they are informal. I know virtually nobody who grew up as poor as me and subsequently I'm the only guy who is below average in looks amongst my social circle of friends and acquaintances.

Most of the people I grew up with didn't even graduate HS.
Later faggot, I hope that you and all of your normalfag friends die horrible deaths

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Dear fembots, please give me a chance.

I feel very lonely and maybe here I will find happiness? I always try to be a good person, maybe I can make you happy.

Let's talk, if anyone is interested.
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Cool. Where are you from?
I'm from Europe.

>Original comment
Hey anon, how are you doing today?

Obligatory birthday thread.

So yeah, 20 today.
Just hit the point of no return. Feelsbadman.
should i have sold myself to a whore? idk, welp.
the whole thing isn't that important anyway...

Just wanted to say thanks /r9k/ for reminding me I'm not the only one who is a beep boop.

How did / will you spend your birthday this year?
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First off, congrats on not ending it all. You've got this OP, have courage.
Second, I'll probably just spend my birthday like every other day. It's been years since anyone's wished me happy birthday
Virginity is overrrated.Just fuck for fucks sake.It wont change your life, just make it comfier.
Thanks, haha. I'm not really at the point where I want to end it all. I have some things I enjoy in life.
Also, I know this probably doesn't mean much, but happy birthday in advance. :)

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What type of caffeine beverage are you drinking right now? Why are caffeinated drinks the master race of drinks?

>He drinks energy drinks

Those are caffeinated too but iced coffee is better.
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Drinking a Pepsi right now. Drank a whole pot of coffee this morning. My addiction has gotten to the point where I drink coffee to calm down, not get energy.
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Attention: this thread has been taken over by S I P B O Y Z 2 0 1 7.

This is now /sips general/
I put instant coffee into my mouth and wash it down with water.

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>Dad wants me to receive costumers for the family business.
>Tell him I'm going to make a mess as usual
>"don't be silly , you just have to take the money and hand the keys . How can you possibly fuck up ?"
>Hand the customer the wrong pair of keys
>Have to ask him to change the room while he was doing "his things"
>he obviously gives us the worst review in 8 years and calls me the "moron son of the owner"
>dad won't trust me anymore
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does your family run a brothel or what?
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I work at a small museum and last week 3 tards came in. Accidentally charged them way too much, had to explain to them and the carer looked at me like I was fucking Mussolini. Purchases had to be redone and the till messed with. Whole thing took like 30 minutes while i stood there awkwardly.

Almost got fired.
No , just a B&B . But we receive all kind of people.

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i woke up again but my friend hasn't hugged me
no fair
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What if I were to hug you instead? :3
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I want to hug the rem too! I wanna give him lots of hugs and cuddles and stuff!
Fucking kill yourself you degenerate mentally ill tranny

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How are you enjoying the game so far
you'll never see this coming *unzips dick*

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>girlfriend empties shared account on expensive clothes
>bitches about you playing games and not working enough
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>shared account

You deserve absolutely no sympathy. Where's that picture of that retard fucking up his own bike? It's relevant here. You're an idiot if I haven' made that clear enough.
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>shared account
Dumb cuck.
You're a fucking retard for falling for the pussy meme, idiot. Enjoy the "feels good on muh dick" while she siphons the money out of you, and once you're nothing but a dessicated fucking corpse she kicks you to the side, and moves on to the next fresh stud with a nice, fat wallet.

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Big brown girls are the best. This is an objective fact.
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>Not small pale girls with dark aesthetics

Your thing is gross.
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Heck off anime pleb

2D girls are NOT important.
sauce on this, please. I'm a sucker for areola peeking out of clothing

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