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Earliest memory thread

>Family is moving houses in my home town
>Remember looking out the window at some dogs barking at me
>New house is only a block away

Apparently I was 2 when this happened

Next memory is of me getting in trouble for drawing on the walls
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Is it weird that I cant remember events but can perfectly recreate rooms and completely remember roads and directions and shit? Like I can perfectly recreate the very first house I lived in and the whole neighborhood around it in my mind but I remember absolutely nothing that actually happened.

That's actually kinda cool.
Do you still have good spacial memory or is only of childhood stuff?
Yeah I have a perfect sense of direction and I only need to walk a path once to completely commit it to memory. So once I've been somewhere I never need directions again.

Why don't you just have sex ironically
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sex is the deepest spiritual connection between two souls and their bodies the highest purest ecstasy the greatest truest joy
im meeting up with some guy from craigslist for oral, am I gonna be killed
how would you know if you never had it

comparing your anime porn to sex is like comparing a movie to real life


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I just want someone to dominate and degrade me god dammit
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At least post some contact info fag.
Like what my boi??

Kik, telephone number, email? Obviously

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There are also threads for this project on /bant/, /vp/, and /mlp/.

4chan is taking over this canvas.

Starting at coordinates 0,0 we will build a giant 4chan logo.

We need the help of ALL BOARDS to work together. Your mission:

>Place pixels to build the logo
>Defend the logo from attackers

We can do this if we all cooperate. We are the strongest army on this canvas.

Our enemies are:
>SDLG, a clan who seeks to paint the board with their red and black logo
>The Void, a vortex of pure black pixels
>Various Reddit boards who will place random pink and blue pixels on our logo in attempts to destroy it
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I got nothing else to do this Sunday so why not
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This is every robots duty to fight for the glory of 4chan
right leaf needs support

>be me
>nekopara 3 comes out and i realize ive only read up to 1 and gotta catch up
>downloads a cracked version of nekopara 3 for later like i have with 1, 2 and 0
>nekoworks dont kill me
>weekend is comin up so ill just do an all nigher saturday and be tired af sunday but oh well
>saturday night comes
>hops off discord voice chat while everyone watches Boss Baby on rabbit
>opens up nekopara 2
> bout an hour or so in and Coconut starts calling Kashou Onii-chan
>drama starts up with Azuki, Kashou and Coconut
>sad stuff
>first h scene with Coconut comes up and i start jacking off obviously
>certified minute man so i cum at the titjob
>looks over at the clock
>6 am might as well get some sleep
>doesnt close out of nekopara cause ill just jerk off again when i first wake up
falls asleep

>wakes up at around 11 am because sof mom yelling
>fuck u mom im tired
>goes back to sleep
>about 15 minutes later mom walks in pissed because its almost noon to her
>she sees nekopara 2 open on laptop along with neko hentai on tablet
>mom wakes me up straight faced and says get dressed
>gets dressed confused and a little pissy
>remembers were gonna go get new shoes cause mine are fucked with mud
>realizes that mom just saw a bunch of neko hentai by coming in my room
>probably gonna get yelled at rip me
>comes upstairs dressed and she doesnt seem mad anymore
>no one says anything to anyone until she gets her car keys
>"lets go" she says with a smile on her face
>happy to be let off the hook
>gets in the car feelin cool and mom puts on some of her music
>she pulls out of the driveway and starts jammin as she drives
>everythings cool until we get to where she stops
>looks out the window and realizes were at a pet store
>she orders to get out with her as she walks in
>confused as shit
>she walks over to the cat area of the store
>follows and she says to watch the cats
>theyre just layin around chillin
>she asks if this turns me on
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Can you stop writing in 3rd person, you fucking idiot. You're talking about yourself, not someone else.
>Not turning off your monitor
>Living with your parents
>Having to be driven around

Fuck off
Thanks for sharing, anon
neet weeb boys are cute, I want to hear more about the antics you and your mom get up to

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Is it even possible to be happy with another man's leftovers?
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If it bothers you just date a virgin. But it shouldn't be a deal breaker for you if she had something in the past and it didn't work out
Only when the woman's heart and mind have changed.

