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How has your first few days been robots?
Is kgf2k17 going to become a reality?
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I'm going to start trying to get internships for my STEM meme but I've never done anything so my resume is half a page
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Already gave up on being a normie desu
I always have a spurt of energy towards it at the beginning of the year and then it sputters out in a matter of days
they've been decent, kinda

i'm doing a sports broadcasting class which is great

also doing a software engineering class which is just a group project -- which i really love, it's nice working with others

i'm just so tired though

>missed out on teenage love
>never had a gf
>27 now
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Its called having a social circle
Anon my roids are hurting me

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The last bastion of robotkind is still resisting the normalfag hordes.

>no trannies
>no unvirgins
>no women

Join now at https://discord[dott]gg/kFKHdn8 to bolster the resistance

>inb4 b-but muh discord is for normies

Normies use 4chan too, does that mean everyone on 4chan is a normie? Stop trying to find excuses to whine about. Don't be a cuck, join the resistance.
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bumperoni m'guys
bumptydumpy oriagns

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>"I'm so lonely anon, come here and cuddle me for a bit"
What do you do?
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cuddle bc im lonely too
Probably come up with an excuse to go home and then masturbate furiously to thought of actually cuddling her
I'd cuddle with her. Origin

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Do you think your life would be better if you were white?
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My dating prospects would certainly be better. Asian by the way.
I would have killed myself if I was a cumskin
Being a white pig wouldn't have solved my autists, just see all those pasty robots browsing /r9k/
I'm white, but it hasn't done me any other favors than having good intelligence.


What was it?
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All boys get curious at that age.
I'm unsure about what I'm looking at. I'm going to go eat food.
>Pans down
>pans back up
>He's right in front of him
typical spic behavior, no respect

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i was a victim of human trafficking. law never caught the scumbag responsible for it.
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my older brother took out his budding sexuality on me from when I was 6 to when I was 10'

never reported it
that's nothing you fucking pussy, there are kids in africa who LITERALLY have nothing to EAT

now stop being so selfish okay???
told us your story anon

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What the fuck happened to these?
Either I miss them everytime they come up, or nobody makes them anymore.
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What is your take on this?
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>tfw my dream girl don'tt exist
What am I meant to do in this thread? I'm unclear on what it is

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Is Serial Experiments Lain literally "Reddit: The Anime"
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not really. Why would you think this
No, it's transhumanism before the internet
whats with the recent trend of christcucks in this board labeling everything slightly evoking atheism as "reddit"?
Honestly, if you believe there is a god and are on this board you are either retarded or just think that God is evil.
Lain was discussed on /a/ before reddit even existed, and Rick & Morty nihilism is precisely on 4chan's vibe, you fucking autist kike worshippers.

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Well, she's certainly taking "leaks" to a whole new level.
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is peeing very uncomfortable for girls she seems to be distressed
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I wanna eat miley's pissy pussy and lick her dirty piss soaked feet
wth is wrong with this kid?

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because my ssds are almost 100% full with interracial porn :(
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i need an external so i can finally back up all my important shit. my music and SFM collection is starting to get really large and i'm thinking about joining patreon, which means i need more hard drive space.

but i also really want a gtx 1070. the 980 can't handle shit anymore if it goes about 4gb VRAM, it's such bullshit.
you're a fucking loser if you have that much porn.


sauce...with oregano comment!

Any robots serving in the military or thinking of joining?

Talk about your experiences/plans

How's the US Navy lads; how often are you sent out to sea?
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>robots serving in the military or thinking of joining?
>robots serving in the military

Why can't summer fags get out already
I'm leaving for Navy bootcamp on the 5th, a little nervous that I'll be working in a sub
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Actually there are plenty of robots in the military. You'd be surprised. People constantly make Uni threads daily and no one seems to realize that military is the robot route. Why the fuck would you want to subject yourself to a sjw, chad, filled university, going from class to class with no friends to talk to, constantly feeling alone in your room while your chad roomate brings his friends and hoes that he fucks in your living quarters that you share Military guys are the real bros. They have a unique type of kinship and are accepting to all. Most of the technician jobs are filled with guys like us, so fuck off cunt.
Good luck anon, are you going in as a Nuke?
I leave for bootcamp October 30th.

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I suggest we ban the reddit spacing
first we need another standard for post formatting
any ideas?
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I suggest we ban esl-posters who can't into paragraphs.
how to let everyone know you're a retarded faggot- the post.
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The fuck is this newfag meme? I say we just ban all newfags, such as yourself.

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Hi anon,

Are you okay? Tell me what's wrong. I'm here for you xox
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Tell me more. How is it affecting you?
My friends won't see me anymore, they're so busy with their lives they have no time for me, I just don't fit in anymore

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... And I will never have it.

I'll always be an ugly WMBF mutt spawn.
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you're probably not even ugly desu
Chris Harper-Mercer, is that you back from the dead?
Below average or ugly, it's the same shit. Look at the pic he posted, a true GOD.

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