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I'm 20 f and fucked my 16 m friend yesterday for the first time. I'm living the motherfucking weeaboo dream.

ywn be a 5'2 16 year old shota with a big tiddy young milf who makes you sandwiches/cookies/tendies/etc for when you come home from HS and helps you with your HW
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>Didn't greentext the second line
File: img000005.png (442KB, 1098x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you're not posting feet just btfo stupid roast.

inb4 took bait
It's pointless to greentext one line

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How does it feel to have a gf? It's something I cannot imagine?
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It's great at the start. Then it kinda gets boring. After that it becomes infuriating and crazy and you keep clinging on to the memories of the way it used to be. Then it's over and there's pain and hate.
Imagine having a best friend who shares maybe 50% of your interests. You can talk for hours and hours, day after day, because just being in this person's presence energizes you. No matter what you're feeling, you look into their eyes and it all washes away, only happiness remains. Also they're sexy as fuck and you get to bang them whenever you want.

After a few months you get used to them and them to you and it becomes work to talk to them. You have to invest effort into the relationship. You have less sex, less midnight conversations, less enjoyment. This is the part where most normies break up and get a new partner to relive the honeymoon phase. If you can pull through this part you build a connection stronger than any connection you will ever feel short of having children.
>Imagine having a best friend

But I've never had friends, anon...

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The phrase "nice guy" doesn't actually mean nice guy, it means creepy narcissistic loser who feels entitled to sex because he doesn't spit on women when he passes them, I'd quite like to reclaim the term nice guy, why can't it describe actual nice guys? Guys who are friendly to cashiers and waiters, guys who don't get angry at kids when they're playing, guys who smile and have nice conversations with people? Why can't it mean any of those things?
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Jewish cultural marxism has to change the meanings of words to alter the image of social groups in the eyes of others.
The crackdown on nice guys was the tip of the spear. Edge of the knife. Crack of my ass.
I'd quite like you to stop being a faggot kiss ass to a society of lies.
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Because robots need an excuse as to why Stacy doesn't like them and how Chad is bad.

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Why aren't you working out yet?
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>put on some music
>lift weights
do this for 2 minutes once a day and you will be ripped in no time
I have no money and I hate people and also outside how do I get in shape without leaving my room and without spending money
I am.
It doesn't fixes autism nor gets you girls. Face>Height>Frame

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>been nice guy for ages
>realize this is what has fucked me over
>because I am emotional, compassionate and weak
>this is why I am seen as lesser by people

Ok fine. This is the beginning. I am WOKE now you fucking normies. Time to embrace me. Going to fucking be the best at being a cunt now in my life. This is gonna be fun. Being a cunt to people and strong and determined, this will get me further in my life, an actual gf, and friends who are basically my bitches and I'll be the alpha confident strong man.

this is what it has come too.



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haha virgins will never learn
>t. Fembot
File: 1481853130003.jpg (19KB, 543x411px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm done playing bitch and being nice

I'll just rape you now.

Jail will be better than my current situation. Bitch.
Godspeed pal.

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cheeeeeck em.jpg
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It is very simple to get revenge on women. When they get desperate and need a child badly, you reject them. Let only the biggest losers on the planet commit to them. Do not give up your dignity. When women all wake up and realize the only way for a good relationship is to not ignore the nice guys when they're in their youth. Then women will all change without us having to tell them to. I have a feeling in 20 years, this will hit mainstream news. All the current guys who gave up on women, well women won't notice the effect till they're reaching their expiration date.
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tfw no gambler gf
>nice guys

We're not nice guys though.
Nice "enough" to have committed if they gave us attention. But some of us are nearing 30 year old virgins so we don't give a shit anymore about these hoes.

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Imagine being an old virgin robot and maybe in the future a hot girl falls in love with you.

Is this possible? Could future girls that will be born in 2030 possible fall in love with me in 2050?
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>falls in love
Its not love anon.
But what does it mean if she sits on your lap and moves around while sitting?
Teen girls want men not boys, if you got a job and money and aren't fuck ugly, you actually could get a girl, you could also get arrested too.