Which is near to impossible. maybe 1 in a 100,000.
>just date a virgin
Right, because you can just find them anywhere especially in the year 2017.

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why do girls care about acid attacks

just be yourself, take a shower, looks doesnt matter, remember?
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hahaha well done man
Dude just exercise and eat healthy
i love how the greatest fear a woman has is an acid attack.
like they know the most important thing is their looks and they would rather die than be ugly.
This is the only thing we can thank muslims for in recent times. You still have to go back though

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Hard mode: it can't be Goebbels
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Aryan ubermensch Himmler of course
Goebbels was a manlet little faggot that even his colleagues despised

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I hate this fucking place so much


holy fuck are you guys that stupid or just trolling either way you're all so contemptible

fuck this place

we all deserve the agony
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Woah there OP, you seem to be very angry about it. Wanna "Trap & Chill"? We can discuss about the gift our Lord gave us called Traps. Maybe that could give you the motivation to search for a cute trap gf (male), if the bible doesn't solve your problem, I promise that living with a cute trap will OP.
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fuck this guy
You don't have to feel excluded Anon, we can do a "Three-People Trap & Chill" if that makes you feel better.
All robots are always welcome.
Except fembots because I don't think you can invite something that doesn't exist at all.

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Did i fuck it up robots? I am really fucking confused. I just came home from my first date of my life.

>new girl comes to my workplace 1 week ago
>since our first meeting she was always smiling at me
>at 26 khv I gave up getting a gf, I never watched her more than a friend but we always have such good time
>yesterday we are talking on facebook, I have to go
>she tells me she would like to spend more time with me, and she asks me if I want to go out with her today
>never went anywhere with a girl alone but ok
>I google everything about what to do on a date
>It says that girls fucking love to talk about themselves
>I prepar questions and shit to talk about
>we meet in a bar
>we sit down and we order our drinks
>she is just sitting in silence
>I ask her many things, she just answers with yes and no
>she didn't even bother to interact me with anything
>I ask her if she wants to dance
>we drink up our drinks
>"sorry anon I will go, I thought you were more fun"
>she leaves

What the fuck was i supposed to do?
i fucking don't understand.

I want to literally kill myself
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Wow. You really ham-handed that one, dingus
I don't know what to tell you. This bitch is ether very bipolar or you did something extreme that you are not aware off, or you are not telling us something. Ether way you need to move on and not obsess over some twat.
>I just came home from my first date of my life.

Fuck off, normie.

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Post whatever song you're listening to.
bonus points if it's a song that makes you feel.
r8 others.
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good taste anon, it's one of my favs when i want to feel miserable

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Will rimming be the next big thing?
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it is already. are you stupid or something?
no but I'm talking BIG

like BBC BIG
like KEK BIG


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>masturbated to huge titties since I was 12
>finally get gf at 19
>she's skelly and has no tits
>I was over at her place last night and we tried to fuck for the first time
>couldn't get hard because she didn't have tits
Where do I go from here?
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You go to /soc/ because you're a fucking normie. Fuck off.
back to facebook and aks your friends Chad and Tyrone on what to do about it

fuck off normie
I don't have social media or friends. I just got super lucky by getting a gf

Does nationality contribute to anyone else's depression? My country has been stepped on by almost everyone throughout history,it hasn't amounted to anything great,literally nobody in the 1st world tolerates us and it makes me ashamed to be part of it
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I take it you're Polish
I wish originoli malonie
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It's ok, your country made Silent Hunter 3, which means you're at least better than Poland

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Sunday ballbusting thread

Sitting with wives family for a big dinner, not much going on so come im and let me know what's on your mind and get some (you)s. I won't be posting pics cuz I have a shitty iPhone now so you can hide pictures by default
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Some of the threads are getting really lazy. Just saw a thread that just said wagie hundred times
Everyone in this famdamly takes caffine supplements
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Found a pic in another thread that I can share

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