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>been hating this website more and more over the past half decade
>gookmoot mixes /a/ with /sp/
This is worse than anything moot ever did to /a/.
>try to go to that cancerous chan we all know about to ask them which chans they hate so I can find one to migrate to
>I click the search result for the site and I get a "this chan was hacked" message
Should I just stop using the internet if 4chan is awful and run by cancer?
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I feel you mane. Shame 7chan lifted the rules otherwise I'd go there.
I tried 38 again since I hadn't thought I would need it since moot fucked the banners in 2014, but there haven't been any posts there in like half a year.
There's gonna be cancer everywhere you go on the internet nowadays. Smartphones and tablets saw to that.

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>gookmoot combines MORE boards
And /r9k/ is STILL forever alone
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R9k+trash= /just/
This is some sick forever alone joke
That good feel when /trv/ hasn't been ruined.

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>Tfw you go to check on how people you knew in highschool and university are doing
>They're successful and happy and doing well
>Your life is shit because your mentally ill family doesn't give a fuck about you and decided to fuck your shit up when you needed them the most for their own benefit
>You never stood a chance

God damn it
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Stop blaming other people
its literally your fauIt
My father killed himself when I was 7 with a shotgun while the family slept and I opened the door to find his partially decapitated body. My mother is a diagnosed schizophrenic and has been in and out hospital, I pay her bills.

I managed to pull through and create an above average life for myself.

You are your biggest problem, not what others did to you.

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What shall we do about this leddit faggotry?
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Just don't give them anything.
Participate in it and have a good time :-)
Honestly its pretty cool, I don't see the problem. I'm an agoraphobic neet and I've been shitting up people's drawings ever since it started.

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I have been seriously considering suicide.
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Do you think anyone cares? Do it
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>I have been seriously considering suicide.

You've come to the right place
>I have been seriously considering suicide.

who hasn't?

I really wish I'd never been exposed to the romance genre or really romanticism in general.
Probably the most unhealthy and dangerous concept for this generation.
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First of all, it's existed long before "this generation". Second, there's a reason it exists in the first place. There's a reason you find yourself attracted to the concept. Obviously the reproductive process isn't based around JUST forming a baby but keeping a tribe together through emotional bonds to help keep a tribe succeeding in survival through teamwork and cooperation. Romanticism is a combination of this drive and another drive that has since developed that is related to one's desire to develop a sense of self and a place for that self that is special.

Maybe you should accept who you are and accept what things give you drive and inspiration and use them to accomplish things instead of letting a bunch of shallow people dictate that you should feel bad about who you are.
Why you so nice holy shit
Because if you look deep inside you'll find that cooperation and the ability to form close bonds and work together as a collective is what got the human race as far as it has. That's not to say that individuality does not serve its purpose, but it's important to realize humans (and other animals as well) have emotions for a reason.

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Join our cozy Discord! https://discord.gg/Ne6weVu
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Why are normies so enamored with this stupid app?
Do you accept non virgins? orig
Do you ban spergs when they start sperging out?

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well you've not given much to go on, but it may be a muscle spasm/stretch. I've had it before, couldn't move my neck to the right at all without pain, lasted 3 days and then just relaxed itself.
did you sleep on it?
i just woke up in the middle of the night

aight thanks for the info

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I'm so tired of being alone on Saturday nights.
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I'm so tired of being alone.
File: 1490438316313s.jpg (8KB, 208x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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im so tired of being
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i can't take this shit anymore, anons.

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How tf do you download LOIC without antivirus blocking it?
> pic related: using Google
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>Whitelist the Downloads folder in your AV
>Download LOIC
>Get arrested for being a DDOSer faggot
i think chrome has its own AV that won't let you download it

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I have this hungry impulse for socializing. I want to talk to others and meet new people at some large social event but instead I'm sitting here alone every night like an asshole.
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What is stopping you?

I do not know anyone. I have never been invited anywhere.
Look up local festivals and such, go down and interact. Humans are a social creature and feeling a drive to be social isn't surprising.

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Elliot Rodger ID.jpg
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What is the connection with long haired guys and mental problems?
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He's so good looking it's ridiculous, if he had that long hair and played guitar in a band he would have slayed poon instead of Asian college kids.
Guys with (unkempt) long hair only have long hair because they don't bother to get it cut, usually for some strange reason.
No idea. But I swear I always feel a lot more depressed when my hair is grow out a lot. Or maybe I just grow it out when I get depressed?

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Would it be gay if I sucked on a trap's toes?
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Not if they are feminine toes.
Yes faggot sucking on a MAN's toes is gay.

truth be told, I don't think I've ever looked at a trap's feet before

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Free huskies!!

How many new friends should I go pick up, robots?
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Oh lawdy they are qt. Just get one they are a lot of work.
That different-colored one in the middle sure looks like he means business
always paranoid some psycho will pick them up just to smash them

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>tfw you will never play mahjong with ojisan in the countryside
just end my life himosake
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I don't know what it is about Japan and Japanese things that is so appealing to white people. I know a few white weebs IRL and being asian, I know asians. Both groups don't get along with each other. Do weebs not realise that Japan is full of Japanese people? Asians have a completely different culture and very few whites learn to live in it properly.

/end rant
There is way more Asians infatuated with white people things than the other way around t.bh.
>tfw glad you didn't have to go to a japanese high school

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