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help hello.jpg
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I'll never understand women-- No. People in general
>be me
>have very small friend group that talk on teamspeak
>most social group member (lets call him fuckhead) gets a grill (we'll call her G)
>instantly like her, invite her to little group
>fuckhead abuses her so G dumps him then goes for another group member
>G gets bored of him and dumps him for another group member
>dumps him, I'm the last group member, am I next? Will I finally get a grill?
>Gets friendzoned, she makes me her best friend but abuses me and starts dating fuckhead again
>Tell her to fuck off and stop abusing me, group goes full whiteknight and kicks me out of the group
>Still partially like G and she forgives me and acts nice again
>I move on to another small friend group on teamspeak and she dumps fuckhead and follows me to new group
>flirts with everyone but one guy in the group that she hates (call him L)
>G admits that she likes me but she wants to improve herself before she dates me (by that she meant try and conquer some mental illnesses caused by fuckhead)
>All the group meetup one day, G takes one look at L and suddenly wants to fuck the shit out of him
>G now disregards everything she said before and dates L, forgetting to "improve"
>G then starts getting all possessive of L, doesn't let him talk to any grill or most of his friends
>G starts abusing me again
>G cheats on L causing him to go suicidal, the guy nearly kills himself
>G starts pinning the blame on me for some strange reason, suddenly him going suicidal is my fault
>I crack and tell her to fuck off permanently and leave all of the group alone forever
>She goes crying to L and he dates G again
>G blocks me on all media except teamspeak so she can join my server and talk to group
>Block her so she stops leaching
>Because I told her to leave me alone she does everything in her power to slide back into my life just to piss me off
Been dealing with this bitch for 3 years she won't leave me alone. Rant over
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Not much to understand desu your pal found a manipulative psychobitch and unleashed her on some naiive dorks.
It's like a fox in a chicken coop.
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It's pronounced coup you fucking dumb shit
please be somewhat intelliggent before replying to my thread
It's like I'm the only sane one left. No one else can see how manipulative and psycho she is so they just let her in and I can't get rid of her and it's so frustrating.

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>tfw you're a 4'11" male and even your parents say you should be trans
This sucks.
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You don't have to go trans you can just be a gay bottom desu
Might as well go with it anon
Do you want to be the little girl though? Could you pull it off?

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petes life.jpg
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Here, I'll start.
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I know this is a bit on the cheeky side but this was literally the best day of my life. Got to cuck a manlet and almost held hands with girl in pic related.
Black dude looks like Pepe
File: Ko ala.gif (114KB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ko ala.gif
114KB, 480x270px
Who's pepe

File: 20170715_085127-1.jpg (605KB, 1818x2750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>stacy txts ne wnats to fuck
>omw there 8am
>stop at a gas station to get a redbull
>get back in truck
>key isnt in my pockets
>look around like a stray dog
>cashier helps me look for it

Now im sitting here waiting for a locksmith to charge me $200

Am I cursed
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no your a normie fuck off
Its 2017 bro Ive been an autistic neckbeard all my life, getting sex is like fast food its not hard
not hard for a normie

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what /r9k/ meme is it time to get rid of lads?
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traps are the worst meme
this, traps are a fucking fag meme
fembot meme needs to go we all know it isn't even a gril just another u thread

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What is your experience with braces? Share stories.
I'm going to wear braces in a few weeks, tell me what to expect.
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File: braceface.webm (2MB, 636x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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they look outrageously cute on girls.

in other words, they will feminize you. get ready to be hit on by guys.
c-can braces fix overbite?
pls respond
nah mate you'll need this bigass retainer type shit braces are only intended to fix your teeths angle of attack

The secret to getting a 10/10 is internalizing she's 6/10 behind closed doors.
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Her tits look good in the second pic.
second pic is hotter
She's in a hospital in the second pic. You can't be serious, OP.

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How I have sex with a 5 inch benis?
Does it always fall out of the vegana?
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sauce on that shit who cares about penis
Sauce on vid, also, wuts that on hur face, a tattoo?

i got the sauce but cant post it, because its saying that it's a spam...
anyway you can go to xnxx and type pink pirate in the search bar and there u go first vid

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