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Brittany Venti really is better looking than any black girl.
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30% Black
40% White
30% Other Stuff
the correct term is nigger
also literally who?
Her eyes are a little too wide apart

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can we get a depression thread going on? post shit that makes you sad, or just make an emotional dump in a post.


>for your viewing pleasure
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>post shit that makes you sad
What's got you down tonight OP?


the fact that i'll never find love, the fact that im not important to anyone, the fact that none of my "friends" have initated contact with me in a long while and im always the one who has to contact them, the fact that all of them have a circle of other friends and im just a passerby

the realisation that i will never ammount to anything, that im the last person with my last name and that with me my family name dies, the disgust i feel with myself when i feel like im glad that my father died before i could see him dissapointed in what i am

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Post vids and audios of robots getting confronted by family and the public

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>Tropical Island
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keking to death rn
god this hits really close to home

I used to draw a lot of cringey furry porn when I was a teenager that my religious parents found and would shame me about and proceed to act pretty much EXACTLY like this

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Why aren't you fighting back robots?
first the Nazis brutalised that woman in Berekley , now they've killed a woman and badly injured 19 others in Charlottesville.
The president won't stop them and neither will the police.

Antifa is the only way to fight back. You don't want to end up in a concentration camp , do you?
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>Join antifa
>Beat up Nazis
>save America from fascism
> get a QT woke gf

Sounds good.
America can only be saved with fascism, not from fascism
There are no protests, alt-right, antifa, or any of that nonsense going on where I live.

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Virgins over 25, tell us about yourselves so the rest of us can avoid being like you.
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Now now wagecuck, dont worry work for shecklestein and soon all the women will want to fuck you! Remember to pay your alimony and child support
How to avoid becoming like me
>get better genes, this includes more resilience and less sensitivity, increased motor skills, decreased risk for mental illnesses
>get a prenatal environment with enough testosterone
>get a more stable environment for early childhood
>also get richer parents (but not filthy rich)
>get a daycare/kindergarten place where you fit in with the rest of the kids and get along with the adults
>go to school where you won't get bullied
>don't take school too seriously
Now you're probably in your late teens and have met a cute girl (or a girl anyway) who wants to have sex with you.
There's nothing you can do to avoid it, it's predetermined by looks, height, frame and dick size. So it's all down to how you're doing in those departments

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>trace my ancestry back over 200 years here
>son of Serbian immigrant tells me to go back to Africa
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HAHAHA, nigger
t. Serbian
The problem is that you are a nigger. They really just want you out, they don't care where your great grandfather was born.
Some people are retarded op Serbian dude is one of them he should have left you have a much higher claim to the land then him

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Oh look, a board full of crybaby collectivists.

When are you going to stop blaming the normies for your problems and get your shit together?
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He's far too preachy to get through to robots.]
""Radical"" Centrists belong in the same trashcan as retarded crybaby lefties and cuckservative civnats. Use your own brain to think for once in your life instead of reverberating empty platitudes by e-celebs looking to make a buck, you utter disappointment.
I wish I could take you and put a bullet in your stupid normie skull.

you people will never understand

le peterson, le act together, le room clean

you're worse the the people who say "just lift bro" or "just bee urself"

our lives have fallen apart completely, and there is no place out of this hell and yet people like you are just demons in this hell poking us with pitchforks saying "STOP HITTING URSELF STOP HITTING URSELF BEHEHEEHEH"

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>hear good rap song
>want to become a rapper
>read good book
>want to become a writer
>play good game
>want to become a game designer
My life is hell.
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i feel ya

i really do get a nice feeling seeing people make good art, but i myself suck at it
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>think I might be really good at writing
>type some shit out
>read it
>it sounds like what an autist would wri-
I mean game designer is a writer of sorts. And if you get into gamedevving alone you get to do everything yourself.

"It's time you aimed high, Champ. I didn't raise my Champ to settle for second best, which is why you're going to apply at this place and land the job. And you will land the job, Champ. You can do anything with a little confidence and a firm handshake."

"Whaddya mean you've gotta apply online and have three years of experience in Javanese moon-rune excavation projects? And whaddya mean that everybody's staring because I'm driving you around town to look for a job? Champ, I know just how badly you wanna be with your 'way-foo' from those Atari computer games, but that's the biggest crock I've ever heard. When I was your age, I rucked through the worst snowstorm in state history to get to an interview when my Mustang wouldn't start. They've even got a photo of me in the local paper. The manager was so impressed that he shook my hand and hired me right on the spot. I nearly froze to death out there in the driving snow, so you've got it pretty easy compared to me, Champ. Where there's a will, there's a way."

"You've just gotta get outta that shell of yours, speak with the manager about the job, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you'll be the best hire they've ever made."
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*posts your resume in the break room for everyone to laugh at*
Dad cant i just get inheritance early
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"Excuses are for quitters, Champ. And I didn't raise a quitter. Getting a job will allow you to do all those things you've always wanted to do, like saving for a rainy day. And getting a job is as easy as walking in and asking to speak with the manager. Stand up straight, maintain eye contact, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you'll be the best hire they've ever made. You'll have a lot of money when you get your first paycheck, Champ."

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Hug your family thread
Come and improve relationships with your family
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My family is far away. I hug them when I see them. I hope my father loses some weight soon I'm worried about his health.
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Lets get this thread going
Are there any other humans here after all?

How can some of you people have jobs?

Doing service for others is an absolute waste of life. You're not improving yourself in any way, you're just whoring yourself for money, you're no different from a literal hooker.
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>reads this thread
>quits job
>can't pay bills
>goes homelss

"at least i'm not a hooker anymore"

Let me know how high school goes bobby
Yea i grow my money on trees, i live off the land im going my own way

Need money.

I fucking hate it. Hookers have it better.

I'm trying out for an apprenticeship in a few weeks. If I get it, it's four more years of being a whore, but at the end of it I'll be able to work for myself. At least the money I make then is for me.

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What do you do for a living, and how much do you make. I'm trying to find out what I want to do for a career and everything seems to need a huge commitment just to get in at entry level.
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I work 2 hours a week at a coffee shop and I make $1200 a year
>Structural Engineer
>5 years experience
>$50k USD
Learn from my mistakes, anon.
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>Packing and Shipping Associate at a golf ball factory
>either $21/hr or $23/hr depending which job I'm working

I'm laid off from work right now and I really need to find another job. This company loves to fuck me over.

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>tfw no ethereal shoegazer gf

Why even live?
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Oddly enough Rachel aged the worst out of all the shoegaze girls I can think of.
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I know right? And she was really good looking too. But now...
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Yeah, true dat, such a shame. Bilinda's still kinda hot though.

What is the point of having children apart from selfish reasons?

Hard mode: You can't use the words "Biological Imperative"
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To give my parents a descendant they can be half proud of.

Developing the human race/achievements. Correcting your mistakes.

Inevitably your genes will land in someone who attains imortality and can continue further exploration and examination of our universe.
Because it's a nice feel to have a qt daughter.

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I'll be smoking weed for the first time tomorrow.

What should I expect?
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take it slow else ur gonna cough cough cough fuccboi
Aaaa just buy candy, a lot of candy
Since it's your first time you will feel strong euphoria and disorientation. Be sure you eat your favorite snack while you're high, it will taste amazing. Also play some vidya, especially shooters, it will make them super immersive.

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