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Why don't you just move to Asia, robots?
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I wouldn't mind moving to BC or Cascadia
I'm white and the west is my home.
im black

asians hate black people with a passion so no thanks

Any girls hear need a girlfriend (male)?
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I do but I don't want a relationship based on sex.
Will you cuddle and talk about the Star Wars EU (legends)?
I'll be your friend (male)...

Is a leafs only purpose to fall?
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Leaf abscission is important. The tree must conserve energy during the winter months. Unless it's some trash xerophyte.
Stop stealing league character quotes.
No you stupid faggot they catch sunlight and feed animals.

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end times2 jpeg.jpg
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Not a good thread tbqh bois.
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I finally did it. Can't believe it. I knew that I'd regret it soon after.
I'll never understand why people from the UK like these threads so much
this thread is a trip fag free zone.

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Please give me tons of sad pictures
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dog rain.jpg
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>tfw trying you best to be a good doggo, but it isn't helping
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tfw tomorrow is my birthday and no one will say happy birthday
Happy birthday from me, anon

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Freestyling edition: anything goes.
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First. How have you been lad?

Didn't get much sleep. Today was an OK day.
I don't really post here often but I felt like talking. Are there any people here you felt like you've actually helped?

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Tell me robots, what are your plans for tonight?
I just came back from uni, and tonight I'll watch the League of Legends MSI eating a glorious steak, what are you going to do?
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telling strangers on the internet I want to kill myself
I should probably make myself do something productive but more likely than not I'll just shitpost all day, tell myself I'm not gunna drink tonight, and by 5pm I'll be wasted.
re-drafting my suicide note and then killing myself

tfw metastatic non small cell lung cancer
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Are you a smoker or was it just random?
i was an ex social smoker t b h
sorry to hear man...chances of survival?

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Alright, it's time to post things we've created. No matter how shit.

Here's mine.


Pic unrelated.
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Goodshit anon, little gritty in the beginning but it cleans up.
pretty nice, would put in a comfy videogame town
Thanks, it's tough to phase lock with my own playing for some reason.

how aer you? i tried to make finnish brownies for mothers day but i failed to whip the eggs enough and it ended up weak pancake.
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That looks lovely OP!
looks tasty regardless anon, good job
It looks nice. I'd definitely eat it. Good effort.

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How do we change the fact that women make 22% less than men for working the same jobs?
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misleading and disingenuous statistic
We can't because it's not true. The information from the Census Bureau is a ratio of the difference between women's median earnings and men's median earnings.

It has nothing to do with an individual woman and an individual man getting different pay from the same job, it means that women in a certain field earn a bit less than men for reasons like there are less females in that field and that women tend to quit earlier because children and such.

78 cents for a dollar is an argument of sheep because it sounds good but no-one ever even knows what it really means or where it came from.
They don't.
Two seconds of any research will show you that.

Women choose lower paying professions, they don't get paid less for the same job.

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Anybody here in a long distance relationship? Any tips?
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Just be aware while she's not talking to you she's probably getting her shitter pounded by chad and when she's shitting her insides out after the anal AND vaginal bombardment she'll be thinking about you because shit reminds her of you.
>implying i don't tell her to do that while talking to me as well
So your an actual cuck.

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feel guy scary.png
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Who /ghost/ here?

>Cut contact with people and don't speak to them for months/years
>Pull out of events and never respond back

I just want to be alone in solitary bliss
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>text some one
>Get reply a week later saying "sorry forgot to reply"

I hate this existence.
Ghosted my oneitis several months back. She has tried many times to contact me. Recently she was pouring her heart out to me and may wanna fuck. I actually responded to her texts but acted and distant and disrespectful. I feel lonlier than ever now.
>nobody reply on my post
>rarely post and lurk since 2013
>nobody give attention irl
>nothing produce last 3 month

O'm not exist

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>tfw no antifa gf to resist white supremacy with
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I went on my first date ever a few days ago. It ended with her asking me a bunch of really weird questions about how I felt about white entitlement and capitalism.

Deleted her out of my contacts the second I left.
>to resist white supremacy
>dating a communist
no thanks antifa women are literally trash tier

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cum in mouth
regret it
do it again

when will this cycle end
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When you stop being a faggot pro tip you wont
>tfw pic related has broader shoulders than you do (even though you are man)
>go upside down to cum in my own mouth
>feel balls go up inside me while cumming
>panic and turn myself upright, thinking shitshitshit
>balls eventually pop back outside again
>hurt for a couple of hours
>never do it again
>tfw missed my mouth anyway

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