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Does anyone have good music to read to? None of that classical music bullshit, shit's too distracting. What I'm looking for is music that's like the kind you find in visual novels.

Posting this on /r9k/ because robots have the best taste.
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>Still in love with my idealization of my ex even though I know my ex ended up not being her
>torn between wishing those few months of delusion either never happened or never ended
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are you me? had the same happend to me back in march
My illusion broke in early July
Worst part is that it happened years ago, your only experience was with her, and she has been riding the cock carousel since. You still think a lot about those times, she doesn't even remember.

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alright guys. Due to not taking responsibility soon enough and a soft upbringing, I've ended up studying for a meme liberal arts/ humanities degree albeit at a good uni. Are there any clever ways I can avoid flipping burgers other than spending money on more education?
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you can become a teacher

or you can switch degrees
Take a teachable minor. Get a teaching certification. If you fail as an artist, become a teacher.
Take education classes towards teaching.

Or join the military as a commissioned officer.

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Post the last thing you masturbated to. I won't judge.
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But I'm doing that with your picture now
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don't judge me m8
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>implying i won't be judged anyway

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>"You've never been with a girl before femanon? heh, if you ever wanna try let me know, i think your pretty cute"
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She looks like a sjw dyke tbqhwymf
disgusting, sex with the same gender is a sin and you will be punished for it
Why would I want sex with bo emotional attachment?

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>tfw in college for 3 years
>tfw still in freshman classes
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you'll get there anon
Do you get girls or are they with chad?
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>did 4 courses in a space of one year in uni for my first year

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AnimePencilGirl 2.jpg
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Traps aren't fucking gay. Fuck you all who say it is.
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It's just normalfags that say so. Don't let them bother you anon.
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This. If they're feminine it isn't gay. Liking Femininity = straight, masculinity = gay. It's that simple really.

sounds like you're a fag who wants to suck penis and get banged in your butt.

Fuck off homo

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If people didn't exist and it was just you and the current world with robots and computers doing the work with keeping up your current way of life what would you spend your energy towards?
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teach the robots about anime
get them to generate video games and porn and have a never ending supply

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>37-year-old woman wants to come over for a date.
What do?
I'm just a beta jesus skeleton I'm panicking help
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You've got to DESTROY HER anon... SEXUALLY! Oh my goddddddddd anon! Holy fuck anon! Oh my goddddddddd stick it in there and UNF UNF UNF DE LA UNF UNF!
Let her come over ya fuckin puss
Probably original.
Just start screaming "GIVE ME MOMMIES MILKIES" as soon as she shows up

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Come share anything creative in the creativity thread
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This is a crying call for artists to brighten up /r9k/
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Am I creative?

that is creativity friend well placed

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Fembots, how often do you take a shower or take a bath?
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Usually twice a day, once when a I wake up and once when I get back from work, on Saturdays once in the morning and once after the gym, Sundays just the once
same time I change panties and bra, once every three days
"Fembot" right, right.

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You have been gifted three (3) cosmic good boy points by the transcendental Pepe of omnipotence. You can spend them on any combination of the following:

+1 inch of dick
+1 inch of height
+10 IQ points
-10 lbs of fat
+10 lbs of muscle
+1 year of unconditinal happiness
1 night of consensual sex with anyone you want

Spend them wisely anon.
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>+30 IQ points

ez choice
Basically this in an original way
>tfw not in the 0.001%

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no skipping and please contribute if you post yours

>Bjork - Harm Of Will
>Duster - Topical Solution
>Idles - Mother
>Set Fire to Flames - Deja, Comme Des Trous De Vent, Comme Reproduit
>Drag-On Dragoon 3 Original Soundtrack - Exhausted 3
>Kaki King - Can Anyone Who Has Heard This Music Really Be a Bad Person?
>Natural Snow Buildings - The Cursed Bell
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>modest mouse - the devils workday
>system of a down - toxicity
>nirvana - drain you
>violent femmes - blister in the sun
>david bowie - man who sold the world
>mom jeans - scott pilgrim v. my GPA
>funkadelic, kendrick lamar, ice cube - aint that funkin kinda hard on you (we aint neva gonna stop remix)
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original yui bump

emotionally distant with your parents
has been close to sex multiple times in your youth but not since
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cool and nice

>DJ Screw - Use Me
>Anonymous (Music in the World of Islam) - Ayala (A War Dance)
>Arca - Pargo
>Les Rallizes Denudes - A Memory So Distant
>DJWWWW - Scary Moments
>Faust - Me Lack Space...
>Chief Keef - You My Number One

>smoked weed for the first time two days ago
>didnt get high at all
>try again today
>after smoking instantly my eyes begin to feel weird
>suddenly pulses of pleasure shoot through my body and everything suddenly seems really slow
>LImbs start to feel weird
>suddenly realise i am high and start feeling really euphoric
>run around the house doing kung fu moves and smiling
>after like 10 minutes it starts wearing off
>pack up two more into my makeshift bong
>start getting really dizzy and happy
>start intensly fapping with no lube to pics of a girl i barely new a year ago
>start wrting an epic heavy metal rock opera entitled: "when the dinosaurs rocked the earth"
>about halfway into the second act stop feeling happy and just feel wierd, tired, fuzzy, slow, and dizzy
>feel like im watching my self in a movie
>start feel like im dreaming and order some blind guardian merch online(which is weird cause i dont even listen to them that much anymore
>fap to the same girl again
>fall asleep
it was really something
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The first time I got high my head became completely empty and I spaced out constantly. All I did was lie down and stare at the ceiling and TV.
The first time I got high everything looked really distorted and I started contemplating the meaning of love and human connection. I started laughing like a maniac to the point where I couldn't stop myself, and then I started crying more and more until I was so upset that my ex girlfriend had to hold me and tell me that it was alright. I remember feeling really happy to be nestled into her arms that evening.

cmon man.at least give us the first act of that opera.

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Favorite beverages, lads? Gomi vodka here.
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I feel uncomfortable looking at the drink in his right hand, it looks like it's gonna fall any second
I like a pint of Guiness
Proper lager or vodka. I never mix vodka just chomp on a gherkin after the shot
Liquor? Sailor Jerry

Beer? 4loko

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