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Anime is not for robots.

It's for little girls and homosexuals
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I'm a robot who wants to be the little girl.

Thank god I'm not a tranny though.

>anime image board
You would be hard-pressed to find little girls who watch anime.

Real robots hate that fucking trash

>First date
>"So what do you do for fun, Anon?"

What say /r9k/?
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BEGONE Ethiopian Semen Demon!

I have no food for you
>Play video games. Lately I've been playing kingdom hearts again.
>what video games have you been playing recently?

Don't twist this op because I would never go on a date with a girl who I know didn't share my interests.
jerking off to mongolian cartoon tities while choking myself and massaging my prostate

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he'll never be my friend again
im supposed to forget what they said to me like nothing happened
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Please delet this skelevaxel/ul
Faggot you made like three threads in this terrible english. Explain the situation or fuck off.
leave me alone i dont mknow ytou
youre just trying to make me cry more becajuse itgs funny to you

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Fembots, do some girls like small penises?

Asking for a friend.
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If the owner of the penis is a person she likes, a girl doesn't care about the size.
if you look like shota-bait
I doubt there are many women who like small penises. There are probably a great number of them who are willing to look past a small penis if the guy has a number of other attractive features.

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Why are wagecucks always angry? They claim that they don't hate their life, but their behavior says otherwise.

>on my way to get a chicken biscuit for breakfast
>coasting along in the right lane on the interstate going 55mph, listening to some music, enjoying my freedom
>wagecucks are all tailgating me and passing me at 80mph
>they all look pissed off and in a hurry

What's the rush, wagies?? Is Mr. Shekelstein going to whip you extra hard today for being 5 minutes late?
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No, they love you so much that they don't want to lose their jobs because then they wouldn't be able to pay for your neetbux anymore
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You are not getting the responses you expected Mr neet
Next time say left lane instead of right lane, you'll get way more replies that way.

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How many of you guys play Poker?

Do you use PokerStars?

What do you think about a HomeClub for /r9k/?
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id be down for poker
I played poker for a little while. Used to do it through 888poker but was recently banned in Australia.

Never really played with much. But once got into one of their $250k whale tournaments through a $1 satellite and won just over $7k for placing well.
wew lad, i need some dollar hear poker ship has sailed though

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How has this sentence never been said?
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How has this sentence been said?
It has not
Has this sentence been said?

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Many of the people you interact with on this board on a daily basis are in fact, non-whites.
Let that sink in for a moment.
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t. Non-Space human
I'm actually disgusted that I am very likely exchanging words with white crackers

I just force myself to imagine I'm arguing with brown people.

Two sides of the same racist coin.

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"H-h-help I was tied up here and left for dead. W-w-wait what are you doing?"

what are you doing?
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"I'm untieing you. Hold still"
Remember to report and hide ALL porn threads.
pussy ass bitch kill urself

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>aged 31
>lives in his father's basement
>actually has a fiancee that has agreed to live in his basement with him
>has delusions of building an advanced humanoid robot
>makes passive income online to sustain his 'hobbies'

Is he the ideal standard for a NEET that we should all aim for? twitch,/gardogg to delve further into this autist's life (actually pretty comfy)
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his girlfriend for clarity. how does a basement dweller get this?
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here's a better pic, i dont get why she's so transfixed on him, he's a bum ffs
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How, how the fuck does this loser get a qt3.14 like that.

Has anyone here managed to get a group of close friends and engage back into society a bit later in life? I don't want to go into much details but
I had troubles with myself in HS and college and both were male only (no females in class) and now my psychology and physiology is crying out to get a group of friends/a gf but I have no idea where to start.

Seems to be a hard problem to solve.
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I hung out with the autistic group in HS and througjt my 4 years of uni i had no friends. Even among comp sci losers ibam unliked, what do
Im In EE and the people here are like cardboard, can't find any common interests, I feel even more alone when in their company.
I've stayed pretty steady with the same friends since we were teenagers. Most of them were more than happy to see me back more regularly when I went NEET and had more time to see them.

They're all NEET stoners so it's pretty easy to hang around with them.

The best way to make new friends are clubs. I joined a martial arts club when it was just starting up and now we're 5 years in we have casual socials pretty much as friends but we're acquaintances really. I think they probably hang out more together but I live 15 miles away and don't drive.

Tabletop game clubs and becoming a bar regular are timeless classic routes.

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We were talking about this with a friend earlier: WHY ARE WHITE PEOPLE SO ANGRY AT BLACKS?

and we came up with this answer: they're jealous!

Let's see why:

1) We got awesome resistance against the sun. Enjoy being burned.
2) We are more fit, we can outrun any white male anytime. even CHUCK NORIS?!?
3) We got bigger dicks.
4) Girls dig us better.
5) We have very wide social circles. White people have forgot how to live in society.
6) We got rhythm. We can dance, rap, sing, make music, you name it!
7) A black chick wouldn't date a white boy. On the other hand, white girls would drop their white boyfriend anytime for a black guy if given the chance.
8) We're simply cooler. Admit it, maybe it wasn't the case some 200 years ago, but nowadays being white sucks whereas being black is cool as hell.
9) We got a sense of what family is about.
10) We get MANY children so that our genes will last long on this motherfucking earth, not like your average pathetic two children.
11) If you don't die a virgin, and happen to get a daughter...chances are she'll be sucking and swallowing black dicks :)

I could be going on and on and on but you get the point by now.
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probably all the crime
>it's another 500 reply /pol/ falseflag race-baiting thread
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>9) We got a sense of what family is about.
t. Laquisha (tyrone's daughter from 4th baby momma)

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So is buying a Fleshlight alpha now? Some Chad in my class was telling his friend he uses one.

Also Fleshlight thread.
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those things are fucking expensive
You can get them at around $50 with a good deal. Not that expensive really.
I'm gonna get one, and I'm pretty normal.

>be born in a lazy country with unhealthy food
>be chubby all my life
>hate and still hate exercise
>decide to leave home country
>new country has nice weather
>walk to get anywhere
>was poor when i first arrived (took me a few months to find a job) so i ate butter fried cabbage and discount microwave dinner, portioned into halves, for two months
>found job, cycle to work everyday
>poor so cook my own food
>four months passed since new country, I had lost 5~6kg
>2 months later, it's today, i had lost another 2kg
>try to eat more
>this morning i ate a rice bowl with onions and beef, a bowl of noodles, a wiener sausage and two sunny sideups for breakfast
>feel proud of myself for eating more
>not get hungry the rest of the day
>forget to eat
>snacked on some sushi mid-afternoon
>it's 10pm i only ate one meal today and some sushi today
>i feel no hunger whatsoever

will i be okay?

at this rate i am losing slightly more than 1 kg per month. will i end up being 20kg after a few decades? i have only ever read up on how to lose weight or eat healthy, i have no idea what the fuck to do about the reverse. i don't even exercise at all, i had to sprint a bit yesterday cos i was running late and i still hate exercising.
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your metabolism is correcting itself

let it work
Chocolate bars, snacks, softdrinks. Eat a lot before sleep. Should try to not habitualise it too much, else you have the opposite problem soon.
you clearly come from a country with a witch problem
they were using magickal spells to steal your metabolism and retain their youth
now that you left the country, they have no power over you

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Is it normal to get injured from fapping? (sprained my knee from a fap, haven't fapped since 3/11)
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Yes as a matter of fact I lost my leg masturbating. Was sitting on it for 12 hours and all the blood flow was cut off
Post ur stump
What the fuckk!? What is wrong with you people

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