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how does it feel roasties that you will never be young again?

99% of guys won't even give a second glance once your 20+ and don't even bother typing in a 4 in your ulbar once you're 16+ lmao
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a totoro game for the gbc would have been neat
cool, how often do you HUG?
Anon am I going to have to report you to the police you pedo?

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What tv show, song, etc best describes what love is like nowadays? Why marriage is down the shitter, courtship is dead, etc.
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love gun by kiss. wew. used to really love that song till i realized it was about his dick. i guess its still good. would be better if i wasnt such a half a fag. still good shit tho.
>courtship is dead
i bet you're a such a gentleman

Not necessarily that but more-so just the changing relationship between men and women dating.

>mfw wanna be a bull, but have a gf
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Stinky Stan was here...
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Hey Stinky Stan how are you?

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How do I cure someone elses Oneitis?
The same dude has been contacting me daily for about 1.5 years now (He has my phone number) and I have never responded. He did it literally (LITERALLY) daily for a whole fucking year, and I never responded.
The last half year it has slowed down, but it is still there.
It is so bad that I can no longer make any online profile with my real name, without him finding it and contacting it somehow. He would constantly make new accounts with new names and re-add me or try to contact me.
I even changed my online alias and made new accounts because of him.

Story is basically this
>Chat online for 3 months
>We live somewhat close
>Go over to his house just to hang
>We just play board games and watch TV in his bed
>Nothing lewd just laying together
>After spending time with him in real life I find him mentally unstable (Mostly anger and him taking pride in hurting people who he dislikes)
>Tell him it won't work out on a text when I'm on my way home
Ever since then it has been literal hell.
Call me a coward for not saying it to his face, but I was legit scared he would hurt me.

He also said he had mild autism (When we finally met irl).
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You overcomplicate things by being a.woman. you just say things clear.to.him."you creep.me.out, im.scared.of.you now.and.cant change my mind about.you.now
.leave me.alone and seek help.witj your.parents.
is.your keyboard.broken.anon?
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Tell him to stop and if he doesnt get police involved and be sure to let them know you feel unsafe. This doesnt have to be hard, the fact you let this go on for so long only made things worse than they had to be.

>desuarchive is still down

How am I supposed to e-stalk anons now?
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I really need to find a way to leave this website forever...
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it's way too late for that now, anon. You can't escape.
there are ways to block websites you know. That would at least slow you don

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>onto my second pissbottle of the night
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>be me
>senior year of high school
>parents give me $700
>buy a Samsung S6 to replace my HTC Desire 816
>in class one day
>bored as fuck
>start drawing on notebook cover
>decide to draw pepe
>suddenly have this brilliant idea
> get home, factory reset my HTC so there's no way the phone could ever be traced back to me
>Get on computer and download fucking normal fags video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq-Y93N40o4) [Embed]
>use Hitfilm 4 Express to add a 20 minute long blank screen and loop the "FUCKING NORMAL FAGS GET THE FUCK OFF MY BOARD"
>export the video onto youtube and put it as private
>fast foward to 4th period (the most boring class of the day)
>play the video on HTC
> hide HTC in bookshelf
>fast foward 20 minutes
>video plays
>everybody just laughs but teacher is not amused
>teacher has anger issues
>tries to get everybody to calm down quietly
>after that he just yells "SHUT UP"
>goes to the bookshelf
>takes phone, opens the window and throws it out (the class was on the 2nd floor)
>good night sweet prince
>phone almost hits a kid
>kids start talking about what happened
>everyone is wondering who's phone it was
>to this day my best friend is the only one who knows it was my phone
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If this is real you are a god among men
Truly a fascinating tale
Wish i was creative like that desu

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>literal robots will be more normie-tier than /r9k/ robots

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>it's 3:13 AM
>been trying to sleep for 2 hours
>cannot fall asleep at all, tried turning off electronics and turning all lights off so my room is pitch black and I still can't sleep
>toss and turn a fuckton
>brain will not shut the fuck up
>this has been going on for a week
I fucking hate my brain
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do you do any exercise? if not, you have too much stored energy, do some push ups and squats.
I was outside moving rocks for a bit

Also I have no access to sleeping pills. I can't drive and I'm not in the mood to bus to a pharmacy

This happens to me every night.

Honestly, the only natural thing that works is to just count and slow down your breathing.

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I want to be a robot. Not the R9K robot, but a machine. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted the benefits of a machine. You wouldn't have to feel sadness, you wouldn't have to feel anxious, you wouldn't feel nervousness, you could choose your emotions, and you wouldn't have any disgusting internal organs (heart, brain, stomach etc). You wouldn't have to do any disgusting routine things like humans. Like taking a shit, or pissing. I've been wondering for a long time if there is a second life in a different universe where everything is better in every way, but the only thing stopping me is that I don't know for sure what's in the afterlife. Whether one of the religions is true, or if it's something not even heard of. I don't know guys.
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Not only that, you could also choose what you look like as well. So you could be a qt if you wanted to. Skinny or fat too. Fuck I hate life.

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>on r9k
>AND the toilet
Is this what anons mean by shitposting?
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other than the jokes this board is pretty sad i genuinely get more suicidal everytime i look through

like seriously get out instead of complaining on this board all day. anyone that's told you this you guys call a normie, no one's gonna help you but yourself

>but desu pretty glad non of you gonna be able to reproduce
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>tfw no fat beIly gf to cuddIe with
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